Revealing and Release in 2019

I always take close note of any archaeological discoveries which take place in the Middle East, as very often they occur at specific times and seasons in order for there to be a prophetic message released to those who have eyes to see what the Spirit is doing. Bearing this in mind, a remarkable prophetic... Continue Reading →

The Waiting Wine Scribes – pt 2

The day after the Lord showed me the end-time wine cellar, I was instructed to revisit it. When I stepped into the room, I could see there were dusty rows of wine bottles with corks lying on their sides. I wondered if they were empty, because I could not see the familiar dark red color of... Continue Reading →

The Waiting Wine Scribes

I would like to share an experience I had during worship last weekend. As I lifted my hands and began to sing, I heard the Lord say, “Come with Me”. He led me down a passageway which seemed to be cut out of rock, going deep down into the depths of the earth. I noticed... Continue Reading →

Branching Out

Hi friends! This post is a little different from my usual prophetic article. I have felt the Lord stretching me in new directions and so will now be publishing children's books as He leads. Perhaps the Lord is also causing you to spread out to the right and the left, stepping into new territory with... Continue Reading →

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