Dream of Nuclear Attack on American City


I am not used to dreaming about imminent disasters in such a detailed fashion but the dream I had last night is of a nature that I feel I need to post it as a warning so people can pray:

In the morning watch on 13th January, I had a dream in which I was standing looking at a paved stone patio with people sitting chatting in the sun. There was a low stone wall to the left and the green hill sloped sharply down to a body of water, which may have been the sea. I am not sure. In the distance on the other side of the water was another landmass with a city on the water’s edge. I could just make out the skyscrapers. By this time I was among the people relaxing in the sun. Suddenly there was a red and black flash above this city and the whole skyline turned black. Simultaneously a black cloud began to travel very fast over the water towards us and I could see it was made up of minute black particles. I shouted, “It’s a nuclear attack. Run inside!” and I ran through the double glass doors and closed one side to stop some of the black cloud entering. I kept shouting so people could hear where I was and know which direction to run in, even if they couldn’t see, as I could see people were struggling visually and one man ran full tilt into the side of the building instead of through the door because he was disorientated. Two babies were crawling towards the doorway and I quickly ran and scooped them up and ran back inside. By this time, I could see people lying on their backs with their legs in the air, completely unable to breathe.

We closed the door and a throng of people were going up the stairs. I kept asking which direction the cloud had come from because it seemed I was not in an area I was familiar with, yet I knew it was an American city that had been hit. I kept getting flash images of a completely flattened city with grey ash everywhere, like Hiroshima. Eventually someone told me the city had been east of where we were. I wanted to watch a tv newscast to find out which city had been hit as my knowledge of American geography was limited and I did not know which city was situated alongside a body of water that looked like the sea, with another hilly landmass west of it. However there was no tv available and it occurred to me that this was because of the city that had been annihilated being connected to television stations in some way. There were only people reading newspapers and listening to the radio, as if tv signal was no longer an option.

I woke up very disturbed and began to pray for the Lord to warn His children in that city to flee before the disaster stuck. The fact that people were sitting around relaxed and chatting tells me that this was the first nuclear attack on an American city, and there was no real anxiety or expectation that this would happen. Perhaps it was a city that has not been considered reachable by such an attack. I do not know is the land where I was standing was American land or part of an island or another nation. Perhaps someone can enlighten me. Also, the fact that people couldn’t breathe suggests the addition of some sort of nerve gas in the bomb.


Having studied maps of the American coastline, the only cities I can find which have the geographical details in the dream are:

1)Seattle, with Puget Sound being the water seen, a distance of about 17km for the black nuclear cloud to travel west (which explains how quickly it arrived where I was)

2)San Francisco, with San Francisco Bay being the water seen

3)or perhaps Los Angeles, seen from another part of the city on a hillside.

I lean toward Seattle as the low stone wall and paving seen in my dream appear in photographs taken from San Juan and Orcas Islands towards Seattle, and the skyline of Seattle seen from across the water on the way to Bainbridge Island looks the same as in my dream. However, I could be wrong… pray and ask for clarity.

I did find that Henry Gruver had a vision of Seattle nuked by Russian submarines in Puget sound.

14th Jan postscript: Further research turned up the fact that the Kitsap US naval base is located across the water from Seattle and stocks the greatest concentration of nuclear warheads the USA possesses. An attack on Seattle would throw the area into chaos for quite a while and make the naval base an easy target as they would be in the fallout zone on the Seattle blast. When I read about the extent of the stockpile at Kitsap, I immediately was reminded of  the attack on Pearl Harbor and the relaxed atmosphere just before it happened – just like in my dream.

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  1. Dear Ms. Beadsworth Thank you for your warning.  Because of your description of a city between hills and the sea, I first thought of the devastation in Santa Barbara County, just North of Los Angeles County in Southern California.

    First there was a major fire (The Thomas fire) and thousands were evacuated, then soon after there was heavy rain and devastating rock, bolder and mud slides and even more were evacuated — especially the city of Montecito.  I have a friend there (a sister in the Lord) and her house is safe but many houses were burned or were washed away in the mud slides.  However, the streets are impassible due to heavy boulders, mud and debris.

    The whole city of Montecito is now evacuated, all utilities are shut off, but my friend was fortunate to get a motel room.

    I then noticed in your article that you saw the a hilly landmass to the West.  So this must be on America’s East coast.

    Your vision is similar to A.A. Allen’s from 1954. http://www.angelfire.com/journal2/skylark1/page9.html It starts out grim but read to the very end to see that the Lord protects His own end.

    Blessings,  C. Johnson

  2. Thank you for directing me to A<A< Allen's vision. I am developing a certainty that it occurred on the west coast of USA, most likely Seattle due to my discovery of the naval base at Kitsap which has huge stores of nuclear warheads. If Seattle was hit first from a submarine, this would cause such chaos that the naval base would then be an easy target.

    It cannot be the E coast of USA which was hit because I was on the hilly piece of land west of the city hit and there was water in between my position and the city. The flash and the black nuclear cloud came from the city, east of where I was.

  3. p.s. I have been watching the disaster at Montecito and was reminded of a vision by an intercessor in the last week of December. She saw the Lord holding 3 buckets, which containing, water, rocks and fire. He told her He would begin pouring out the buckets on the 1st Jan 2018 and that it would happen worldwide.

  4. Did you see the news yesterday regarding the “mistake” that was made in Hawaii? I thought of you immediately when I saw the news. Here’s is what happened yesterday – the day of your dream.
    Later yesterday, I read that someone stated: there are protocols for “pushing that button”, and it couldn’t have been an accident.
    Thanks again Christine. You are such a treasure!
    Have a wonderful day.

  5. Christine,

    I saw this post on Z3. You are a treasure. Sometimes you have encouraged me with sweet replies to my comments, and the Lord told me to reach out directly to you here, because it’s so crazy busy there, so not the best venue to chat sister-to sister. I tried to say thanks yesterday and it said “slow down, you’re posting too fast” so think James B is overwhelmed with all the crypto comments, Anyhow , just want to say I think you are just shy of angelic, and use all your spiritual gifts to the fullest. An example of a Proverbs 31 woman, you are indeed. Love to you from afar in Appleton, WI (3hour drive Notth of Chicago, if that helps ) xo, Carolanne

  6. CHRISTINE, thank you for the warning. I too believe your dream describes the west coast. Have you considered that the explosion could have been a volcanic eruption and the cloud traveling at high speed could be a pyroclastic cloud. Also the copious grey ash would be present after a volcanic eruption. Sadly people caught in the ash die instantly. There is great unrest seismically along the west coast right now; there was just a 7.9 earthquake
    In Alaska this week. Just seems to
    “Fit” your dream. Even though I live in Texas, such an event would affect us all. Please pray for America.

    1. Hi Cynthia
      I would consider it a possibility except that in the dream it was identified as a nuclear explosion. I think the Lord allowed me to see the tiny nuclear particles whizzing toward the place where we were standing but I don’t think one normally ‘sees’ them.

      1. I’m not sure what just happened.. think my repla shot to the “cloud”
        Or somewhere. I trust your impression of the dream as the Holy Spirit gave it to you. America is under judgement and it is more than well deserved. Only a God who is long suffering and merciful could wait for the cup of iniquity to fill. It’s hard to imagine it isn’t full yet. Pray the Body of Christ will wake up and stand up.
        I need to be more fervent in prayer myself. Hopefully I will not become hardened to the enormity of evil here.
        So grievous and overwhelming. Again thank you for the warning. Many blessings to you,

    1. Hi Dylan. It’s not easy. After receiving a dream, i always have to pray much into it. And sometimes a dream has both a literal and a figurative interpretaion. With some dreams, I only get more understanding months or years later.

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