Branching Out

Hi friends!

This post is a little different from my usual prophetic article. I have felt the Lord stretching me in new directions and so will now be publishing children’s books as He leads. Perhaps the Lord is also causing you to spread out to the right and the left, stepping into new territory with the light of the Son.

A few years ago, I worked briefly for a lady who owned more than 100 cats. It was a very interesting experience but most surprising of all, on the day I did my training under the woman who was leaving the position, the Spirit downloaded a quirky poem in its entirety, within the space of a couple of hours. I have had this happen before when writing a prophetic article and so I knew this story was something He was going to use for His Kingdom. So I contacted an artist friend of mine and she supplied some delightful illustrations to accompany the narrative. And hey presto, a coloring book for children age 6-10! The world is sending such confusing messages to our children, and parents and grandparents have to work with even greater focus to instill a godly worldview in the precious children God has blessed our families with.

catlady front cover coloured

This coloring book will delight adults and children alike. Emphasizing qualities like consideration, kindness and putting others before yourself, it provides a platform for families to discuss the power of prayer and how difficult situations and broken relationships can be transformed when our hearts soften and we show understanding and generosity of spirit.

If you are looking for a gift that will impart faith and life skills, please take advantage of my introductory offer :

⭐20% discount¬†until the end of December⭐

That means $4.80, instead of $6.

And if you have a heart for children in your neighborhood, why not get a couple extra and hand them out. Actually, even adults are finding coloring in is an excellent way to reduce stress!

The Lady who collected CATS; big cats, small cats, fat cats, thin cats, young cats, old cats, FAR TOO MANY CATS!

I will hopefully be able to share another children’s writing project with you very shortly!

And I pray you too are being equipped and empowered to arise and spread out to the right and the left as the Kingdom of Heaven expands within you. May you be a city set on a hill in these dark times; a place of refreshing, rest and encounter for all who pass your way.

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  1. Bless you for your creating a wholesome resource for children. Working in a school it is so sad to see the books that are distributed to children. They need true, good things to read and meditate upon.

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