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Most of us have heard that God declares the end from the beginning, in order to give us a vision to hold onto while He makes it flesh in our lives. However, for the first time, I have experienced Him actually giving successive visions, dreams and words that form a step by step journey backwards to the very spot I was standing when I received the original vision of the ‘end’ of this particular journey. It is as if He started out by sending me a snapshot of the ‘pot of gold at the end of the rainbow’ so to speak and then walked towards me, dropping crumbs of revelation at regular intervals, which have been released to my understanding progressively. Understanding of the timing of manifestation in the natural realm is always something we are growing in, and I first had to get this ‘reverse order’ pattern firmly in my grasp before I could lay out the ‘picture cards’ He had given me on the table in front of me in the right order, and thereafter write the vision and make it plain so people can run with it… I share these things which occurred during a full year of preparation, keeping in mind that Esther was prepared for a full year before marrying the king and pray that within the contents, you may find some confirmations yourself.

In January 2017, The Lord began to speak to me about the Lion and the Lily and began to show me The Lion of Judah meeting face to face with the Bridal Company, whom He called the Lily Trumpets. I began to pray into this whole encounter and in February, He connected me with a precious sister who is a Perfumer to the Bride. We began to share together concerning what the Lord was saying about the Lion and the Lily and, as a consequence, during February we collaborated on the creating of special anointing oil, which the Lord directed her to call ‘the Lion’s Bride’. It was such a privilege to be swept up in the creative process with the Spirit during this short season. Night after night, He would speak the names of different essential oils to me in my dreams and give understanding as to why they should be added to the base oil mixture. Yet we were unsure as to exactly what the Lord wanted this oil for.

Then, towards the end of February, once the fragrant oil was complete and named by the Lord ‘The Lion’s Bride’, something very significant happened. I was in the middle of worship and received a vision of the lip of a vessel in the sky, pouring out indigo/violet colour liquid. I had been praying for the seven lamps before the throne to be my portion and as I continued singing to the Lord after breaking bread, I saw a vision of myself worshipping and this purple liquid began to pour into my mouth. Then it oozed through my skin from inside. As I continued watch, the indigo or violet beads of liquid on my skin, it transformed into light. If you looked at me from an angle, I looked bronze or gold, depending on where you were looking from. I was reminded of the feet of Jesus in the Book of Revelation:

Rev 2:18  And to the angel (messenger) of the assembly (church) in Thyatira write: These are the words of the Son of God, Who has eyes that flash like a flame of fire, and Whose feet glow like bright and burnished bronze

Not coincidentally, the word ‘Thyatira’ means ‘a perfume, a sacrifice of labor’. The liquid also oozed out on my face, which then began to transform into the face of a lion and when I opened my mouth, flames came out. I knew I had witnessed the Lion of Judah manifesting and roaring through me after an impartation of the seven Spirits of God mentioned in Isaiah 11. The color purple speaks of royalty and the final workings of the Spirit in helping the Bride to make herself ready. Amethyst, the 12th stone mentioned in the foundation of the New Jerusalem is also purple. 12 is the number of governmental rule and authority.

One of the essential oils used in the Lion’s Bride oil in significant quantities was Onycha. This is also used in the holy incense burned at the altar of incense before the veil. Onycha comes from the mussel used to make purple dye for kingly robes and the word in Hebrew which means ‘to peel off by a concussion of sound’ and comes from a root word meaning ‘to roar, lion’. When I was looking into the meaning of Onycha, I saw a vision of the enemy headquarters and there were high level generals of darkness poring over a strategy map on a table. As the roar of the Lion of Judah entered that room, the sound waves reverberated off the walls and knocked every one of them down, one after the other, like skittles!!

My newfound perfumer friend parceled up some bottles of the precious blend and sent it across the sea, covered in much prayer for its safe arrival at my door. The on the 18th April, I was awoken three times in the night by a loud voice saying, “The Lion has roared. Who will not tremble?” I discovered in the morning that this was Amos 3:8 and yet wasn’t too sure why I had heard this:

Amo 3:8  The lion hath roared, who will not fear? The Lord GOD hath spoken, who can but prophesy? 

 Then, on the 22nd April, I attended the ‘It’s Time’ prayer meeting where over 1 million people bowed their knee before the throne. During that time, I saw the Lion of Judah on a hilltop roaring over the crowd and red, yellow and green flames from His mouth rushing over those assembled. My book, ‘“Give Me Back My Wife” ~ Lion of Judah, Son of God’ was finally published at the end of April. It seemed the year was going to be centered around the revelation of the Lion of Judah and the Bride.

After this, months passed and there was no sign of the precious package. We were concerned that our very unreliable South African postal service was to blame but continued to pray for the Lord to watch over it. Finally, on 11th December, just before Hanukkah, the oils arrived and it seemed they were right on time because the Lord had been speaking to me about Esther becoming the Bride of the King on the 7th day of Hannukah. My friend had sent two ‘Lily Trumpet’ and five ‘Lion’s Bride’ oils, what a perfect number. I anointed myself every day during Hanukkah and continued to pray concerning the outpouring of the purple liquid and the manifestation of the Lion of Judah within my spirit. I also sent out the ‘Maidenhood to Bridehood’ article. Not coincidentally, during Hannukah, Henry Falcone released a word about the Lion of Judah roaring over His assembled troops and the transformative heavenly power which was unleashed. It confirmed much of what I had seen with the purple outpouring. The Lord also began to show me that the phrases I had heard in the night during the making of the Lion’s Bride Oil were actually steps in a process to becoming the Lion’s Bride:


Lion and Lily, Holy Breeze, Lover’s Tryst, Royal Garment

Lilies R1260The lily trumpets or shoshanim are mentioned at the beginning of psalm 45, the wedding psalm. Two silver trumpets were commissioned by the Lord and their purpose was to summon the congregation, to sound the alarm for battle and to announce that it was time to move on to a new place:

Num 10:2  Make two trumpets of silver; of hammered or turned work you shall make them, that you may use them to call the congregation and for breaking camp.

The fact that I received two bottles of Lily Trumpet oil spoke to me that it is time to pull up tent pegs because you are moving to a new spiritual location. But what of the Lion and the Lily – a picture of the Bride and the Bridegroom together? The Lord reminded me of a verse in Song of Songs about the Bridegroom:


Son 2:16  My beloved is mine and I am his! He pastures his flocks among the lilies.

The pure white lily trumpet company are considered a safe place for the Good Shepherd to feed His flock. He leads them there because He knows that the sound that is released from them is nourishing and full of revelation for His sheep. But there is more – not only do those lilies provide a safe place to graze for the flock but there comes a time when the Bridegroom with the shepherd’s heart does something for those lilies:

Son 6:2  My beloved has gone down to his garden, to the beds of spices, to feed in the gardens and to gather lilies.

He gathers lilies – in other words, He selects them, severs them from their moorings and brings them into His embrace. Never again will they be part of that partcular grazing place of the flocks. They are destined for the palace, to be part of a select company of lily trumpets. Just like king Xerxes selected or picked Esther, married her and placed her in the palace; just like the Bridegroom comes to fetch the Bride and take her to the wedding and back to the place He has been preparing for her!

The Lion and the Lily are destined to see each other face to face. He comes to bring her near. Consider the lilies of the field… Two are in a field, one is taken near and one is left growing where it is planted. Those that are taken near end up in the palace as the Bride of the Lion of Judah. As I was contemplating all this, I heard the Lord begin to sing the chorus of the song ‘purple rain’:

Purple rain, purple rain
Purple rain, purple rain
Purple rain, purple rain
I only wanted to see you
Underneath the purple rain

And I understood that the Lion wants to meet with the Lily under that purple waterfall I saw in the vision. I understood suddenly that the baptism of fire we cry out for is connected to the vision of the purple waterfall and the lion of Judah (who roars flames of fire) becoming completely one with the Bride. Step by step, breadcrumb by breadcrumb of revelation, the Spirit was helping me to understand what that waterfall encounter encapsulated.

Remember I said in the article on Maidenhood and Bridehood that we are crossing over into the time of moving from ‘limited provision for preparation to lavish provision for position’? Well, on 7th January 2018, I was worshiping and was shown a vision of myself standing in front of a waterfall. It was not the purple liquid I saw in the other vision but it was rushing very fast into a pool surrounded by lush green vegetation. The Lord said, “Get under it. Then the purple downpour will come”. I asked how to do that and heard the following statements (which were spoken one at a time with quite a pause between each):

Positioning precedes provision

Professing precedes position

Perceiving precedes profession

These are the steps to getting under that waterfall, if you want to receive the outpouring Heaven has appointed the Bride.

1) Positioning precedes provision

You have to step under the flow. Don’t wait until the colour or quantity of the water suits you. Position yourself for provision or you will miss it.

2) Professing precedes position

Say yes to the Lord. It is the words of your mouth and what you believe that will move your spiritual position so that you are in the right place to have your vessel filled. This doesn’t take place in a big advertised meeting or in front of a famous preacher. It’s a private meeting, a lover’s tryst. The ‘Lion and the Lily’ are meeting at that waterfall. The ‘Holy Breeze’ of the Spirit is blowing during this ‘Lover’s Tryst’ (these are the phrases spoken to me during the making of the oil). There is a ‘Royal Garment’ appointed the Bride, a garment of purple. But what is the testimony of your lips? Are you professing the right things in order to be positioned under that flow? Are you surrendering daily and offering yourselves willingly to the Lover of Your Soul?

3) Perceiving precedes profession

You have see what the Lord is doing in the spirit and have understanding of the times to get into place with both your mouth and your feet. Are you aware that it is time for becoming ‘perfect in one’ as Jesus prayed for us in John 17? Are you saying like the bride in Song of Songs, “I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine!”  Are you aware those words are part of the Jewish wedding ceremony?

The day after receiving these 3 steps, I had a dream in which there was a canoe race of some sort and I was standing on a piece of land in the centre, with many water canals round it. Suddenly people became aware that a woman who had been in the race had disappeared. Everyone wondered where she had gone to. At that point in the dream, I saw a map appear in midair with a place called Bridal Falls marked on it, about a 1/3 of the way down a river that ran vertically down the page. There was nothing else on the map and I heard within me that this portion of land was for this woman because this was her allotted portion. I also heard the name of my old childhood friend as I received this revelation; Susan Bridle, but I heard it joined as in ‘Susan Bridal Falls’. The man this woman was going to marry also left the area of the race at that point and I was told He could be found at no 43.

Susan comes from the Hebrew word “shushan’ or plural ‘shoshanim’, meaning ‘lily trumpet’! The Bridal Falls are the waterfalls that we are called to position ourselves under. They are our allotted portion and the outpouring is to equip us for the chapter ahead and provide our royal garment to rule in! ‘Susan Bridal’ is the Lily Trumpet Bridal Company who leave the race arena and go to receive their allotted potion of inheritance as the Bride of the Lion of Judah. There is an equipping downpour appointed us, an anointing of power and light to be made flesh in us so that we can be released to roar with the authority of the Lion of Judah.

I asked the Lord what the number 43 referred to and He said Isaiah 43, Psalm 43 and 43 months. Now I have heard 42 months is the time when the beast is given authority to rule.

Rev 13:5  And the beast was given the power of speech, uttering boastful and blasphemous words, and he was given freedom to exert his authority and to exercise his will during forty-two months (three and a half years).

 This the same period of time during which the woman is fed and kept safe in the wilderness while the dragon is rampaging (Rev 12).So the period I heard mentioned in the dream, 43 months, indicates that a month before the beast starts exercising his will, the woman flees the race to go to receive her allotted portion at Bridal Falls.

Dan 12:10  Many shall be purified and made white and tested. But the wicked shall do wickedly. And not one of the wicked shall understand, but the wise shall understand. Dan 12:11  And from the time the regular sacrifice shall be taken away, and the abomination that desolates set up, a thousand, two hundred and ninety days shall occur.

Using the lunar calendar month of 30 days, 43 months multiplied by 30 adds up to 1290 days, the time mentioned in Daniel 12:11. so this is also the 43 months the Lord is referring to, when the lily trumpet bride is found at the Bridal Falls and positioned there to be transformed and equipped, to rule and minister as one with the Lion of Judah.

Isa 43:20  The beast of the field shall honor Me, jackals and daughters of ostriches; because I give waters in the wilderness, rivers in the desert, to give drink to My people, My elect. 

The woman in the wilderness will receive waters. She is His beloved, His elect. The word ‘elect’ in Hebrew means ‘select: – choose, chosen one’. One is selected (remember Him picking lilies) and ‘elected’ to take up a position which always has some sort of authority attached to it. Isaiah 43 says He is doing a new thing. Will you not be aware of it? Will you perceive it? Because perceiving comes before professing – and professing precedes position.

Three days after this dream, I was wondering why I was having difficulty in finding new editing work at the beginning of this year and quietly I heard, “I am giving you time”. “For what, Lord?”  “To get into position”… Suddenly I was reminded of a painting I did in 2012. (You can see it on my website. It is called ‘Drinking at the Waterfall”). I was amazed to realize that I had painted a prophetic depiction of my vision of the positioning and provision of the Lily Trumpet Bride at Bridal Falls!! The Spirit had shown me the end from the beginning, much further back than I realized.

Then looking back in my journal, I discovered something I had quite forgotten – on my 55th birthday in 2017, while worshiping, I saw a pearly purple substance being poured out from above onto me. It began as a trickle and single stream and then became a solid sheet waterfall that didn’t seem to end.  As I reread this description, I saw in a flash that the substance was emerging from the mouth of the Lion of Judah. No, this was not some concrete fountain sculpture, spouting out water. This was the Lion of the Tribe of Judah pouring out all that He had been preparing for the one He loves. The Bridal Falls are the impartation of the inheritance stored up in Heaven until this particular time and season for us – and they come forth from the treasury of the Lion of Judah Who has conquered.

Precious Bride of Christ, there is an allotted portion awaiting those who position themselves rightly. Don’t become so involved in the race, that you miss being picked for the palace! Open your mouth wide so that the Lord may fill it. Ask for rain in the time of latter rain. Hunger and thirst after the seven lamps before the throne and desire daily to be made perfect in one with the Bridegroom.


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  1. Wow! Now I know why the Lord led me here last night. I dreamed a quick dream of this Lion’s head with these glowing purple eyes like amethysts two days ago. I guess my footsteps were ordered to arrive right here to receive this word to refresh my soul, and to gain understanding of how He was reaching out to me as His Bride. If you can reveal the scents of your annointing oil and their significance, I would love to recreate The lLions Bride, or if your friend has more to sell that would work, too. I had a career in fragrance for many years, so it’s especially sweet He led me here. Shalom, Sweet Aroma

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