The Waiting Wine Scribes – pt 2

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The day after the Lord showed me the end-time wine cellar, I was instructed to revisit it. When I stepped into the room, I could see there were dusty rows of wine bottles with corks lying on their sides. I wondered if they were empty, because I could not see the familiar dark red color of wine inside them. I went to have a closer look and to my surprise, I saw that each closed wine bottle contained a small rainbow-colored zephyr. Instantly I knew that these were applications of the seven spirits of God which had been held back and reserved for this time.

Then I saw a large sword come down, opening all the bottles in one swipe. The zephyrs in each one rushed out. They knew they had been released to dance in the wine vat, and I heard excited laughter which almost sounded like a group of schoolgirls, as they began dancing in the vat which contained the end-time wine. They looked as if they were trampling out grapes but actually, their movements were awakening and causing an undulation on the surface of the wine. It was strange as they should really have sunk into the wine but they were treading on the surface, so I assumed they were feather-light, yet somehow the ‘weight’ of their movement moved the wine considerably. I could see the wine was actually behaving like a solid. It had substance, could be measured and there were wave forms from the trampling, which were shaped like sound waves. I began to pray that I would be granted the right to hear what the zephyrs were releasing from The Lord’s stored last day wine.  Suddenly a phrase floated past my eyes. It was being spoken but I could also see the words. It said:

‘Full rounded sound; spring wine; last days signs and sounds’.

And I knew that those who drank of this wine would move in signs and wonders and be a part of releasing Heaven’s sound in the earth, to bring the harvest to full ripeness so it could be brought in.

To hear the wine called ‘spring wine’ was confirmation of what I had learned concerning zephyrs, as they are warm breezes from the West that herald the arrival of spring. So it made sense that the zephyrs would be warming the spring wine. What is important about the West wind is that it is mentioned once in the Word, in the context of being sent to deal with the devastating locusts in Egypt:

Exo 10:19  And the LORD turned a mighty strong west wind, which took away the locusts, and cast them into the Red sea; there remained not one locust in all the coasts of Egypt. 

The zephyrs are feather-light but their impartation makes the wine mighty and strong like the wind that swept the locusts away. Joel 2 speaks of the Lord restoring the years which the locust has eaten. The end-time wine will carry a powerful anointing for restoration and realignment, for cleansing and reorientation, for recompense and release of inheritance. The Hebrew word translated ‘West’ is ‘yam’, also meaning ‘to roar’. So this wind contains the roar of the Lion of Judah. The treading of the zephyrs is imparting the roar into the wine, so that as it is poured out, great power is released. The zephyrs (which are applications of the seven spirits of God before the throne) are breathing into the wine, imparting life. The wine is becoming filled with the Spirit of Life; it is becoming packed with powerful, yoke-breaking anointing.

I began singing as I somehow knew that my new song in tongues would provide the music for the zephyrs to dance to. It is a wild tune that emerged; a ‘shiggayon’ is the word that floated past my sight (it is mentioned at the beginning of Habakkuk 3). I saw the zephyrs begin dancing steps like an Irish jig with high steps, treading powerfully on the surface of the wine and causing it to rise up in big waves and I briefly glimpsed again the shelves of books hidden within the end-time wine. So I knew that in this season we are entering, worship in the Spirit is key to revealing the contents of the end-time wine. To those who are scribes, authors, songwriters or preachers, remember this as you visit the end-time wine cellar: You cannot share what you do not see. You cannot say what you do not hear. Our worship in unknown tongues causes the seven spirits of God to impart life and power to the contents of the wine vat and without their help, you cannot see and receive your instruction for the days ahead.

Shortly after the wild wine dancing began, I heard another string of words, which seemed like a set of steps that must be fulfilled:

‘Unveil, unseal, reveal, release, resound’

When I asked the Lord what He meant by these words, He brought to my mind again the DNA spiral hidden in the wine and the shelves of books which had never yet been read. All these instructions concerned the opening and reading of these books. Then He said the words again one by one and as each one was sounded out, I saw and understood what was meant, and also knew that we need to pray and ask for each of these steps to be accomplished concerning the release of the details of our assignments for the year to come:

Unveil – take the covers off
Some shelves had dustcovers over them, so their existence was not known and I saw angels taking off these dustcovers and exposing the books underneath to the light. What was previously hidden, but present, began to come into plain sight.

Unseal – unlock
Some books had padlocks on them and needed keys to be inserted to open them. Others were in the form of scrolls which had wax seals which had to be broken so that the scroll could be unfurled, making it possible to open easily again and again.

Reveal – open
Once the unsealing had taken place, whoever was reading the book had to open the covers and then be shown what is contained within. I saw some of the books opened, but the pages seemed blank and then I knew that these portions of revelation were not mine to see or hear. Only the specific person to whom the revelation was appointed would be able to access the book’s contents.

Release – send forth the pattern contained within
I saw that the revelation light contained in the book had to be imparted INTO the person for whom it was appointed; much like John was instructed to eat the scroll in the Book of Revelation. I saw the wine-colored words inscribed on the pages, plus the layout and dimensions of the book, flying off the pages and into the recipient. I also saw that sometimes the person would feel full and close the book and put it back on the shelf. Then later, they would visit the wine cellar again and worship, before taking the book off the shelf that was revealed, find their place and continue where they left off. The time between visits was in order to fully digest and understand the contents which had been imparted. Finally, the last page was read and received and the book was placed back in the DNA library on its appointed shelf. It seemed the impartation had not caused the book to diminish in any way; almost as if this was an eternal library of books, which could be imbibed and yet remain intact.

Resound -sound again
Once the words and sounds received in this birthing chamber have been digested, all that remains is to re-sound or repeat the sound you heard in the endtime wine cellar. As the words are repeated in the ears of those listening, the roar of the Lion of Judah is unleashed. Some books will be written down and published. Others will be preached. Yet others will release powerfully anointed worship songs which usher in the glory realm of Heaven. Other books which are imparted will contain instruction for missions to other places and the words which must be spoken and the actions which must be fulfilled once there. All books in the end-time wine shelves will be for the last great harvest of souls.

The Spring wind brings the Spring rain, which is the heavy latter rain that completes the harvest. The Hebrew word for ‘latter rain’ also means ‘eloquence’. The books and writings of the end-time wine scribes will be eloquent, revelation-filled, wisdom-imparting, yoke-breaking powerhouses that cause seismic shift in those who read them or sing them.

Beloved, pray for last days wine to be warmed within, to be unveiled and awakened, unsealed, its contents revealed, that the zephyrs would so move upon it that its DNA structure or hidden contents would be raised up to sight and light, so you can see and hear the sound of what is written in the volume of the Book of Last Days wine for you. As I have been doing this daily, there has been violent shaking and reverberation within, and a sound of roaring as the sound of the last days wine released within my earthen vessel. Receive your end-time instructions, make time to sit and receive the sound of Heaven reserved for you for the time ahead. Then resound or sound again, say again what you hear said in the volume of the book. These are the wine fountains of the deep, and the fountain pens of the deep will release the wine-soaked words stored up and hidden for such a time as this. If you see it, you can say it. If you hear it, you can do it.

Mat 10:27  What I say to you in the dark, tell in the light; and what you hear whispered in the ear, proclaim upon the housetops.

As the sound of the roar within the endtime wine is released; as you release the portion of the voice of the Son of God imparted to you, resurrection life and power will be the hearer’s portion.

Joh 5:25  Truly, truly, I say to you that an hour is coming, and now is, when the dead will hear the voice of the Son of God, and the ones hearing will live. 


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