Soldiers of the Lion

lion of Judah

On the 1st of September when I was participating in the Endtime Messengers of Fire Conference, I saw an open vision in which there was a large clock face. The hands displayed the time 11:50. Then the right index finger of God pushed the minute hand forward to point at the 12, so the clock time read 12 o’oclock. At the same time, God’s left hand opened the lock of an underground vault but I could not see what was stored in that vault. The synchronizing of the two hand movements told me that God was changing the times (it is later than we think!) and this correction in the clocks of earth would signal the time to open this vault. At the time of receiving this vision, I also heard a scripture spoken audibly:

Dan 2:21  He changes the times and the seasons; He removes kings and sets up kings. He gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to those who have understanding! Dan 2:22  He reveals the deep and secret things; He knows what is in the darkness, and the light dwells with Him!

When God changes the season over the church, we need to be fully aware that it has happened, so that we can keep in step with the Spirit. The place where I saw this vision was a venue called the House of Bread. In Hebrew, the word for ‘bread’, lechem, also means ‘war’! By the moving of the clock and the changing of the time and season, He is declaring over His Body that it is no longer a time for sitting around feasting on the Bread of His Word. It is now a time to rise up, take your appointed endtime position in the army of God and ride forth to war for Kingdom purposes to be accomplished.

That vault was underground, hidden, and speaks of God’s concealed plans being brought into the light as the clock strikes 12. It kind of made me think of God’s bottom drawer, in the sense of a bride having a bottom drawer where she stores things she will need after the wedding.

Later on that evening, the Spirit asked me, “Don’t you want to know what is in that vault?” Of course I did! “Those are My weapons of war, my finely honed and seasoned warriors, held in reserve for such a time as this. The enemy thinks that everything he has thrown at them has caused them to be put out of the race but he has only served to train them rigorously for My endtime strategy. All things that have come against them have worked together for their good as I am now bringing them out into the light as My special forces and unleashing them upon the enemy camp. The kingdom of darkness will quake in terror as My Dread Champions emerge! Each has been specifically trained and shaped for the endtime purpose I have for them and as I wield them in My strong right hand, many ancient gates will fall and captive long held in regions of darkness will be brought into the light and harvested to ride with My army.”

As I was contemplating the Lion of Judah roaring and the manchild company participating in that outpouring, I was reminded of a song released in 1982 by a prophetic psalmist. Chuck Gerard. It is called Soldiers of the Lion and the lyrics are profoundly prophetic for the season ahead. You can listen to it here (click on the title below) and I have included the lyrics below for those of you who don’t have access to youtube:


The field is white and frosty, the hour is drawing near
The battle lines are being drawn as the hour of dawn appears
In the stillness of the morning, the air is crisp and charged
With the tension of the battle, and the enemy at large
The battlefield is crowded, but the soldiers here are few
Yet the enemy is held at bay, no weapon can get through
Our tiny band of warriors continue in our stand
And as new soldiers join us, we prepare to take the land
We form a line of conquest, like fire our armor shines
With unshakable advancement, we move against the lines
Our swords are drawn and ready, and our numbers grow each day
We’ll soon be fully strengthened and we’ll blow the troops away!

We’re the soldiers of the Lion, we’re the army of the light
The unstoppable battalion that drives away the night
And the Lion is our standard, and we know we cannot die
‘Cause the mighty name of Jesus is our sovereign battle cry
We move against the forces of the father of all lies
And the enemy is forced to flee before our very eyes
For no demon can resist us or begin to stand against
An army fully armored, no! Hell has no defense!
So look out powers of darkness, your hour has finally come
Our commander’s name is Jesus, and we’ve got you on the run
And we’ll charge you and we’ll route you
With the Spirit’s mighty sword
You’ve had this planet long enough,
You know you’re not our Lord!
So get back to outer darkness, and you leave the saints alone
Your weapons cannot prosper, we’re commissioned by the

I love the way the Spirit is putting all our separate puzzle pieces of understanding together in these days so we really can see the whole picture much more clearly. The second thing the Spirit is reminding me of as we discuss being soldiers of the Lion and the army of the Light is a series of articles I wrote, which is called


More understanding has been given since the time I penned these original articles but if the Spirit is urging me to revisit them, then the Spirit is saying there may be some nuggets I need reminding of and perhaps there are one or two to add to your arsenal as well. He has changed the times and the season, friends. The season of training and preparation lies behind us, the time of war lies ahead. Our weapons are not carnal or fleshly. We wage war by the Word of our testimony and by loving not our lives unto death. My prayer is that He would quicken to you every portion of revelation you need to piece together your road map for the days ahead.

With love in Him,

9 thoughts on “Soldiers of the Lion

  1. Great word Christine. Wanda and I have been observing that the battle is indeed raging. In America, Britain and in our own disastrous election here in Canada we see the major principalities moving through their minions in battle. The enemy seems to have the upper hand at the moment. We have been increasingly frustrated at our isolation here and discouraged by the news. This word brings much needed hope.

    One thought while reading. House of Bread…Beit Lechem…Bethlehem…Jesus birth. We are in a very critical time. Just this AM I had a significant dream watching a city on fire. The only time marker gave me in the dream was Diwali. Just found out it starts tomorrow. Wow! I did not know that. Wanda and I will be unpacking the dream later today.

    Blessings sister!

    1. Thank you Christine for sharing this word from the Lord.
      I love to see an email from you in my inbox as I know I’m in for a good timely read and much needed encouragement.
      Love in Christ to all here.

    2. Hi Homer,
      things are really heavy and serious in the spiritual realm these days and we must encourage ourselves in the Lord daily and fill up our joy tanks in His sweet presence at every turn or we will stumble under the weight of the onslaught of darkness.

      Thanks for the info on your dream and Diwali. Santiago, Chile is already on fire, so this would refer to another city? Did you recognize any landmarks in the dream to give a clue as to the continent?

      1. There was one building I thought I recognized and was call the Griffith’s (or Griffins) Building on the Univ. or Alberta campus in Edmonton. From that I believe God is connecting us to our old home town out west here in Canada. Because of the disaster that is our prime minister there is a huge groundswell of western separatism that threatens to tear apart our country. That may be part of what I saw. We also realized that this dream is very personal as the building I was in also caught fire.

        Wanda and I are still unpacking this dream as there have been a number of confirmations this morning. Something is happening for sure.

  2. Rick Joyner’s book, “ARMY OF THE DAWN, Preparing for the greatest event of all time” is a reflection/confirmation of your word ❣️❣️❣️Written in 2015

  3. Christine, I live in Canada now but I’m South African by birth and I was at the South African store and the Lord prompted me to buy a 1500 jigsaw puzzle with a lion and a baby lion – I took it home and said to my girls – that’s my heavenly Father – the great Lion and me ): so blessed to read this word.
    Love and prayers always

  4. Happy to see the Canada connection amongst the readers as I also reside here, in Montreal Quebec.

    Thank you for the word and revelations shared this week. It was much needed. Our christian community has been under a strange fire all week and the subject is on everyone’s lips. Your posts came in very timely and brought great encouragement along, and strategy to help with our spiritual focus.

    Well said brother Homer about the elections and the state of our dear country that I once viewed as some sort of Canaan. Chaos and darkness are setting in yet the nation persists in rejecting the Light.

    Praise God for sustaining us and providing us with the necessaries for the times we’re in.

    Be bless.

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