Stone Touching Stone, Precept upon Precept

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This morning, I was sitting in my study, still reflecting on the end-time wine cellar and I saw a white feather floating down to the ground outside the window. I was prompted to go outside and pick it up and, as I did so, I saw that the grass was scattered with small dove feathers. Obviously, a bird of prey had taken a dove in flight and this rain of grey feathers was the result. Immediately, the Spirit reminded me of a post I had sent out concerning feathers and when I dug it out, I was amazed to see that it was connected to the outpouring of the end-time wine. I had hoped to send out part 2 of the Wine Scribe message shortly, but I sensed that as we draw to the end of 2018, the Lord wants me to make this post and part two of the story available for you, my readers, before I complete the story of the end-time wine. 2019 promises to be a year which will reveal the difference between those who are founded on the rock and those who have built on sand. Remember the path to the wine cellar within was carved out of rock, and you and I are made in His image; chips off the old block, the Rock of Ages.

May the light I received from feathers floating down strengthen and encourage you as you navigate through the rest of December, and may you find time to draw apart amidst all the busyness and seek counsel and direction from Him Who holds the future –and us -securely within the palm of His great hand…

A Place to rest His Head

On the 11th of August 2010, I went outside early in the morning and there was a small straight horizontal line in the sky like the line one draws in an addition or subtraction sum before the total is written underneath. I distinctly heard the Lord say, “The sum total of all things is drawing near. Keep self-restrained and alert for the practice of prayer”. I became so aware that the line had already been drawn and God was about to make plain the results, the sum total of what He has been doing. Things would finally begin to add up in our lives; areas in which we haven’t understood His dealings, will now be plainly seen to be part of the sum total of His purposes for us in the Kingdom!

Later that same day, I was prompted to go for a walk and urged by the Holy Spirit to take my camera ‘because I want to show you something’, He said. It was a beautiful clear day and as I looked at the mountains, I noticed a strange cloud formation. What followed is best shared in the form of the conversation which took place with the Lord as He unfolded the detail He was showing me:

“What do those clouds look like to you?”

“It looks like a whole lot of feathers floating in the air.”

“That’s right. I am shaking out the pillow that I have been resting My head on and releasing the feathers inside to be carried by the wind of My Spirit to their appointed destinations.”

“Why do You call them feathers, Lord?”

“These are the ones who have allowed me to confine them in dark places, hemmed in by the covering of My design and only able to make out the feathers lying in surrender next to them. They have stilled and quieted their souls in this confinement and the fragrance of their laid-down lives has formed a sweet pillow for My head. In spite of the darkness, they have continued to worship Me and have gained intimate knowledge of the thoughts of My heart. They are feather-light because they no longer carry emotional and spiritual baggage. In this place they have come to know My thoughts towards them and have come to trust Me totally with their lives because they know My plans for them are for good and not for evil, to give them a hope and a future. They are in a place of rest and will allow the thermals of My Spirit to carry them without resistance. They let Me do with them what I will.”

“So what is to become of them, Lord?”

“ Some are to become quills who will write eloquently and express the thoughts of My heart to men, others are destined to be quills in arrow shafts, speeding to their destinations; yet others will cushion the nests of the young eaglets as they learn to step out in independence and learn to fly.”

I pondered this as I walked along and suddenly noticed that there were feathers lying here and there, along my path.

“Yes,” the Lord said in answer to my unspoken question, “Some will be taken and planted on the highways and byways, where the weary feet of men tread day after day -to minister My love to the lost.”

I walked further and entered the grounds of a Wine Estate, where there was a giant bronze sculpture of a vine root displayed. And He continued speaking:

“These feathers are My rootstock for a new planting, they have become one with Christ, the root that grew up out of dry ground and can now be planted out for a whole new harvest in the nations. They will bring forth the wine of Heaven in the earth. I do not plant them in earthly soil, but in heavenly places in Christ and they will rest in a place for a season and then the wind will come and blow them on to My next appointment. Their lives will never again be rooted in earthly things.”

“Why are You telling me all this, Lord?”

“So that they know that the shaking that happens at this time is part of My plan and not the enemy’s attack. It is My hand that is loosening and upturning their lives. For some time, they have been hidden and snug within the pillow company that I rested My head on, whispering together and sharing with those of like hearts what they are learning of Me, BUT now I will arise and begin to shake out the place of hiddenness. I will release them from the darkness of their intimate resting place with Me and launch them on a whole new adventure. I can trust them to impart My heart to the nations because I have found a place to rest My head in them, and they have the mind of Christ. They have ministered comfort and rest to Me with their worship and their unfettered love towards Me and I can now trust them with My business, Kingdom Business. For I so love the world that I now send My sons….”

That evening as the sun went down, I saw again the feathery clouds above the mountains but this time they were an orangey pink, bathed in the glory of Heaven. This is the appointed portion of all those whose lives have become a resting place for the Lord of glory!

Zec 2:13  Be still, all flesh, before the Lord, for He is aroused and risen from His holy habitation.

Those who have become a habitation for the Lord are now about to be released. Can you feel the shaking? Can you sense the wind of Heaven blowing upon you?





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