Audio of Messengers of Endtime Fire Conference


This is just a quick note for those who are interested. Recently, I spoke at a ‘Messengers of Endtime Time Fire’ mini-conference in Bloemfontein, South Africa. This city is the seat of the Judiciary in South Africa and it was significant that the Lord orchestrated this gathering at this particular time in the history of the nation, in order to release the sound which would usher in His workings with and through the end-time remnant in our nation. All present were very aware that we represented a hidden multitude, a Bridal remnant who have been prepared in the fire heated 7 times hotter and now the season had come for their release, carrying an anointing of end-time fire and a double portion anointing.

As I am much more used to staying at home and writing rather than speaking, I didn’t have the savvy to arrange to record any of the sessions. However, a precious sister in the Lord took the initiative to make a recording of my 2 messages on her mobile phone and kindly sent them to me. The quality is not excellent, but for those who want to hear my messages, you are able to hear the majority of what I said. Here is the link

Podcasts of messengers of Endtime Fire Conference

2 thoughts on “Audio of Messengers of Endtime Fire Conference

  1. Praise God for His work and the food He has provided in these last 3 articles. It applies to my life situation and serves as a source of encouragement, hope, and vision. It tells me that the time of deliverance from captivity is near and that God has not forgotten about His little “Joseph, Job, David, Moses, and so on…”. Not only that, the timing for these articles came on the day I started fasting; for which the purpose inspired was deliverance and restoration. I have learned to know that Our Redeemer lives and that what He says He will do, He will cause it to happen. To be reminded of that and to imaginate this moment in time just moves me beyond word.

    I love you dear Lord and I thank you for being the only Saviour of this world – Faithful and Mighty to rescue your children.

    God bless you sister for being a useful and faithful vaissel in His kingdom.


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