Surviving the Breath of the Dragon – pt 2

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Today, I want to continue on the theme of surviving the breath of the dragon. I spoke last time about how there is an attack on the seers or the eye of the Body and I said to you that I had developed a serious eye infection. After a few days of treating it without success, I then contacted a specialist and she informed me that the oil glands of my bottom eyelid were blocked by bacteria and had formed abscesses from the build-up of oil.

Immediately, the Lord gave me a vision of the seers being the eye gate of the Body and I saw the false prophetic, the demonically inspired oracle’s gathered around this well of light just like bacteria clustered around the edge of my eyelid. I saw them gathered around the true seers waiting to hear what light or revelation they received from the Lord, in order to steal it and to claim the revelation as their own. I saw also that they were full of spiritual jealousy. This is because the oracles or the false prophetic movement prognosticate – they view things that are unfolding on the earth; they look at the lie of the land and out of that, they bring a word. Just like the sangoma or witch-doctor throws bones on the ground and looks at how they are lying and brings forth a message supposedly from the ancestors, but in actual fact, she is acting as a medium for demonic spirits. So the oracles and the false prophets are extremely jealous of the true seer prophets; those who see what’s going on in the Spirit and can clearly hear the voice of the true Shepherd.

For quite a long season, they have been gathering around the true seers and the prophets in order to steal or use their light and their sound. As I looked at the seers or the eye of the Body, which is like a well of light, I saw that the jealousy became so great amongst the demonic oracles that they decided to block the oil wells filling it with earth. Those glands that are blocked in my eyelids produce oil that lubricates the surface of the eye so that it does not dry out and it allows the eyeball to move about freely and see in its full range of vision. The demonic assignment through the oracles is lining up before the seers as they attempt to look into heavenly things and the brief from hell is to stop the flow of oil or anointing in order to hinder the working of the eye of the Body and ultimately, if left unchecked, to close down and stop the seers from functioning altogether. Therefore the whole Body will be affected as they will not receive light or direction the time of dense darkness which is coming on the earth.

The true seers in the Body of Christ have been under increased and heightened demonic attack intended to shut them down altogether and silence their sound.¬† What is worse is that this attack has come as a result of the jealousy in the hearts of the false prophetic movement. Wherever there is jealousy, the Word of God tells us there is every evil work and many forms of demonic activity. What the false seers are basically saying is we will prevent you from having oil in your lamp! Remember that the eye is the lamp of the body, so when jealousy begins to launch and attack to block the oil wells of the body or to cause the lamp of the Body to be unable to shine and release light from the Heavenly realm. Then the whole Body is affected. In Genesis 26 verse 12, it tells us that Isaac sowed seed and received that same year a hundred times as much as he planted. The Lord favored him with blessings and he became great and very wealthy and distinguished and well-known. He owned flocks and herds and a great supply of servants and the Philistines envied him. All the wells which his father’s servants had dug the philistines closed and filled with earth. That word ‘earth’ in Hebrew means ‘dust, ashes or rubbish’. Romans 8 verse 6 says that the mind of the flesh is death, but the mind of the spirit is life and peace. Dust and ashes are connected with the produce of a fleshly, death-oriented mind. Galatians 5 Verse 19 tells us that the works of the flesh are clearly revealed and amongst them or jealousy, anger, hatred, envy and things like this. So the key to the attack on the seers is spiritual jealousy and envy. James 3 verse 14 says that if you have bitter jealousy and contention and selfish ambition in your hearts, do not pride yourself on it and thus be in defiance of the truth. He points out that this Wisdom does not come from above, but is earthly and spiritual and even demonic, for wherever there is jealousy and contention, rivalry and selfish ambition, there will also be confusion, disharmony and all sorts of evil and vile practices. So there we see clearly that jealousy launches a death attack on its victim.

By blocking the oil wells, the oracles or false prophetic movement are basically saying what Isaiah 30 verse 10 describes: ‘they say to the seers, see not! And to the prophets, prophesy not to us what is right! Speak to us smooth things, prophesy deceitful illusions. Get out of the true way, turn aside out of the path and cease holding up before us the holy one of Israel’. They want to unseat the true seers in the Body of Christ. The false prophetic want the Body to follow them and they will lead the Body of Christ into destruction.

Just as Nahash wanted to put out the right eye of the villagers that he encamped against, so too the demons controlling the oracles want to blind the true seers, so that they themselves may lead the Body in shackles where they want them to go.

There are 30 oil glands in the lower eyelid of the eye. 30 speaks of the age when a son is considered mature enough to take over his father’s business. The fact that the oil glands in the eyelid have been blocked tells us that the enemy does not want the sons to be set in place; he does not want them to receive authority to operate in Kingdom business – and this is specifically in the area of the changing of the guard of seers in the Body. God has been training new seers in the wilderness, getting them ready to function and be set in place where He has appointed them to be, in order to give light to the Body at a time when dense darkness is going to be upon the peoples. No wonder the enemy is using the launching pads in the hearts of the spiritually ambitious in the Body of Christ. Whenever one has unforgiveness or bitterness or envy or selfish ambition in one’s heart, whenever one covets the gifting or the calling or the position that God has given somebody else in the Body of Christ, that becomes an open door for the enemy to use you to attack a very necessary member of the body of Christ.

Remember it was envy that caused the Pharisees to plot the death of Jesus; it was envy that made the philistines block up the wells of Abraham so that Isaac could not water his vast flocks. The seers in the Body, both present and those about to come out of the wilderness to take up their appointed positions, have been experiencing considerable demonic attack and their enemies are the members of their own household, the Body of Christ. In these days, it behooves all of us to examine our hearts before the Lord because anyone who partakes of communion without examining their hearts thoroughly, eats and drinks judgment upon themselves – and we are entering the days when judgment is going to swiftly unfold. The Father is coming to deal with those in His body who are stumbling blocks; He’s coming to deal with those who harbor darkness in their hearts. He’s coming to deal with those who don’t offer offerings in righteousness, who’ve got selfish ambition and envy and use words of flattery in order to position themselves right in the front row at the well of the Seer. Repent while there is still time.

For those who have been under tremendous attack in recent days, know that the Lord hates robbery. According to Isaiah 61, He says that you will receive double what you have forfeited; that recompense will be your portion and everlasting joy! You are going to see double the amount of revelation and heavenly light!!


One thought on “Surviving the Breath of the Dragon – pt 2

  1. Thank you Christine, I’m always astounded at the depth of understanding the Lord provides to you.
    It’s been a very strange year to say the least.
    I’m learning so much about attacks from the enemy camp, I have been quite naive on the subject, but I think the Lord is waking me so I can be prepared and alert which I have not been in the past.
    Forewarned is forearmed.

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