Your Time of Performance


Luk 1:45  And blessed is she that believed: for there shall be a performance of those things which were told her from the Lord.

Recently, I had a vision in the early hours of the morning which has brought great encouragement to a number of people I have shared it with locally and I would like to share it with you.

I saw a young person on a stage, standing in the spotlight. It was opening night and she had learned her lines and knew her part. She had been through all the rehearsals and the dress rehearsal and now here she was, stepping into the performance of all she had been preparing for. As she opened her mouth to speak her lines, I saw a look of confusion fill her face and she paused and in her mind began to read over the script, checking what she had learned and what she was supposed to be doing in this act of the performance. Her previous confidence evaporated and she became uncertain and even fearful as she stood exposed and in the spotlight before the eyes of the audience.

Then my attention was drawn to the wings of the stage and there I saw two short dark robed, hooded beings. They looked a bit like monks and I could not see their faces. They were whispering prompts to the girl on the stage and this is what was causing her confusion. Even though her part in the performance was written on her heart she knew it so thoroughly, these whispered words were interfering with her ability to just flow in what she had been prepared to do. She was not sure who the words came from. Could it be the Lord who was guiding her, even though they were words which hadn’t appeared in the script as she had studied it? It seemed as if all watching the stage were holding their breath to see if the young girl would follow what was written on her heart or pay heed to the whispered distracting words.

Then I saw a very tall angel, dressed in battle uniform like the Roman legions used to wear. He said nothing. All He did was come from somewhere backstage and push the hooded monks onto the stage and into the light. They cowered as they stood completely exposed before all watching and shielded their eyes from the glare of the brilliant light which left no detail of their countenance veiled. They began to scream and turned and ran off the stage into the darkness. The girl then recovered her composure and took up where she left off, completing her performance flawlessly.

Then I understood what the Lord was showing me – that the enemy is unable to prevent us coming to the time of performance of all we have been prepared for. This timing is in God’s hands and completely orchestrated by Him. The only thing the enemy has left in his arsenal is to sow confusion and try to ‘muddy the waters’ and cause delay and interrupt the flow of events so that those watching the performance are left wondering if the person in the spotlight is actually been properly prepared for what they are called to do.

But praise God, because He has dispatched legions of His angels to those now stepping into a new season, the season of performance of all they have been prepared for. And these angels have nothing to say; no message from the throne. Their job is to expose what is hidden in darkness; what is working from the wings undetected to sow confusion and cause us to release an uncertain sound. And once what is hidden is exposed to the light, it is then judged by the light and runs for its life back tot he darkness from which it was sent. There is no need for elaborate intercession and going back to the drawing board to check instructions and go over lines in the script. There is no need to doubt the wisdom of God’s choice in placing you in this particular performance on your particular stage. This is something Heaven is going to deal with on your behalf. Every hidden place from which the enemy is sowing confusion through words sown in your ears is going to be exposed for what it is – an assignment from the enemy. Every place where words are being whispered in your ear which cause you to doubt your blueprint is going to be flooded with light so that you and everyone else will be able to see the true origin of that counsel and then light will be separated from darkness by its very nature and you can continue to walk out your performance.

1Co 4:5  So do not make any hasty or premature judgments before the time when the Lord comes [again], for He will both bring to light the secret things that are [now hidden] in darkness and disclose and expose the [secret] aims (motives and purposes) of hearts. Then every man will receive his [due] commendation from God.

Have you been assailed with attacks of confusion and foggy thinking? Are you suddenly uncertain just exactly what it is God expects you to be doing in this season? You are under attack but rest assured, the stage you now stand on is your appointed place of performance. In the darkness of the morning watch, it has not always been clear who is standing in the wings of your life. The dawn light comes slowly and some who have traversed the darkness of the long night with you are not really friends but foes, assignments of the enemy to hinder and interfere with your performance. Their faces are hidden but their voices are soothing and seem friendly and helpful so until now you have not been aware that there are demonic voices sowing dark counsel in your inner ear. Just like Haman who had the ear and favor of King Xerxes for a season and was using it for his own dark purposes, there are some who are in your inner circle who are not looking out for your best interests but carrying out activities that the enemy of God’s people is orchestrating. Your appointed position and resulting spiritual authority is just being used to set things in place for purposes that are not kingdom plans but plans of destruction, albeit veiled in spiritual sounding phrases.

But now the Sun of Righteousness is arising with healing in His wings and as He does, the light around you increases. When hidden things are brought to light and the secret motives of the heart are exposed, then you are able to rightly judge situations and make appropriate decisions in line with the light that you now stand in. When hidden things are brought to light, they are judged by the light and separation automatically takes place. We are the sons of the light and the sons of the day and there is coming in this ever-increasing light of the morning watch a great separation between the tares and the wheat. Until now, there has been a mixed multitude even in the circles of the so-called remnant. Infiltrators whose unclean hearts and mixed motives are launching pads for the attacks of the enemy will now be exposed – and God’s angels are the ones who do the separating. You just keep standing in your appointed place and watch God deal with all that has secretly been working to hinder and frustrate and muddy the unfolding of your performance.

Then you can take a big breath, refocus and carry on fulfilling all that has been engraved upon your heart for His Kingdom purposes. The angels have already been dispatched. Just watch and see the exposure of the hidden counsels of the hearts around you and let His light do the separating.


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  1. It was encouraging and uplifting. We get ourselves in a funk and lose direction sometimes and something of this kind lets us see the beauty of going forward again. Thanks.
    Tom in Lansing, Mi.

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