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one two punch

Yesterday (8th Sept), when I heard of the earthquake in Mexico and while still thinking of Irma’s path of devastation, I saw a vision of a man in a boxing ring being hit first on one and then the other side of his head. One blow came after the other so fast that he didn’t know which way he was even facing. I knew it referred to the speed with which disasters will strike North American continent. Confirmation came this morning when I opened a news site and the headline said: ‘Deadly quake, Hurricane Katia a one-two punch for Mexico’!

One two punch: ‘good potent onetwo punches. noun. (also the old onetwo or onetwo punch or onetwo blow) A combination of two blows with the fists, a short left jab plus a hard right cross, usually to the chin

mexico earthquakeThe left jab is the 8.1 earthquake. The right cross is Katia/Irma/Jose (a 3-in-1 hurricane message). Psalm 104:4 tells us He makes winds His messengers! The earthquake occurred right at the base of the shofar shape of the nation of Mexico. In effect, this shaking is sounding the alarm as the top of the shofar is placed right against the border of the land mass of USA, it follows that the blast of warning is for this vast nation. I used to live in a block of apartments and a friend of mine who played the saxophone lived on the ground floor. At night he would practise by placing the mouth of his saxophone up against the wall of his bedroom when he played. The sound carried right through the walls of the block of apartments so that every one could hear his blasts. I believe it will be a similar occurrence with this earthquake shofar warning. What is coming will affect every state in USA. Experts warn that this earthquake will trigger other earthquakes as it has destabilised the San Andreas fault. Therefore Mexico’s earthquake is the first domino that falls in a whole string of similar quakes; one triggering the next.

Harvey means ‘battle ready’, Irma means ‘war goddess’ and Mexico means ‘Land of the War God.’ That’s an awful lot of war mentioned! In Isaiah 9, there is a phrase translated ‘mighty God’ but the actual name in Hebrew is more like ‘God, the Mighty Warrior’. It is El Gibbor Who says, “Lift up your heads O you gates” so that the Lord mighty in battle can come into the nation which has shut Him out of schools and courtrooms and countless other places.

harvey irma

Considering the projected paths of Hurricane Harvey and Irma, we also see a ‘one two punch’ with Harvey being the left jab and Irma the hard right cross punch towards the main land mass of USA, and meeting at an area called Little Egypt of all places. The result will be a nation reeling under the force and rapid succession of the blows.

Immediately after the vision of the man being hit, I saw a scene where angels were thrusting Lot out of Sodom urgently. These angels were messengers sent to save Lot from destruction that was appointed the city.

Psa 104:4  Who makes winds His messengers, flames of fire His ministers.

These hurricane force winds are His messengers sent with the purpose thrusting God’s people out of Sodom even while they hesitate and cling to what they have known!!

Gen 19:1  IT WAS evening when the two angels came to Sodom. Lot was sitting at Sodom’s [city] gate. Seeing them, Lot rose up to meet them and bowed to the ground.

 The angels arrived in the evening watch (between 3 and 6pm) as darkness was approaching.

Gen 19:12  And the [two] men asked Lot, Have you any others here–sons-in-law or your sons or your daughters? Whomever you have in the city, bring them out of this place, Gen 19:13  For we will spoil and destroy [Sodom]; for the outcry and shriek against its people has grown great before the Lord, and He has sent us to destroy it.

 Did you hear that, Church of Jesus Christ? Any family you have who are residing in Sodom need to be brought out because destruction is sure! There must be complete separation between those who name themselves by the name of Christ and those who associate with Sodom and its ways.

Gen 19:15  When morning came, the angels urged Lot to hurry, saying, Arise, take your wife and two daughters who are here [and be off], lest you [too] be consumed and swept away in the iniquity and punishment of the city. Gen 19:16  But while he lingered, the men seized him and his wife and his two daughters by the hand, for the Lord was merciful to him; and they brought him forth and set him outside the city and left him there. Gen 19:17  And when they had brought them forth, they said, Escape for your life! Do not look behind you or stop anywhere in the whole valley; escape to the mountains, lest you be consumed.

 Do you remember how God said in Haggai to go up to the mountain? The valley and the plain is not the place to dwell spiritually at this time. The only safe place is the mountain of the Lord and one ascends it by having clean hands and a pure heart.

 Psa 24:3  Who shall go up into the mountain of the Lord? Or who shall stand in His Holy Place? Psa 24:4  He who has clean hands and a pure heart, who has not lifted himself up to falsehood or to what is false, nor sworn deceitfully.

The Lord of Hosts, mighty in battle is sounding the alarm both through the earthquake in shofar-shaped Mexico and the shofar shaped hurricane path of Irma.

shofar irma

Joe 2:1  BLOW THE trumpet in Zion; sound an alarm on My holy Mount [Zion]. Let all the inhabitants of the land tremble, for the day of [the judgment of] the Lord is coming; it is close at hand-

In these last 12 days of Elul, get your lives right with God, saints. Judgment comes to the Church before it comes to the world. Heed the warning of Joel! The trumpet is blown in Zion. The warning is for the people of God first! Twice in Joel 2 (verse 1 and 15), the phrase ‘blow the trumpet’ is repeated – two blasts of the shofar; the one two punch!

Joe 2:12  Therefore also now, says the Lord, turn and keep on coming to Me with all your heart, with fasting, with weeping, and with mourning [until every hindrance is removed and the broken fellowship is restored]. Joe 2:13  Rend your hearts and not your garments and return to the Lord, your God, for He is gracious and merciful, slow to anger, and abounding in loving-kindness; and He revokes His sentence of evil [when His conditions are met]. Joe 2:14  Who knows but what He will turn, revoke your sentence [of evil], and leave a blessing behind Him [giving you the means with which to serve Him], even a cereal or meal offering and a drink offering for the Lord, your God?

Joe 2:15  Blow the trumpet in Zion; set apart a fast [a day of restraint and humility]; call a solemn assembly. Joe 2:16  Gather the people, sanctify the congregation; assemble the elderly people, gather the children and the nursing infants; let the bridegroom [who is legally exempt from attending] go forth from his chamber and the bride out of her closet. [None is exempt from the humiliation.]

It is the priests who weep and intercede for the people. Where are the weeping priests as the nation reels like a drunken man after the one two punch? Where are the ministers of the gospel who have understanding of the times and are publicly calling the Church and the nation to repentance? It’s one thing to declare this is judgment in private internet forums and quite another to recognize that the blows are meant to bring the nation to its knees BEFORE GOD! When Haggai brought a word to the leaders of the nation, they repented and brought their lives into alignment with God’s direction to return to rebuilding the house of the Lord instead of being busy with their own self-centered interests. Where are the representatives of Christ who will speak to the leaders oft his nation and call them to repentance? (Perhaps they, like Haggai, are still hiding in the wings until the moment appointed to step up and speak. Or perhaps they are in the wilderness like Moses being prepared for a face-off with the head of the nation…)

Joe 2:17  Let the priests, the ministers of the Lord, weep between the porch and the altar; and let them say, Have pity and spare Your people, O Lord, and give not Your heritage to reproach, that the [heathen] nations should rule over them or use a byword against them. Why should they say among the peoples, Where is their God?

 In June 2015, the Lord gave me a series of messages about separation and holiness and amongst them was one called ‘Leaving Sodom amidst the Shakings’. This morning He instructed me to make it available again.  Please remind yourself what the Lord said as He is connecting it to this current series of disasters:

Podcast: Leaving Sodom Amidst the Shakings

written transcript :Leaving Sodom Amidst the Shakings:

These mighty fearsome Hurricane messengers are sent for the sake of the Lot company who are hesitating in separating from the unclean location they are currently in spiritually in the nation of America. Just as the long lines of cars are fleeing Florida under mandatory evacuation before Irma strikes, so too the Spirit of the Living God has ordered mandatory evacuation to the Lot company – and it is because of the relationship that those who are the friends of God have with Him. Their intercession has moved the heart of God.

The destruction of the twin towers 16 years ago brought the nation to their knees briefly as churches were filled to capacity but as time went by, God was forgotten and people returned to their worldly ways and the worship of their idols. Now, as the anniversary of that destruction is at the door, one has to wonder which two ‘towers’ the Lord is going to bring down at the close of the year 5777, as He pursues His goal of returning His people to Himself. Florida is the home of countless nuclear power facilities and Houston boasts the oil refineries, provider of another source of power.

Hos 10:2 Their heart is divided and deceitful; now shall they be found guilty and suffer punishment. The Lord will smite and break down [the horns of] their altars; He will destroy their  pillars

One thing is certain, this one two punch will have its desired effect. Two supportive pillars are being struck down in this week, even in a graphic visual manner on the map – Mexico seems to support USA land mass on map and Florida is other leg which ‘holds it up. As these two are struck, the whole nation shudders with the blows. God, whose mercy is high as the heavens, wants people on their knees in repentance in these last weeks of Elul because He desires none to perish. He wants priests weeping between the porch and the altar so that He can show mercy amidst the judgment.


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  1. Hi Christine, saw your post on z3 and here are my thoughts. No one comments on this, but I don’t think God wants all this destruction to come to America. We are the missionary nation bringing the Gospel. We are the friend of Israel. Trump has a plan to stack the Scotus with righteous judges to overturn the evil rulings. I think He would want us to be strong and not crippled and subject to the goat nations. Why not judge NK or Russia or Arab nations? Allah (Satan) would seem to be doing a better job of protecting and blessing his nations. God gave the Gospel for one purpose, to glorify the Son. I will not give up believing for a greater anointing to come upon the Church like a great tsunami. We have yet to even see the greater works Yeshua spoke of. I believe we can change the nation through the Gospel and
    signs and wonders rather than calamity. This would bring more glory to the Son I think. In the the 17th c England had declined to a rather lawless society. Every gentleman carried a sword. But one man, John Wesley was mainly responsible for changing the nation by bringing the Gospel back to the street. It had been confined to the church. The Gospel is the greatest force in the world. It is more powerful than any storm. We just need to get it back to the people. The Gospel brings glory to the Son. That is why God gave it.
    Thanks for reading my rant.

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