The Fire-Starters


Since I released the Book of End-Time Fire, the Spirit has not left this subject in my daily time with Him. The fire of God comes up continually day after day. On 26th April, I received instruction in a dream to write an article on ‘the fire head’. At the time I had no idea what on earth God meant by this and so pressed in to find understanding. At the same time as I did this, there cam intense resistance in the spirit, almost like a thick blanket was wrapped around my head so that I could not see or hear clearly or make progress in the spirit. This was obviously an important topic and the enemy was doing everything he could to prevent me releasing any understanding received. I get the impression now as I write that the blanket was a thick fireproof blanket, designed to completely quench any flame that tried to spring up. With The Lord’s help, I am now cutting through that demonic assignment to release His word.

Sitting before Him, asking what He meant by ‘fire head’, I was reminded of a short video sent by a friend that day, showing a ripe artichoke seed-head and a hand plucking off those seeds and casting them to the wind. The seed in situ looked much like a flaming fire, where individual flames were being plucked from the fire and cast into the air to ignite fires elsewhere. I began to see that the seed-head was the ‘fire-head’ and this referred to a corporate company or ‘head’ of sons carrying the seed of the Parent Plant. They were being plucked from their place of planting in the seed-bed, where they had blossomed and grown to maturity and were now being released to the leading of the wind of the Spirit to each alight in a different appointed place. As they fell to the ground, a fire was kindled.


That same day, I received an email with a word by Byron Searle concerning a vision he had on the 24th April, in which a giant piece of rock tore through the veil of the atmosphere and struck the earth. I am going to link that entire article here because it is important that you read this in order to follow the train of thought the Spirit was giving me.

Great ball of Fire ~ Byron Searle

Byron saw a physical event which is going to take place and as I read this, the Spirit began to reveal to me that ‘as in the natural, so in the spiritual’. Just as a piece of rock would shortly be catapulted into the earth realm, so too there would be a corporate company who are a ‘chip off the old block’; carrying the image and identity of the Rock of Ages, who would very suddenly arrive on the scene and cause a cataclysmic shaking in the spiritual environment of the earth. Byron wrote that the instruments of scientists did not see this event coming. In the same way, the learned, the leaders, the teachers and sages of the Body of Christ have no concept of what is coming to the church. Byron saw that there was no forewarning and that as it penetrated the earth’s atmosphere, fire was ignited within that rock or corporate company. It became a burning coal of fire whose impact created a wall of fast-moving fire:

“The Lord brought my attention to a point in space that was not too far outside of the Earth’s atmosphere. Then suddenly, out of nowhere, there appeared a rip or tear in the fabric of space that opened up and a bright light appeared, and then the tear closed back up as quickly as it had opened! As my eyes again focused on the Earth, I saw a giant, black-brownish ROCK tumbling and being propelled toward the Earth at high speed. This rock had come out of the tear that had opened in space! One minute – nothing – just peaceful, quiet, calm, serene Earth. The next minute – A GIANT ROCK APPEARED OUT OF NOWHERE!! As this ROCK entered the atmosphere I saw it begin to heat up and start to burn from the friction…”


As I meditated more upon this whole image, the Spirit emphasized the tear in the membrane of the earth and the entry of the rock into plain view. I saw a picture of a sperm propelled very fast towards an ovum and as it pierced the wall of the ovum, there was a shaking and intense, sudden change began to take place as the nucleus of the sperm and the ovum fused. The fire-head is a corporate sperm of sons or seed barrelling towards their appointments in the earth and as they penetrate and enter that arena, there is a release of light, shaking and a triggering of conception.


Just like the waiting ovum, the place each flame of fire is specifically appointed to enter already has a nucleus of DNA laid down, a bed-rock understanding which is waiting for the appointment of Heaven in order to fulfill its destiny. Fruitfulness cannot come unless the fire-head arrives. God is about to seed or fertilize the earth with His sons. And it goes without saying that this has nothing to do with the gender of the earthen vessels. Sons refer to those ready to take over their Father’s business, the proven vessels found faithful in all things far from the eyes of the general public.


These messengers of fire come carrying what is written in the volume of the Book for this end-time season. This heavenly DNA sound is needed to conceive and bring forth the fullness of God’s Kingdom plans. The word ‘conceive’ also means ‘to design, frame, invent or create’ and comes from the Latin meaning ‘to take in and hold; become pregnant’. The portion which the sons of fire carry, this sound of Heaven which they are filled with, will ignite something within those waiting.


Psalm 29 speaks of the effects of the sound of God’s voice. The voice of the Lord is upon the waters. It triggers fruitfulness and shakes the wilderness of Kadesh (verse 8). Just as the rock in Byron’s vision caused the whole earth to shake, so too the voice of the Lord makes the wilderness tremble. Kadesh means ‘holy, set-apart’. The ovum is set-apart, waiting patiently and silently, unable to trigger any fruitfulness on its own, unable to propel itself any further than its appointed place of waiting. It waits, holy and set-apart for the Lord’s purpose, until the sowing of seed, until the penetration of a single appointed sperm and then a mighty shaking is released as the sound of what is written within the head of the sperm is made available.


The arrival of the sperm DNA is what is needed to ignite fruitfulness. Before this, there is only potential. The crashing in of the sperm brings the needed revelation light to kindle conception. Nothing will ever be the same again. All the potential that lay locked up and un-accessed within that ovum is now set in motion and it begins to release its sound, creating matter and shape and form. The DNA of the sperm head brings the intention and thoughts of Father God necessary to bring the wholeness of understanding necessary to fully carry out Heaven’s purposes.

sperm-cellA sperm is made up of a head carrying the DNA of the Father and a tail or flagella which propels the sperm to its appointment. The movement of the flagella is generated by a mitochondrion which has its own DNA, interestingly that of the mother of the one producing the sperm. The prayer and intercession of the Church is that which moves or brings the manifestation of the sons of God into the spiritual arena of those awaiting ignition. The head of the sperm has no ability to move itself to its appointment with the ovum and the sons of God have no power to move themselves into the place where they are appointed to release the sound they carry. It is the mothers, the mitochondria, those intercessors who groan and travail for the sons of God to be released who provide the spiritual momentum for this heavenly appointment. This happens in just the same way as it is the much incense added to the bowls of prayers of the saints in Revelation 8 which triggers the casting to earth of the coals of fire.


Rev 8:3  And another angel came and stood at the altar, having a golden censer; and there was given unto him much incense, that he should offer it with the prayers of all saints upon the golden altar which was before the throne. Rev 8:4  And the smoke of the incense, which came with the prayers of the saints, ascended up before God out of the angel’s hand. Rev 8:5  And the angel took the censer, and filled it with fire of the altar, and cast it into the earth: and there were voices, and thunderings, and lightnings, and an earthquake. 


The addition of the much incense speaks of an extra portion of worship and prayer above and beyond what the saints are currently lifting up. It is like the ‘one more push’ which the mother in labor is told to give in order for the head of the baby to come through the birth canal. It is the place of maximum pressure, maximum stretching; the place of putting every last grain of power left into focussed, intense effort to bring forth into full view that which has been prepared in secret. A mother in labor is not interested in the latest series on TV. She has no time to even look at the group of people standing around chatting in the labor ward. Her whole being strains towards what she has been brought to this time to do. Her utmost effort and focus is what is vital to safely bring God’s fully formed purposes into full view. And just like John describes in Revelation 12, this one last push to bring the corporate manchild, the sons of God forth is done with the sulfurous breath of the dragon close by.


When I published the Book of End-Time Fire, it was necessary to order a proof copy and I was prompted to send it to one of my subscribers in California. As I did this, I saw a vision of the book depicted as a fiery flaming sperm being carried towards her by the speed services, and I let her know conception was coming. Within the book was the mind or thoughts of God which had been revealed to me and as they were read and taken in, God’s purposes would be conceived within. The sound of the Father’s thoughts, His express writing for you plunges into the dry wood of all that has been laid in order within your spirit, causing an igniting, a kindling, a creative process that cannot be stopped. Like a fire that burns all hay, chaff and stubble in its path, this fire-kindling removes out of the way all fleshly understanding of God’s will for the future. It burns out of its path all that would stand in the way of the purity of God’s purposes being expressed through a holy vessel and in the process brings crystal-clear clarity and focus and the understanding necessary to take the steps needed to walk out the fullness of destiny.


Let the mothers, the intercessors who carry God’s heart for the time we are entering, cry out in prayer and worship before the throne for the sending of the sons of God. And let us lay in order within all that our spiritual storehouse contains, ready for the kindling that will surely come. The earth has need of the sons of fire.


(part 2 to follow)


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  1. This new DNA sound that is needed as a catalyst for an end time harvesting reminds me of Revelation 14 in the first verses whereby a “corporate body” is taken up to the throne to be given a “new song”. This “new song” has the DNA or building blocks that lay the foundation for what is called the “man-child” ministry that leads the “woman” into the wilderness (tribulation”.

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