Repentance and Resurrection Power

When my laptop crashed a few days ago, I did not realize it would be the source of some amazing teaching from the Holy Spirit to help me and others traverse this time of repentance during the days leading to the Feast of Trumpets. I have posted what I learned in a youtube video: Repentance... Continue Reading →

A Warning Dream

I had a short dream in the early morning of 25th August, which I feel may be a warning concerning the stock market or something connected to the financial arena. I do not normally think about or deal in this area at all, as my finances are out of that league, so it is strange for... Continue Reading →

Kiss the Son

We have all observed and heard the extreme interest surrounding the recent solar eclipse over the United States and I hope you had access to the information provided by a number of ministries concerning the prophet Jonah preaching his message of repentance at this very season.  After hearing this, I decided yesterday to look into the Word for other... Continue Reading →

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