When He Dies, It Will Come ~ pt 2

‘It will come’… such a simple phrase but such manifold events unfolding! Let’s look deeper into what is coming! When Methuselah died, it announced the end of one chapter of history and the sudden arrival of another VERY different chapter for everyone on the face of the earth. All our lives release a sound into the spiritual atmosphere. What sound did Billy Graham’s life send? What message does the ‘brief moment’ of his life bring to those who can hear what God is saying?

Billy Graham was taken home on the exact day the Heaven planned. It was 6th Adar in the Hebrew Calendar, the last day of Moses’ leadership, the day he completed the scroll of the first 5 books of the Bible and placed them in the ark. It was the day he transferred leadership to Joshua under God’s instruction, by passing on his anointing through the laying on of hands. Here we see the changing of the guard, the transference of the baton. He lived 99 years 3 months and 14 days and fell asleep (1 Thess. 4:13–18), exactly 153 days after Feast of Trumpets 2017 and 88 days before Pentecost 2018 (courtesy of Daily Crow). Adar 6th (Feb 21st) is 153 inclusive days from September 23, 2017—the Revelation 12 Sign. The June 8, 1918 Solar eclipse across America was 153 days before Billy Graham’s birth on November 7, 1918!

153 is gematria for ‘the sons of God’, ’Passover’ and ‘I will cause to inherit’!! What a powerful witness to all we have felt the Lord saying. We are crossing out of the world system into the wilderness to the place prepared to receive our full inheritance! It is time for the sons of God to be released in the power of the Spirit. The angel of Death will be passing over the world system but we who have the blood of the Passover Lamb upon the doorposts of our hearts will be protected. The firstborn of Egypt will be struck very soon and we must partake of the Passover Lamb with our lions fully girded and our feet shod. We must be prepared to leave under the guidance of the Spirit at a moment’s notice. He will cause us to inherit all He has prepared for us. WE do not need to gain it by the sweat of our brow. An inheritance is gained with no effort on our part. It is allocated according to the Will of the One Who has died for us and we will each receive the portion allotted.

Passover actually occurs at the end of March this year, which is not too far from now. Billy Graham died on 21st Feb, 37 days before Passover and will be buried 29 days before Passover on 2nd March, the day of the full moon. The second full moon (a blue moon) of March occurs on the 31st, which is the 15th Nissan (Passover begins the evening before). 15th Nisan is a very important day in Heaven’s calendar. On this date, God forged a covenant with Abram, when the burning torch passed between the parts. Years later on 15th Nisan, the angels visited Abraham and told him of Isaac’s birth. It is also Isaac’s birthday. Furthermore, it is the day Jacob wrestled with an angel and had his name changed. On this day Daniel was thrown into the lion’s den and Vashti was executed – and, of course, we know it as the day that the angel of Death struck and the Israelites left Egypt in the early morning, foreshadowing the work of the cross of Christ in delivering us.

153 fish were caught in the morning watch after the disciples aligned themselves to the sound Jesus released (Luke 21). This year 5778 is all about aligning to the light and sound released by Heaven. Becoming one with the sound released from the mouth of Jesus yields the rich harvest in this season we have entered. Those fish had always been there; hidden from sight, but in the morning of a new day, they are revealed or brought to light. Light and sound alignment yields desire fulfilled – a tree of Life (meaning a manifestation of Jesus, Who is the Tree of Life).

Billy Graham was born and raised on a dairy farm. This speaks to us of him being part of those who release the milk of the Word. However, in Luke 21, Jesus asked an interesting question in the sound He released over His disciples, “Have you any meat?” When full alignment is achieved, meat is released. And Jesus already has some prepared fish on the beach, waiting to feed you during a face to face encounter! Peter was fully realigned to God’s original intent and blueprint for the Kingdom during that encounter. 153 speaks of face to face encounters and the receiving of the meat of the Word, which, when consumed, will produce full alignment Heaven’s blueprint and restoration to original intent in your life. The Bride who has ‘gone fishing’ and is not on active Kingdom duty at this time, will be rapidly restored to intended Kingdom position and rereleased, fully realigned towards the target.


99  is the gematria for the following words and phrases: Amen, Truly , Door of Hope, Bethlehem, Branch, Fountain, Mirror, Tablet, As the garden of the LORD, Hide, Secret, I will forgive, Seed of copulation (semen)

I would like to go into some of these words in depth, firstly ‘Amen’; where does Amen appear in the Word besides as the last word of a prayer?

Rev 3:14  And to the angel (messenger) of the assembly (church) in Laodicea write: These are the words of the Amen, the trusty and faithful and true Witness, the Origin and Beginning and Author of God’s creation

The word ‘amen’ in Greek comes from Strongs Hebrew word H539, meaning ‘sure; abstractly faithfulness; truly: – Amen, so be it, truth’. This, in turn, stems from a root word meaning ‘to foster as a parent, to go to the right hand’. Those who have entered into God’s rest go to the right hand, to take their place seated in Christ. The sheep are sent to the right hand at the time of separation of sheep and goats, in order to experience their inheritance. Benjamin means ‘son of the right hand’ or in modern terms ‘ right-hand man’. Jesus is God’s right-hand man, and is manifested in the mature manchild of Revelation 12, who ascends to the throne, being caught up, as John the Beloved was after God breathed a command over him, “Come up here”.

When Abram turned 99, God changed his name to decree what God was going to do in and through him. ‘H’ was inserted in the center of his name. The Hebrew letter Hey represents the divine breath of God. It completely transformed Abraham to become all that God intended him to be (starting from deep inside). He walked with God up to that point, but after that, he went o a whole different depth of relationship co-laboring with God to bring forth Heaven’s purposes in the earth. That day the DNA seed of Heaven’s blueprint was imparted to him. When Abraham was 99, God established an everlasting covenant with him, commanding him to be circumcised as a sign so that it could be brought forth. No more mixture; no more of man’s efforts (through using an Egyptian womb); no more fleshly effort; pure Heavenly download and outflow. That day was a pivotal moment, a change of direction for him. Filled with the breath of God, resurrection life began to flow and not long after that, Sarah conceived!! We have entered the time of God issuing our new names and breathing into us so that resurrection life brings everything that has fallen to the ground and died, back to life and full function as He intended!.ofcovenant. The veil of flesh that impeded the flow of seed was permanently removed. A year later, in the same season Isaac, the son of promise was born. Look for your new blueprint manifestation to come forth about 280 days from now (the length of a pregnancy). Until then, co-labor with the Holy Spirit to put flesh on the bones while His creation is hidden from the eyes of man.

Amen is uttered at the end of a prayer. One of the names of Jesus is The Amen. He is the ‘So be it’. He is the One Who releases the decree that sets in motion the manifestation of your prayers. We are entering a season when every prayer that has been aligned to Truth in your bowl of prayers before the throne, is going to receive the Amen’s approval and trigger the release of answers quickly manifesting from long seasons of intercession. We have crossed over into the season described in Rev 8. At the golden altar, a scene unfolds:

Rev 8:3  And another angel came and stood over the altar. He had a golden censer, and he was given very much incense, that he should add them with the prayers of all the saints on the golden altar before the throne. Rev 8:4  And the smoke of the incense went up with the prayers of the saints out of the hand of the angel before God. Rev 8:5  And the angel has taken the censer, and has filled it from the fire of the altar, and cast it into the earth; and sounds and thunders and lightnings and earthquakes occurred.

The very much incense represents the ‘Amen’, the ‘So be it’ that had been lacking in the bowl of prayers. It is the portion of sound and fragrance released by Jesus, the Amen, which completes the prayer offering and causes the Righteous Judge’s gavel to fall, triggering the pouring out on the earth from the heavenly realm.

 99 is gematria for ‘door of hope’. The death of Billy Graham at 99 also signifies we have crossed over into the season of the Valley of Trouble being changed to a door of hope. It speaks of the same place geographically, but radical change in its characteristics. Where there has seemed no way out, suddenly veils are torn and doors revealed. Where hope deferred has made the heart sick, desires fulfilled ministers resurrection life.

99 also signifies ‘’the branch’ and the season of bringing forth Heaven’s blueprint as opposed to an earthly understanding. For many years men have attempted to build the house of the Lord. But now the Servant Branch Company will step out of the wings. God says in His Word, “I will bring forth My servant the Branch and He will build the true temple of the Lord”. Not a counterfeit temple, not a pale imitation of My blueprint but a return to original intent.
99 is also gematria for ‘fountain’. The Hebrew word for ‘fountain, Ayin, also means eye. You have to see what God sees before you can bring forth Heaven’s blueprint in the earth.  You have to drink at the fountain of light and receive His light and revelation blueprint before you can produce its manifestation in the earth realm. The past season has held much mixture as flesh has attempted to defile what the Spirit is bringing forth. Psalm 36 says ‘With You is the fountain of Life and in Your light, we see Light’. This the season of fresh light and life being released to you, if you are rightly positioned under His wings. The next season will produce the Isaac, no more Ishmaels.

99 is gematria for ‘As the garden of the Lord’, not ‘in’ the garden of the Lord, but ‘like the garden of the Lord’. This speaks of return to original intent and restoration to God’s blueprint for our lives. The garden of the Lord was the environment where God first placed man; the place designed for Him to fellowship with His beloved, a place which all Adam’s needs would be provided for. Our whole journey in knowing God has been about getting back to the garden, back to what He originally purposed for us before the enemy’s destruction wreaked havoc, back to oneness and true union, face to face with our Creator. When we can see, we can be. When we can hear clearly, we can say powerfully. Jesus laid down His life to accomplish this and His prayer was that we would achieve that same true union with the Father which He walked in (John 17). The garden was the place where the breath of God fell upon the face of Adam and filled His whole being, raising him up and equipping him to walk in all that God intended, in the place God had prepared to meet all his needs.

99 is gematria for ‘seed of copulation’. Sarai became Sarah asGod breathed her new name over her and resurrection power went to work within her. The seed of copulation was released into Sarah’s quickened womb during Abraham’s 100th year. Billy Graham was one seed who has fallen to the ground and died to yield a rich harvest of harvesters, but they will not harvest in the mass harvest pattern he did. They will be re-conformed to the original blueprint of Heaven for face to face evangelism.

God is also releasing His Seed, the Manchild into the earth, walking in a double portion of the mantle of Elijah. These are Firstborn from among the Dead Company, those who have grown to mature manhood in Christ and possess His mind for God’s matters. We are entering the season of the hundredfold harvest for those who have rightly nurtured and held the seed of the Word in the good soil of their hearts.

Abraham was 99 when the judgment on Sodom was carried out. 99 also speaks of the season for final separation of Lot from his unclean environment. Lot means ‘the veiled one’ so Lot is a type of the Bride who up to now has had no understanding of the times. It is time for messengers of God to be released to carry an urgent message to her and thrust the Bride out of the unclean environment of modern-day ‘Churchianity’, into separation unto preservation. Time is very short. Those who look back at this point will be destroyed along with their treasure. 99 represents the time of God burning our bridges for us so that we cannot go back even if we wanted to later.

Billy Graham died on 6th Adar, the anniversary of the day Moses completed the first five Books of our Bible, word for word, as dictated to him by G-d. This scroll of the Torah was put into the Holy Ark, next to the Tablets of Testimony. Moses’ job was complete, his assignment over and it was time for the changing of the guard. It is the same with Billy Graham’s death, there is the changing of the guard from big-name evangelism to nameless faceless generation evangelism; those who follow the Lamb wherever He goes. This changing of the guard is the handover from Elijah to Elisha; the ministry of the prophets with a single portion to the servants who followed the Spirit of Elijah beyond the place of death to receive their double portion.

It is the transference from the ministry of Simeon, the one who came in to minister and went out to Anna, the one who never left the presence of the Lord. Simeon died in peace after beholding the promised Child. Anna ran with the message after seeing Jesus face to face in the temple; speaks of evangelism. Mary Magdalene also ran after her face to face encounter in the garden, But found few who would believe her amongst the ranks of the disciples.

The day Billy Graham died is also the day Joshua was fully equipped and anointed to complete the task Heaven had for him. The 6th Adar marks the changing of the guard from Moses who entered the tabernacle and spoke with God and left, to Joshua, who remained in God’s presence before the ark. The 6th Adar marked the end of the age, both of the wilderness of sin in Joshua’s case and of waiting for the revelation of the manchild in Anna and Simeon’s case. Those dwelling in his presence carry the baton from here on for the final leg of the race. We are experiencing the moment in the spiritual realm of handover from the Church age to the Kingdom age; from the faithful priests of the old order to the worshiping prophetess evangelists; from the shepherd-leaders to the warring servants of the leaders. The 6th Adar marked the handing over of the governmental mantle to those who have remained in His presence, while Moses went in and out.

Moses was born and died on the 7th Adar but no trace of his body was ever found. He was 120 years old – a connection to the 120 in the upper room, who received the outpouring of equipping power and ran with the message. Moses saw the promised land from afar but was not allowed to enter because of disobedience. The old order sees but doesn’t go in because their part is complete, their scroll is written, their duty is done. The new order sees and enters.

Adar the 6th is also the day a blessing was released over the Israelites and the song of Moses was heard for the first time (read Deut 32 and 33). We have entered the season of new prophetic songs, never before heard by mortal ears, being imparted and released over the Body to equip them to take the Promised land of their inheritance.

Deu 32:1  Give ear, O heavens, and I will speak. And hear, O earth, the words of my mouth. Deu 32:2  My doctrine shall drop as the rain; my speech shall drop down as the dew, as the small rain on the tender plant, and as the showers on the grass; Deu 32:3  because I will proclaim the name of the Lord and ascribe greatness to our God. Deu 32:4  He is the Rock; His work is perfect. For all His ways are just, a God of faithfulness, and without evil; just and upright is He. 

Deu 33:1  THIS IS the blessing with which Moses the man of God blessed the Israelites before his death. Deu 33:2  He said, The Lord came from Sinai and beamed upon us from Seir; He flashed forth from Mount Paran, from among ten thousands of holy ones, a flaming fire, a law, at His right hand. Deu 33:3  Yes, He loves [the tribes] His people; all those consecrated to Him are in Your hand. They followed in Your steps; they [accepted Your word and] received direction from You…

The KJV  says in Deut 33:3 ‘…and they sat down at thy feet; every one shall receive of thy words.’  As we encamp around His feet and have a face to face encounter, each one consecrated to Him receives a fiery scroll with a decree of God upon it for the next chapter. That God-breathed word transforms us and equips us to walk in the fullness of our inheritance in Christ. For Joshua, and for Elisha, the time of learning and training at the feet of the man of God was over. The time in the shadows as the servant of the Man of God was over. The time to step into the position appointed by Heaven was here. The time of hearing God through the mouth of the obedient man of God was over. The time of hearing God and obeying was here. The time of sitting under the man of God assigned to you was over; the time of releasing the instruction of God to others was here. For Joshua, the time of following was over, the time of leading was here.

All this encapsulated in one day; so much change instituted within one 24 hour period. Joshua went to sleep one night after a day similar to many other days before it. Moses had sung his famous song and released a blessing over God’s people. The next morning, everything had changed for Joshua. Moses was a hard act to follow but Joshua had a totally different call in totally different territory. Yes, he was a leader of God’s people but the season had changed from deliverance and sifting and transition to war and possession of inheritance. Moses territory was Egypt and the wilderness. Joshua’s assigned portion was the Promised Land. For those who have come through the wilderness of preparation, the chapter is over. Get ready to cross over into your full inheritance in Christ.

Just as Abram underwent a name change before God’s pure blueprint could be released in seed form, so too, Joshua’s original name was also changed by Moses before he had his first encounter of the Promised Land:

Num 13:16  These are the names of the men whom Moses sent to explore and scout out the land. And Moses called Hoshea son of Nun, Joshua.

Hoshea means ‘deliverer’. Joshua means ‘God delivers and saves’.  Joshua experienced the insertion of the name of God (Jehovah) into his name. Man is not the deliverer, God is. No longer will there be a spotlight on giant one-man ministry, but rather on the God who ministers through man. He received this new name as he was sent to scout out and bring back fruit of the Promised Land. If you want the firstfruits of the Promised Land, the ‘old you’ has to fall to the ground. It is no longer about you. It is about what God wants to do through you – and ALL the glory is His. We have entered the season of great change. Nothing will be as it was. YOU will be different too. There is an urgency to the last leg of the relay race. After that there is no more opportunity to get your running style right. Once the baton is placed in the hand of the runners of the final leg of the race, there is no more preparation time. Thank the Lord He reassured us in a recent message we have passed the test and are ready to graduate!

Please understand, the release in this season is not about Billy Graham. God has just used the circumstances of his life and death to speak a message. The release in this season of handover is about Jesus and no-one else. Let us return to God’s original blueprint. What was His first grand intention? Paul explains it so well:

Eph 1:9  making known to us the mystery of His will, according to His good pleasure which He purposed in Himself, Eph 1:10  for the administration of the fullness of the times to head up all things in Christ, both the things in the heavens, and the things on earth, in Him, Eph 1:11  in whom we also have been chosen to an inheritance, being predestinated according to the purpose of the One working all things according to the counsel of His own will, Eph 1:12  for us to be to the praise of His glory, the ones who had previously trusted in Christ

All things in Heaven and on earth will be consummated in Christ.WE exist in the Kingdom for the praise of His glory! Nothing else…


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  1. Dear Christine!

    You truly are “one of His Friends”…..The small company of “the friends of the Bridegroom”
    Ye are my friends,➡ IF ye do whatsoever I command you⬅︎. John 15:14
    Obedience at all cost, even unto death!
    Thank you for your faithfulness.

    Following the Lamb whithersoever He goes!
    Our God Reigns……….

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