A Warning Dream

I had a short dream in the early morning of 25th August, which I feel may be a warning concerning the stock market or something connected to the financial arena. I do not normally think about or deal in this area at all, as my finances are out of that league, so it is strange for me that the Lord should give me this warning, but perhaps it is because I am unlikely to use my own experience, current expectations or previous understanding in the interpretation of the dream (this can sometimes color or taint our clear understanding of what the Lord is saying). I must stress I do not have full understanding concerning the symbolism in the dream, but feel pressed to share it as the Lord may give more understanding amongst the fellowship of the saints.


In the dream, I was coming out of a supermarket and in the forecourt area where people normally collect their trolleys before going in, there was a man with middle-eastern colouring, wearing a long white robe with a red and white checkered headscarf. He was holding an empty supermarket trolley upside down and wrestling with it, trying to make the wheels go smoothly. As I walked past him, he very angrily threw the whole trolley against the wall where the other trolleys were lined up. Then I stepped out into another area, also enclosed by walls, which was filled with similar men wearing the same scarves and they all had trolleys and were doing the same thing, trying to fix the wheels of these upside down trolleys. The anger in the air was palpable and the situation very volatile. I knew in my spirit that something violent was about to break out and that I must leave the area urgently. As I left, I walked right through the midst of them unharmed in spite of the trolleys being waved about violently. Some of their faces looked quite murderous, they were so angry. Outside on the pavement, I bumped into a woman and told her to ‘get away from here’ because it was not safe. She glanced at the men with the trolleys and said, “I hate them” but I replied that they were just people dealing with something very difficult for them. It was as if she was turning into a people group issue and I cautioned her against entering into hatred or bitterness. As we pushed our way through the crowds walking in the opposite direction on the pavement, I was so aware that many people were about to be hurt by what would break out in a few minutes. I had seen the first man throw his trolley against the wall and knew the rest would follow suit very shortly.

When I woke up, I looked up the significance of the headscarves being worn. as although it seemed clear that these were Arab men, I wanted to check which country they represented.

RED AND WHITE ARAB SCARFThe headpiece is red and white for Saudis (mostly) black an white for Palestinians (mostly). You won’t see Arabs outside of the Gulf wear the red and white so much because that’s looked at as a marker of identity which others don’t share so much. In Jordan, the red-and-white keffiyeh is strongly associated with the country and its heritage, where it is known as the shemagh mhadab. The Jordanian keffiyeh has decorative cotton or wool tassels on the sides; the bigger these tassels, the greater the garment’s supposed value and the status of the person wearing it. In Yemen, the keffiyeh is used extensively in both red-white and black-white pattern .

So the men in my dream came from the Gulf States (because their head scarves identified the area they come from). Because the dream took place outside a supermarket where commodities are bought by families, I feel perhaps it refers to the economy and the money the Gulf States normally get from buying and selling oil, although the trolleys i saw were all empty and it seemed the wheels were not running smoothly, due to the need for oil. Shopping carts are a sign on the internet of people deciding to buy commodities on particular sites and obviously in the natural at supermarkets. Perhaps the word ‘supermarket’ is a play on words referring to a ‘super market’ on the stock market, (or the commodities financial arena being turned upside down?) I don’t know enough about these things but perhaps someone with more wisdom in this area can contribute understanding. As I was seeking the Lord as to what the men from the Gulf States were doing and what the scene was about, I suddenly realized that the wheels needed oil and the Gulf States are the oil-rich states that have a huge influence on world oil sales and therefore fuel prices, which directly affect food prices. It did occur to me that the different men may represent different Gulf nations or oil sheiks. The walls I saw surrounding the group of me may also be a veiled reference to Wall Street. The pavement thronging with people reminded me of a scene I experienced on the pavements in New York, where there are so many people going back and forth about their business, that one can hardly move and so this may be a reference to the New York stock Exchange and people being injured financially by the Gulf States ‘throwing their trolleys’ in the financial arena. Me seeing the first man discard his trolley against the wall may signify a single trigger event against Wall street as both walls and the street were highlighted to me in the dream.


So this dream is a warning of a violent outbreak of some kind from the oil-producing Gulf States, and it is connected to buying and selling, a super market of some kind and ordinary people on the street being badly affected. The empty trolleys could not be used for buying because of the lack of oil cushioning the friction and turning of their wheels and so I sense this a warning to leave the markets before being hurt by what breaks out.  For some reason, as I warned the woman in the dream, I was reminded of the sudden outbreak of violence at Charlottesville recently, which many are saying was an orchestrated event.


In the dream, when I encountered the group of Arab men, I was able to walk right through them without being hurt, in spite of it being a very volatile atmosphere. It brought to mind when people wanted to kill Jesus and He just walked right through the crowd without being harmed. This spoke to me of Christians who leave this arena not being hurt by what was about to break out, as they followed their inner witness that it was time to get away from the whole scene. I know there have been other prophetic words saying that a major financial crash may occur in the last quarter of the year and because we are in the month of Elul, the last 30 days before the feast of Trumpets and the start of the year 5778, I sense there may be urgent timing in this warning. Particularly as the eclipse over USA signifies judgment of some kind on this modern-day ‘Babylon’ nation and the Lord often used enemies from other nations to bring such judgment. I cannot stress enough the volatility of the atmosphere in the midst of that group of headscarfed men. It was almost like one could strike a match and a violent explosion would happen. As I have been praying further about this dream, the following scripture came to mind. The Greek word translated as ‘hour’ also means ‘in an instant’:


Rev 18:10  standing afar off for fear of her torment, saying, Woe! Woe to the great city, Babylon, that strong city! For in one hour your judgment came. Rev 18:11  And the merchants of the earth will weep and mourn over her, for no one buys their cargo any more; Rev 18:12  the cargo of gold, and silver, and precious stones, and of pearls, and fine linen, and purple, and silk, and scarlet, and all thyine wood, and every ivory vessel, and every vessel of very precious wood, and of bronze, and of iron, and of marble, Rev 18:13  and cinnamon, and incenses, and ointment, and frankincense, and wine, and oil, and fine flour and wheat, and beasts, and sheep, and horses, and chariots, and slaves, and souls of men.

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  1. Here’s what I think your dream means:The Saudi’s supply the world with oil. In turn they receive the dollar (currency, not money) The shopping carts turned upside down on the Saudi’s indicate that they are not able to receive currency to buy goods to put into their shopping carts. That is because their oil wells are going dry. I have heard that one of their major wells is putting out 90% water, and not so much oil anymore. The Saudi’s are in war with Yemen because they want the Yemen country’s oil fields. The Saudi’s have used the money made from selling oil to influence American schools, laws, media, to a very high degree. This is being done to brainwash Americans into believing that the “religion” they practice is harmless. It is not harmless, as it really is an oppressive political system with a religious wrapping around it. It is Satanic. Because their oil wells are going dry, they are running out of money to buy up things to further their plans. They can’t fill their shopping carts. When you go shopping you push your cart around the store and it slowly fills up with goods as you proceed -they have been doing this for decades. They can’t push the carts because the wheels don’t have any oil -because their wells are drying up. What you see in your dream is one man angry that his cart won’t work. Then you proceed into a room with walls with many men angry that their carts don’t work. They are walled in, so to speak. Their plans have been foiled. You start with one man, and go on to many men indicates the progression of what is happening. It starts slow and gets bigger. The American dollar is called the “petro dollar” because back in the 1970’s American made an agreement with the Saudis to sell their oil exclusively in dollars only. In turn we would protect them militarily. This is the “petro dollar” system and it allows America to have the world reserve currency. This happened because we had to go off the “gold backed dollar” system. We spent too much money for the Vietnam war, and countries such as France were afraid America would go under financially. They started to convert their dollars back to gold at that time. It was emptying America’s gold reserves and Nixon closed the gold window. Kissinger went to Saudi Arabia and made the petro dollar deal so we could retain the world reserve currency. God is against what the Saudi’s are doing. He wants the gospel to go out to the world, not Islam. We are about to go into a transition in the monetary system. We will not be able to use the petro dollar system much longer because it is slowly collapsing. I do believe it is going to be a very volatile transition. We will most likely see all types of shortages on all commodities because the “currency” simply will not work anymore. We are going to have different money. Be prepared like Joseph when God showed him that the famine was coming.

  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oppWntkmRtI start at about 11 minute mark and go to 32 minute mark.
    Hello again and God Bless You. I pray on earth as it is in heaven. I put a link to a You Tube video above. For about eight years I have been trying to learn about how our monetary system works. I started this right after the collapse in 2008. In early 2009, I worked 2nd shift and would come home at 2am. I had a 1 hr. 20 minute commute to get home. I would listen to the radio, and at night topics were discussed that you would never hear about during the day time. In about March 2009 Russia and China were totally angry what the United States had done in running its debt to 14 trillion dollars. They laid out a plan to leave the dollar system. They have been implementing that plan ever since. They knew the Federal Reserve would start to monetize the 14 trillion of debt (this is called QE or quantitative easing). What that means is devaluing the dollar. Make it worth less. China holds trillions of dollars, or treasury notes. So in essence the Federal Reserve was going to cause them to lose money on that investment. All countries are forced to hold these treasury notes in their banking system because they can only buy oil in U.S. dollars. Countries have to convert their local currencies into dollars and then purchase the oil in dollars. Since 2009 Russia and China have been buying gold and stockpiling it for a new monetary system. Instead of using dollars for trade between countries, they want to shift out of the system (it is called the SWIFT system) and move to gold backed trade notes. This new system would cause countries all around the world to no longer need the treasury notes. What would happen then is dumping of treasury notes all around the world forcing the dollar to become worthless. When they sell the notes, the U.S. has to take them back. Basically a note is lending money to the treasury and you get interest for lending them your money. When all these notes come flooding back to the U.S. because there is no need to hold them anymore to pay for oil, the entire Ponzi scheme falls apart. We are now 20 trillion in debt and don’t have the money reserves to pay back the people who invested in the treasury notes. We are borrowing from Peter to pay Paul. This is what is forcing the Fed to devalue the currency or QE. In essence the U.S. is stealing from everyone and everyone is pissed off. Russia and China saw this coming. So this is a small amount of information on how the system works. It will help you to understand what is being discussed in the video link. You said you really don’t understand how the monetary system works so I am trying my best to give you some understanding. It is funny because I haven’t listened to any economic videos for months and months. And after I posted above, I decided to listen again. And the video above is the first one I picked out of thin air. The video talks about what I wrote in the first post. With God there are no coincidences. I hope this helps you out and maybe other people who don’t understand just what is going on. Don’t panic, because God has a plan for the United States. Although relentless correction is coming to the U.S. from the Lord, it is redemptive in nature. God showed this to me 17 years ago. He actually made me LIVE IT, in my own personnel life to experience what it is going to feel like. Trust in the Lord with all of your heart, lean not unto your own understanding, and He will direct your paths.

  3. Jesus, I left out the most important part at the end, IN ALL OF YOUR WAYS ACKNOWLEDGE HIM, AND HE WILL DIRECT YOUR PATHS. This is redemption. Throw yourself into a relationship with HIM. We think we can do things ourselves, but it isn’t going to work. We need HIM to hold us up in the coming storms or we aren’t going to make it. I believe it is going to become relentless, I pray not but I believe it is. How do you think the people in Texas feel right now? The are completely helpless. Lord please come now and offer grace and mercy to all that are effected in TX in Jesus name I pray. Amen.

  4. Watching the recent events happening in Saudi Arabia with the extreme purge among Saudi princes and government officials (11 princes were arrested), I have been prompted to revisit this dream and realize I may not have interpreted it completely accurately. The arrest of high-ranking Saudi businessmen, media figures and royal family members Saturday has shaken the global business community. Among 10 other princes and 38 others, the roundup netted Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, one of the world’s richest men, who owns significant shares in everything from Citibank to Twitter to the parent company of Fox News.

    The following phrase which I wrote concerning the dream sticks out for me:
    ‘So this dream is a warning of a violent outbreak of some kind from the oil-producing Gulf States, and it is connected to buying and selling, a super market of some kind and ordinary people on the street being badly affected….’

    I see now that this dream refers to events occuring in the House of Saud and the first man I saw refers to the ‘first man’ of the country, the crown prince. He has ordered the carrying out of an increasingly violent purge of the extremely wealthy ranks in his country. One prince has already been killed while his arrest was occurring and another prince of the House of Saud has been killed in a mysterious helicopter crash.

    As I relook at the dream, I see the First Man’s angry outburst triggers or is followed by similar displays from the whole group which I encountered in the next area. These outbursts would affect the ordinary man in the street. One report called what is happening in Saudi Arabia ‘the game of thrones’ and says it has big implications for the oil market: ‘Brent crude oil futures jumped to their highest since July 2015 in early trading Sunday evening, while U.S. WTI futures were also trading higher to $55.82 a barrel following the weekend drama.’

    I will be watching the whole drama in the days to come and seeking the Lord for greater clarity. But I do believe what I saw in the dream has begun…

  5. Very interesting that you said that because I was reading Obadiah 1 last night and had a feeling I should read it from an End Times perspective. Obadiah 1 talks about raising in battle against Edom (modern-day Jordan). God says to that people on verses 8, “They who eat your bread will set an ambush for you”, almost as if the cart situation was something they thought they were getting one thing but they got another and weren’t able to proceed with their dealings of self provision.

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