9/11, Pain on Paper

Today, on the 17th anniversary of 9/11, the Lord reminded me of a poem I wrote after watching those towers crumbling to the ground. I felt a prompting to dig it out of my journal and post it. Sadly, it ends with a prayer that the disaster would bring the nation back to its Maker. We know today that there has been no lasting national repentance; no fruit on a large scale. In fact, great moral deterioration has taken place in the years leading to today. And we also know that our God, Who wants to answer the prayer for hearts to turn on a massive scale, will bring it about by allowing her enemies to once again bring destruction, just as He did with His beloved people Israel in centuries past.

Because of what lies surely ahead in America’s path, and probably sooner than we are ready for, I feel prompted to post the words I penned that day and pray the Lord may breathe life into this prayer, as the next massive man-made disaster strikes. I have just linked the poem in a pdf of the original. It begins like this:

So much blood.

The thunder of its voice

rises from smokey ground,

reverberates from east to west,

shrouding mankind

in ashen mourning veils

its deafening cry for justice

assaults the ears of God…

9.11 Poem on the anniversary in 2018

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  1. That was one terrible day. Wow. To remember for ever and ever and ever. Soo many lives and blood. a Terrible thing happened that day. Soo many pain. Thank you for this Pain on Paper.

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