Whirlwind of Light

This message is an excerpt from my Book of End-time Light. I had a vision during worship which I sense I must share. In the scene before me, it was very early in the morning and the sun had not yet come over the horizon. I was shown a lone rider sitting on a stationary... Continue Reading →

Resisting the Changing of the Guard

Dan 2:21  He changes the times and the seasons; He removes kings and sets up kings. He gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to those who have understanding! Over the last few weeks, the Spirit began speaking to me about the Elisha chapter as opposed to Elijah's era. Jesus Himself said that John was... Continue Reading →

His Words Resound over 5780

In my last post, I mentioned that the Lord said I must remind myself what He had been saying since the Fall Feasts at the beginning of 5780, rather than seek a word spoken for the beginning of the Roman calendar year 2020, as His words were 'proceeding' - in other words, once spoken, they... Continue Reading →

The End of Status Quo

When I was pondering about God's mind over 2020, He said to me, "Heaven does not function according to the Roman Calendar months. Go back to the Fall Feasts and refresh your mind on what I spoke at that time. Any word that is released in this season supposedly in My Name which does not... Continue Reading →

Releasing Heaven’s Frequency

For 3 weeks in December, I heard absolutely nothing from the Lord - no visions, no dreams, no waking me up with a cryptic phrase, no specific scriptures popping up in my heart. I began to wonder if I was suffering from spiritual burnout after writing 4 books in one year. I bound and loosed,... Continue Reading →

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