Wisdom for the Remnant in the Morning Watch

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I have just published the Book of End-Time Light and believe me when I say I have never had so much opposition toward releasing a book before. The amount of technical problems, both with writing and printing the book, has been utterly off the charts. After approving proof books, the printed copies both locally and overseas have arrived at some buyer’s homes with flaws in the cover layout or the interior photographs. Given that the topic is ‘light’ and photograph means to ‘paint with light, it is fairly obvious the enemy does not want the contents of this book about spiritual light, in the form of the original manuscript or blueprint, to get to the people who need it. This issue is really about frequency and nudging the alignment slightly off true north as far as color, or light, and sound go. But, more about that in another post. For now, I am feeling the huge importance of the remnant understanding the characteristics of the morning watch. I have written extensively about this in my books of End-Time Fire and Light, but I realize not everyone on my email list or who visits my website has purchased one of these books. So, I would like to share my understanding on this segment of God’s day to my present level of understanding.

We must remember that from God’s perspective, His day starts with evening. Genesis 1 says there was ‘evening and morning, the first day’. So we know that, even in spiritual terms, when a new day begins, the darkness comes before the morning light. There are 4 watches of the night. 3 of them involve darkness. The first watch from 6-9pm contains the decrease of light and the rolling in of darkness. The fourth watch, from 3-6am involves increasing light as the sun begins to come over the horizon. There is a key given in psalm 90 which helps us to give us understanding of the times:

Psa 90:4  For a thousand years in Your eyes are as a day, yesterday, when it passes, and as a watch in the night. 

We are used to hearing a day is like a thousand years, but the Word says it is also like a watch in the night. Just as there are 3 watches of darkness in a night, so we are appointed 3 watches of darkness as the Day of the Lord begins. (I believe that this outer darkness is connected to the 3&1/2 years of the rampage of the dragon in Revelation 12, during which the woman is fed and kept safe in a place prepared). The 4th watch of the night is the morning watch and it has 3 stages itself, some of which have partial darkness, adding to the other 3 dark watches and making the 3 & 1/2 days/watches/year of darkness.

Hearing and seeing are two different things. In the darkness of the night, we can hear but we cannot see, and so we jump to conclusions based on what we hear, not always realizing that the source of the voice is not who we think it is. I sincerely believe we as the forerunners have been passing through the 3 watches of the night of a new spiritual day in God (which have been used to prepare us for what He wants us to do) and we have now entered the morning watch. The watch from 12 midnight to 3am is the darkest with much demonic activity masquerading as angels of light and bringing revelation that tasted good, but we could not see who was feeding it to us.

However, now the season has changed. Misinterpretation and misunderstanding is about to be cleared up progressively as the rays of true light begin to hit those who are tarrying before the Lord. Even Mary in the garden of the tomb did not recognize Jesus because it was still too dark. Then she heard Him speak her name and recognized Who He was. The morning watch is a time of revelation of what has been hiding in darkness. Now is not a time to be stepping out and doing but to be watching what God brings to light step by step. It is a time of testing of hearts.

One cannot condemn a hungry man for accepting food at midnight from a wolf in sheep’s clothing. However, when the sun begins to rise and he is again offered food from the same source and can see who is actually behind its preparation, he is fully responsible for his choice. The Sun of Righteousness IS rising with healing in His wings but at the moment it is still rather dark and very few people have the discernment or night vision to really see who is who in the zoo.

The Lord is showing me so much about the morning watch and how it all works spiritually. I wrote about the morning star in my series on the Mighty Men Emerging (available on the Storehouse page of my website) but when I read it now, I realize I was only seeing dimly at that time. I am praying for ever clearer understanding and spiritual sight; that the spirit of wisdom and revelation would be my portion in an increasing measure. The Word says we see in part and dimly as through a glass darkly. The dawn of the day, when we see face to face, is upon us; but dawning is a process. We have to be still and wait and LOOK with our spiritual eyes to see what God unveils in this season. Ruth received 6 portions into her mantle in the morning watch to add to the one portion she had gathered by her own efforts. She received it just by sitting and having it poured upon her mantle.

Dawn (from an Old English verb dagian “to become day”) is the time that marks the beginning of the twilight before sunrise. It is recognized by the presence of weak sunlight, while the sun itself is still below the horizon. Dawn should not be confused with sunrise, which is the moment when the leading edge of the sun itself appears above the horizon.

The forerunner company, those holy to the Lord, have already been through their own personal 3 watches of darkness and are in their own 4th watch in what God is doing in their lives. For those who fear the Lord, the Sun of Righteousness is rising and bring healing, in many cases by bringing light concerning physical and soul problems they have wrestled with all through the night, But outwardly, for the world at large, they are standing at the brink of the rolling in of the dense darkness, 3 watches of darkness or 3 days of a darkness so dense that it can be felt.’


Astronomical Twilight

During astronomical twilight, only those who are familiar with studying the heavens and the constellations can discern the slight increase of light. To everybody else, it looks pitch dark. This would be the time described in the saying ‘it’s always darkest just before dawn’. Only astronomers, those well versed in fixing their eyes on heavenly things, can get their bearing from the stars at this time. The stars represent those who are wise, who are fixed in their appointed end-time positions already and are able to give light and truth in the midst of the darkness.

Nautical Twilight

I truly believe most of the remnant is still in this particular segment of the morning watch. During nautical twilight, one can discern shapes on the horizon, but not distinct features. Everything is in shades of black and grey. This means one can see the outline of a man in front of you, but are not able to discern whether this person is friend or foe as you cannot make out features. Some people who have journeyed with you through your night watches may have sounded like friends as they whispered soothing phrases in your ear, but, when more light is given, you will discover that they have in fact been an assignment from the enemy to lead you off track.

Nautical twilight is when military attacks are most often launched on the enemy camp. The initialisms BMNT (begin morning nautical twilight, i.e. nautical dawn) and EENT (end evening nautical twilight, i.e. nautical dusk) are used and considered when planning military operations. A military unit may treat BMNT and EENT with heightened security, e.g. by “standing to”, in which everyone assumes a defensive position. This is partially due to tactics dating back to the French and Indian War (part of the Seven Years’ War of 1756–1763), when combatants on both sides would launch attacks at nautical dawn or dusk.

Usually, the enemy army is sleeping at this time and the guard, who has stood watch all night, is very tired and not alert. Soldiers can see just enough to get their bearings and move into position quietly. This is the time spiritually when God is setting in place His mighty warriors. It is a time when you are moved by the Spirit’s direction from within, but there is no sound or sight externally that exposes your aligning and positioning. Only the highly trained, already enlisted and deployed troops move at this time. People are not aware of what Heaven is silently doing while the world and the worldly church slumbers.

It is, however, also the time when the enemy is quietly bringing his agents of attack into your sphere. Be alert and aware, asking the Spirit to show you your enemy lying in wait for you. During nautical twilight, the horizon is clearly visible, but artificial lighting must be used to see terrestrial objects clearly. This is a very dangerous time for the saints who have been through a night of lonely trial. Do not be tempted to switch on an artificial light, if you cannot make out anything except a vague shape in front of you. There is a demonic principality called Aurora, the goddess of the dawn, who counterfeits the true light of the Sun of Righteousness. Her other name is Lilith. She is connected to militant feminism and much depravity, including sexual intimacy with humans, and will attempt to bring demonic light to bear at this time. She will push you to step out in presumption, take up your rightful position by force, to demand honor and recognition and your rights as the anointed of God. This is not the nature of the Lamb. We follow the Lamb wherever He leads, not the Dragon.

Twilight is called ‘sweet light ‘ by artists. Make sure you are sourcing your sweet light from the Sun of Righteousness and not the demonic goddess of the dawn. Take communion daily and decree that you receive no other light other than the true Light of the Lamb, Who is the only Light of the Heavenly Jerusalem. Beware of the false prophetic at this time, try to stay away from prophetic sites, because during nautical twilight, it is not yet clear whether they are prophets of Baal, who have been eating at Jezebel’s table, or not. Rather wait in the inner chamber for light from the Spirit of Truth. Rather devour the Word and let the Spirit of Truth lead you into all Truth. The church at Thyatira (which means ‘door of affliction’) are given the Morning Star if they overcome Jezebel (Rev 2:20).

Be patient. Wait for God to bring you more light and understanding from the Sun of Righteousness rising and coming towards you beyond the horizon. He may not be in full sight yet but He is sending rays of light and revelation towards you to show you what is really standing right in front of you. Wait! Do not make big decisions at this time and do not embrace anything and everything presenting itself in front of you during this period, because what vaguely looks like the shape of a friend (or an answer from God), may turn out to be an enemy when the sun rises fully. Hold your peace and wait for the entrance of His word to bring more light. You need to be able to say, “I see clearly what You were saying to me, Lord”.  Stepping out in resumption and calling it ‘faith’ will get you onto the Army of God’s casualty list! God has you in a stall (Malachi 4) until the day has dawned, so you can clearly discern between the righteous and the wicked, between what is counterfeit and what is of the Spirit, before stepping out to fulfill your end-time calling!!

Nautical twilight is the time period when Ruth received her 6 measures of barley and left the threshing floor before anyone could recognize her. As the Book of End-Time Wine discussed, there is a measured portion waiting for you at the feet of the Bridegroom. Spend your time getting your mantle filled while others sleep.

Rth 3:14  and she lay at his feet until the morning, but arose before one could recognize another; (nautical twilight) for he said, let it not be known that the woman came to the threshing floor. Rth 3:15  also he said, bring the mantle you are wearing and hold it. So Ruth held it, and he measured out six measures of barley and laid it on her. And she went into the town.

You can’t make the sun rise, so sit and watch and wait in the inner chamber, because you cannot see what’s coming over the horizon at top speed! Nautical twilight is time for ‘mouth shut, ears and eyes wide open’; we are at the threshing floor and most of those who partied deep into the night are sleeping soundly but the Bride and the Bridegroom are having a private intimate conversation, hidden in the inner chamber.

Those who are determined to be outside doing business as usual are exposing themselves to the danger of receiving false light from Lilith/Aurora, the demonic goddess of the dawn, who cohabits with men as it happened in the days of Noah. This is why the dawning of the new day will clearly display who are really part of God’s army and who are walking in deception as part of the enemy’s army. Unfortunately, they will come largely from the ranks of the church; the great falling away of those who have nibbled at dainties served from Jezebel’s kitchen served up by the prophets of Baal who eat at her table and run fast food restaurants for the spiritually starved blind sheep…

During nautical twilight, the clouds begin to glow with colors. This speaks to me of the operation and ministry of the seven spirits of God, bringing revelation light and truth, counsel and understanding and wisdom. Be sure to soak up all that the Throneroom is sending you before launching forth. It is your final equipping before the spiritual sunlight hours of the Day of His Power. Earth may be cloaked in dense darkness but you are intended to walk by the light of the Lamb.

Civil Twilight

Civil twilight begins when the sun is 6 degrees below the horizon. The Morning star is visible during this stage of the morning watch. Civil twilight is the time when there is enough light for objects on earth to be clearly distinguished. If you can see(or understand) completely clearly where you are positioned and what is before you, you are in the civil twilight of the morning watch and the morning star has risen in your heart. The morning star is the revelation of Jesus as Revelation 22:16 tells us. During the last 30 minutes of the morning watch, the morning star is visible. The morning star rises in our hearts, not externally on the world stage. The Kingdom of God is within us! Jesus, the Morning Star, rises with revelation within us to bring the night to a complete end and to deal completely with Lilith/Jezebel/Aurora and their attack on your life.

The Rising of the Dark One

We see this paralleled by the 3 stages of the morning watch which the forerunners are presently in. Each stage is defined by another 6 degrees below the horizon. Astronomical twilight begins when the sun is 18 degrees below the horizon. 6 degrees later, nautical twilight begins and after a further 6 degrees of rising below the horizon, civil twilight begins. So here we have 666, the number of the name of the beast. He is darkness itself, gross darkness and he brings his own dark light. He is rising even as the dense darkness is beginning to roll in upon the earth, but he is not yet visible. He has not yet stepped onto the world stage. Just as the morning star is visible in the last 30 minutes of civil twilight, so too, the counterfeit of the real Morning Star will make His appearance within the hearts of those being led by the evil one.

The word ‘dawn’ in Hebrew means ‘to seek, seek early or earnestly, look early or diligently for’, like the Shulamite seeks her beloved in Song of Songs.

1Co 4:5  So do not make any hasty or premature judgments before the time (set time,kairos) when the Lord comes [again], for He will both bring to light (shed rays on, illuminate)the secret things that are [now hidden] in darkness and disclose and expose the [secret] aims (motives and purposes) of hearts. Then every man will receive his [due] commendation from God.


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