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  1. Christine- My dear precious wife (Shari Tyson) shared one of your messages this morning and kept like a newborn fawn! Hallelujah! I have been a follower of our Lord since 1974. All these years, (somewhat ashamed to admit) I have seen the days, months, and years mentioned in the scriptures and unconsciously realized they must hold significance, but never persuded their “meaning” due to my belief (ignorant tho it be) that “Hebrew” law, customs, seasons, festivals, celebrations, etc. , were too difficult and confusing for my gentile mind to grasp. This year the Lord has impressed me to read through His Word from the beginning to the end, and pay attention to His character and nature from the perspective as Abba. At this date, I am on my second journey through, and I had just finished Leviticus 9 this morning, when Shari came in as we do almost every morning to read and study together. She wanted to share a message from your Fresh Oil blog. I said all the above to say this- as I listened, the manner in which you deliver Abba’s message speaking to the significance of the times, dates, seasons of the Word, and how they impact what is happening now confirmed what Abba has been showing me in my studies.

    I am 67, and there has been loss, failure, and brokenness. Striving, sowing with seemingly little or no harvest. Yet at the same time, while there is a grieving over the loss in my life, there is also this real almost tangible sense of hunger and turning…something pulling me deeper into His word. In the grieving there is also such reverent joy. Such paradoxes it boggles my senses. Clarity in the midst of the chaos of my time is such a miracle.

    Studying the subtle yet profound differences between faith and trust has become a feast. All of things such as that have been going on in my time with Him in this season of my life. So, to conclude, when Shari came in and shared His message through you this morning, that timely word was another confirmation of what HE has been speaking to me in this season of my existence. I share this to encourage you in your season, not to give praise to you, but to give praise to Christ in you…our hope of glory. May all our faith be enlarged. May Abba, our Lord Jesus, and His precious Holy Spirit be raised up, and shown worthy.

    Your brother… Keith

    1. Hi Keith
      Praise God for all you have shared. He is aligning us more and more to His plumbline as the days go by. I think of you and your precious wife so often. Our hearts were knitted together in one of the broken seasons and much comfort flowed from the Comforter both ways.
      Yes, come Lord Jesus. the Spirit and the Bride say, Come

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