The Release of the Remnant


sowing seed

This morning, 1st July, as I was worshiping, I received the words of a poem which refers to the release of His hidden remnant. When a harvest of grain has been brought in, most of it is stored for food. A small remnant is kept or reserved for the next sowing. The farmer does not set aside diseased seed or inferior seed. He chooses seed that is healthy and strong; seed which carries the DNA for an excellent harvest. He saves the best til last.

By this definition, the remnant of God’s excellent seed that is intended to bring forth the final great harvest has been set apart and stored until the appointed time when they are sown by the hand of God in the earth. Until the time of sowing, the remnant seed lies hidden in the seed pouch. Only the hand of God has access to this place and at the moment decreed by the Father, He lays hold of this remnant in His hand and scatters them all over the plowed earth. As they fall to the ground, the clock of Heaven records that the last season of God’s great plan for this earth has now begun and His final wave of messengers have been released.

Before the sowing occurs, the remnant seed has been in close fellowship within the pouch. The sound each one carries has not been heard in the world at large. They are removed from the pouch in order to release a new sound in the earth; a sound Heaven has reserved for this specific time. The other remnant seed has been privy to a portion of this sound as the set-apart remnant has been closely associated in this place of hiddenness. But at the time of sowing, there comes separation and an impartation of power from the hand of God to move each one into place as the wind of the Spirit decides. They are the sons or seed of God led by the Spirit of God and the freshly broken portion of earth they fall to has never seen them before.

Here is what the Spirit spoke concerning this remnant today:

My holy remnant

Shut up and stayed

Reserved and hidden

Kept for this day

My holy remnant

Clothed all in white

Pure and holy

Clean in My sight


My holy remnant

Filled with My power

My battle bow

Released in this hour

rightly dividing,

speaking My Word

arrows of judgment

Truth they have heard


My weapon of war

Polished and honed

Carrying My fire

Deep in their bones

Born for this moment

Faces unknown

My holy remnant,

Finishing stone.


Some say apostate,

But this is My Bride

Blessed and broken

Poured from My side

Some call it darkness

But this is My light

Sent through the earth

Filled with My might


Some call it error

But this is My word

Released this moment

Fiery and pure

Some say ‘diablos’

But this is My seed

Sons who are faithful

With whom I am pleased.


My flames of fire

Kindled this night

Torch of My power

Burning and bright

My righteous sceptre

Moved by My hand

Bringing My kingdom

Throughout the land.

2 thoughts on “The Release of the Remnant

  1. The poem is very prophetic and is true.
    How I long to get in touch and serve this remnant, for it will be serving the Lord without doubt and fear
    God Bless

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