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We have all observed and heard the extreme interest surrounding the recent solar eclipse over the United States and I hope you had access to the information provided by a number of ministries concerning the prophet Jonah preaching his message of repentance at this very season.  After hearing this, I decided yesterday to look into the Word for other instances in which God spoke during the 6th month of the lunar calendar, Elul. What I found was very interesting and I sensed the Holy Spirit revealing another portion to the message for the season we are entering. today, August 23rd is the 1st of Elul, the beginning of the month of repentance before the Feast of Trumpets or Rosh Hashanah.

I noticed something quite significant about this month of Elul in 5777 (note the dates involved):

21st August – solar eclipse (sign in the sky)

23rd August – 1st of Elul

21st September – 1st Tishrei (Feast of Trumpets)

23rd September – Rev 12 sign in the sky

The Lord has seen fit to flank both ends of the month of Elul with heavenly signs like bookends, underlining and highlighting its extreme importance for us as Believers. This month of Teshuvah or repentance and return is definitely more important than any other you have ever entered into. You will not get this opportunity again to bring your life completely under the shadow of the Almighty with nothing separating you. If you haven’t already, this is the time to procure that extra oil.In the last couple of weeks, I heard the Lord say that the period of grace is ending and had the understanding that this referred to those of His people who have knowingly delayed sorting out areas of their lives which are displeasing to Him. It is time to put to death the works of the flesh and live as sons of the Light and Sons of the Day, because judgment will not be stayed for much longer. We have to deal with our propensity for self-centeredness in the Church of Jesus Christ, even when clothed in grandiose ministry garments.

ONE THING TO REMEMBER ABOUT A SIGN IS THAT IT IS NOT INTENDED ONLY TO BE GAZED AT WITH AWE AND REVERENCE!! (like millions did on 21st August) A sign points somewhere; it gives direction for movement to a goal and desired endpoint. When traveling, we do not camp below a sign that we have been waiting to see. We read its inscription and become excited that our destination is closer than we realized. We move forward with renewed energy knowing we have traveled in the right direction – OR NOT, depending on what the sign says! It may indicate we have been on the wrong path altogether and must make urgent adjustments to our course. All in all, the occurrence of a sign is a time for us to consider our ways and evaluate our course or way of living!

Amidst much difficulty, including the crashing of my laptop today and a sudden chronic ear infection, I have recorded a podcast containing the revelation I received in the last two days since the eclipse. I have called the message ‘Kiss the Son’ from the scripture in Psalm 2:12 “Kiss the Son lest He be angry and you perish in the way. blessed are all those who seek refuge in Him” None of us want to perish and it has to do with the WAY we are found walking in when judgment falls. It is time to consider our ways as the month of Teshuvah unfolds. Separation is coming between those who are self-centered and those who are Son-centered. Which side of the divide will you be found on? Please listen to ‘Kiss the Son’ on my Media page Soundcloud player of this WordPress site. I have been unable to upload it to my other podcast sites due to losing all my laptop information.

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