In This Season of Separation, Seek Only Union with Me

Many in the Barley remnant are experiencing further sifting and separation as the ripe barley firstfruits is threshed, and passed through the flames, before being ground and sifted many times – all in preparation for presentation as the firstfruits offering. Today, I feel pressed to share a word received by a trusted friend and fellow pursuer of the intimate knowledge of Jesus. Crystal lives in the USA and has endured the furnace heated seven times hotter. Her word comes as an arrow straight from the throne, especially for those in the USA.

“So many cries for unity have been ricocheting around the nation. From political streams and church streams, and even from polluted secular streams I have heard the cry for unity going up and going out.

Blindness, deafness and dumbness has overtaken the nation. Ignorance is the storm of the day; Presumption its empowering winds. Many do not know or understand my ways, yet they place my name on their presumptive acts. Many put my name on things that I am not trying to do, though I am moving and doing many things. Before there can be true oneness, there must be separation and sifting. My people resist separation thinking that it is an evil thing. But how can you unify the holy and the profane? How can you unite evil and good? How can you have a covenant between righteousness and unrighteousness? Why do you keep trying to force a unity I am not calling for?

I am calling for My people to discern the holy from the profane. Turn away from your profaneness. Turn away from ungodliness. Break your partnership with evil in your own heart as well as in the nation. You would establish a union between that which is healthy and that which is parasitic. Why would you do that?

I will tell you why. You don’t want to walk the road alone. You don’t want to walk with Me on the narrow road. You want to stay on the busy Broadway. I sent you into the highways and byways not to STAY THERE, not to “unite” with the people who live there in those places, but to compel them to abandon the Broadway and come IN to Me. IN to my house, IN to My banqueting table.

But you have set up your base camps and have forgotten your assignments. The only “oneness” I approve of, is your oneness with Me in my Son, and those others who are also found in me. Your angst and trauma is coming from trying to align with those I am not calling you to align with. You are splintered and hurt because you are discovering that many who you have walked with and run with in previous seasons are not in fact IN CHRIST. They are not, IN THE FAITH. This has caused you grief and based on a previous season of fellowship with them, you are fighting hard to stay connected to them. This will not work.

I have many who are in the faith and who are in Me. They may have different assignments than you in this season, but they are mine and they are IN THE FAITH. If you will stay in me, you will find THEM, and they will find YOU, for my Holy Spirit is completely aware of where everyone is and knows how to fitly join the living stones.

Many are being jolted because they are realizing that they really are not in the faith of Jesus Christ. They have been in a social club called “this church, and that church”, but have not ever come in to Me. They have remained in the outer courts and are aligned with a spirit of mixture, of worldliness and of carnality.

Wake up. I can work with a small and faithful remnant. I can work with a swelling crowd. Stop trying to force connections and a type of unity that will prove unsustainable in the future, for they will not hold, because when trouble comes, the tenuous threads of ” communion” you are making today, will break because it was a ” joining” that you glued together and not Me.

I know how to fitly join My body, but let me remove the parasites and the viruses which have overtaken you. Ask me to remove the parasites and viruses and to cleanse the Body of every evil and profane thing.

Let Me separate the holy and profane.  Repent for any place or time you have tried to force a puzzle piece into a slot that doesn’t fit, for the sake of finishing the puzzle. Repent for trying to force a unity with that which has nothing to do with me or my ways. Walk in peace as much as you are able to with all men, but do realize that you cannot and must not be united with everyone for the sake of some kind of unity. Ask Me for my oneness which is already in play through Covenant with Me.

Open your eyes, shut your mouth, be still, and listen and learn from Me. Then you will be able to discern from My SPIRIT where I am leading you to align and where I am not. Timing is just as important as your assignment. I love oneness, I AM One, but let Me do it. Submit to me and my ways. I am greater than all votes. Keep your eyes on me.”

Mark 12:29-34
Ezekiel 44:23
2 Corinthians 13:5
Lamentations 3:40
Luke 14:23

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