When One Part Suffers…


Beloved, I was so moved this morning as I read of the new wave of suffering hitting our brothers and sisters in China. Sometimes we get so caught up in our own situations, our own problems, our own challenges, that we forget that we are part of ONE BODY and that when one part suffers, we all suffer.

Please pause for a moment in your busy schedule and read of the plight of the Church in China as government officials crack down on any form of worship service or gathering, no matter how small. And remember that these days are coming for all who love Jesus, no matter what nation you reside in.

Let’s take time to remember the part of our family that we may never see with our natural eyes, but who are paying a great price for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Pray for strength to endure, for grace to forgive and for courage and boldness to preach fearlessly the gospel; for angels to minister to and protect the saints in China; that fear would be routed and that God would turn what the enemy intends for evil for the glory of His name. Pray for government officials, especially Xi, to turn to Christ and for a mighty move of the Spirit amongst believers in China. History proves that persecution only serves to cause explosive growth in the underground church.

‘…The brick house was largely deserted this summer. Around the door frame, tattered red outlines remained of a scroll that once read “God’s love is as deep as the sea.”…’

They may wipe painted letters off walls and remove banners from every church building they can find, but there is a building that is not built with hands, which houses the presence of the mighty Spirit of the Living God. The Truth of the Word of God cannot be wiped away from the hearts upon which it is engraved and its power to save and transform the heart of man is unstoppable!




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