Power for Flight, Released in Might


Power for Flight, Sent out in Might

This article is, in essence, a follow-on of my word on Surviving the Breath of the Dragon. With the scene set in Revelation 12, the emerging manchild is caught up to the throne and the Bride flees the wrath of the dragon and is transported also through the heavens by the wings of a giant eagle to the place prepared for her. Some have taught that this catching up of the manchild represents the rapture but I am more inclined toward the understanding that it depicts a spiritual elevation to an appointed place of rule and authority in heavenly places in order to participate in kingdom purposes from that place.

When I shared the Changing of the Guard poem, I also included a phrase which I had heard the Spirit speak during the first week of September:

“You must stop dwelling on earth and dwell fully in your appointed place in heavenly places, in Christ”.

Attached to this statement was the understanding that in order to not only survive but thrive during the turmoil and darkness which will unfold on the earth in the days ahead, we must detach ourselves from earthly moorings and supports, take up our heaven-sent appointments and throw our whole weight upon the unchanging character and faithfulness of our Heavenly Father. Those who seek shelter in the things of this earth will be tossed to and fro during the season of lawlessness and chaos which is even now breaking forth all over the earth. We must come to a place of not only visiting the place of the throne but rather of settling down permanently and allowing ourselves to be set in place in the metron appointed us as our portion of inheritance in heavenly places in Christ. This is the place from which we must view all that is unfolding before us in the earthly realm; this is the place we are to make our home, even as we do mighty exploits because we know our God intimately. The Blood of Jesus paid in full for the overcomers to each receive their allotted inheritance IN FULL, and we shall need every portion of the revelation and power that it involves to navigate the season ahead in abiding victory and deep internal peace that cannot be shaken. We are to conform our minds fully to the FACT that we are citizens of another Kingdom, not the geographical area we find ourselves walking in. All of this involves a leaving and a cleaving; a process of deliberately letting go of one thing and a determined seizing of another higher and eternal reality. It is a pulling up of our roots wherever we find ourselves and allowing them only to be put down to grow deeper and more firmly into Christ. He is our dwelling place and our home.

On the 22nd of September, I was participating in a worship service and the Holy Spirit instructed me to sing in tongues the whole way through. As I did this, I was shown a vision. Initially, I saw a dull grey butterfly, which looked like it had come out of a mold and seemed to be made of some sort of metal. It was set in place on top of a cork which was sealing a wine bottle. As I sang the words the Spirit was giving me, the greyish wings began to stir and move up and down and the grey layer was removed, displaying many jewels set in place in the wings.

The more I worshipped in the Spirit, the more energy seemed to be imparted to the wings of the butterfly and it rose up towards the heavens, pulling the cork with it. I knew somehow that the open bottle contained a portion of the best wine which had been reserved for release at the time of this butterfly’s flight and that the opening of the bottle was generated by the power of the Spirit. As I watched the butterfly soar higher, I could see angels leaning over balcony railings, excitedly watching for something that was about to happen. Then somewhere up high a lion began to roar and my line of vision was shifted to its location.

I saw the Lion of Judah roaring and the butterfly with jewel wings was positioned inside His mouth. There was a river of liquid flowing earthwards out of His mouth and the butterfly surrendered and yielded itself into the flow and the jewels in the wings became liquid rainbow colors of the sevenfold Spirit of God raining down upon the earth in the mighty outpouring. The pouring out of the roar was not random but over a specific location where an altar had been built in the wilderness.

Initially, it had looked as if the stationary butterfly was just a molded decoration of the cork, part of what was blocking the release of the contents of the bottle, but the Spirit showed me that there were a company of saints who had been completely dismantled and rebuilt or re-mantled while soaking in heaven’s wine away from the eyes of man. The parameters of the change had been set in stone in God’s blueprints in Heaven but the fullness of transformation would only be revealed once the empowering and breath of the Spirit was released with a kairos sound or song from the throne. They had emerged from this preparation chamber or womb, had been positioned and set in place, ready for their first assignment under the power of the Spirit – to open up the portal and release of very same contents for the set-apart Bride to drink from; to set in motion the next season in Kingdom purposes.

I was given understanding that the butterfly represented the manchild company who rose towards the throne with the equipping of the seven spirits of God. Just as the birth and ascension of the manchild in Rev 12 triggered the release of the woman from her birthing assignment, so she could be transitioned to her appointed place in the wilderness, so too the ascent of the butterfly triggered the opening of a bottle of the best wine.

The positioning of the butterfly in the mouth of the Lion tells us that the manchild will be involved in the release of the roar of God in the earth; that this company will surrender completely to their call and become part of the mighty roar of creative sound released over the woman in the wilderness. Incorporated in this sound will be the ministrations of the seven spirits of God. So we know the manchild will be involved in ministering to, feeding and preparing the Bride during the 3 & 1/2 years of the dragons flood. The flooding sound of Heaven’s best wine poured out on the surrendered Bridal company will impart all that is needed to sustain, strengthen and equip her for Kingdom purposes. The dragon releases a river of death but the Lion of Judah releases a river of life and power through His manchild company!

The manchild is also in a sense the company of forerunners whose movement to higher realms of spiritual responsibility and authority triggers the movement of the Bride to her appointed endtime positioning. Remember how the camp of Judah moved out first when the cloud moved and then the rest of the people of God followed in their wake? It is the movement of the cloud that precipitates the movement of Judah, those who know their positioning and mandate to lead the way – and it is the movement of the wind of the Spirit upon the wings of the butterfly which impart movement and power to ascend to the appointed position for endtime purposes. Beloved, pray much in tongues over yourself in these days. Worship much in the language of the Spirit as this is a key to right positioning and empowerment for the season ahead. Revelation and understanding and key blueprints will be imparted to you as you do so.

Just as with that grey butterfly I saw, much of the inward transformation and resurrection life you contain is hidden from the outside world at present – you are positioned in the starting gate, waiting for the wind of the Spirit to announce your release to run. And the full spectrum of the transformation that the Spirit has effected within you will become visible as you rise and soar and become a part of His roar resounding in the earth.

Psa 110:3  Your people will offer themselves willingly in the day of Your power, in the beauty of holiness and in holy array out of the womb of the morning; to You [will spring forth] Your young men, who are as the dew.


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  1. Excellent word Christine. I got the sense of a monarch butterfly reading this. God is definitely in this word! Blessings to you dear sister.

    1. Interesting you should mention that as I have had two visions of monarch butterflies, one being a tornado of fire consisting of these butterflies, touching down all over and executing God’s righteous judgments! They are somewhere on the Storehouse page but I can’t remember what I called them! LOL.

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