Shattering Resistance to Your Forward Progress


I would like to share an unfolding vision I was shown today. It applies both to individuals and to the onward movement of the Bride of Christ at present. I saw a highway out of a city; it had huge heaps of earth piled onto the road so that people could not leave the city. It was very similar to a picture I saw of the blockades the Chinese government have set up around the quarantined cities. Then I saw a huge yellow bulldozer come and start moving the heaps of earth out of the way, thus removing the blockage set up to prevent the person leaving the place where they are positioned at this time. This could be a physical location or a spiritual point on the map you are traveling. Then I saw that all along the highway to the destination where the person was appointed to go, the enemy has instituted delaying and hindering assignments. I saw a person behind the blue front door of a house and they were trying to come out and leave, but they couldn’t because there were demonic entities pushing the front door closed from the outside, so that they couldn’t leave the house and vacate the premises. This meant that the next appointed person could not step into that place. (I sense this applies not only to physical locations but to positions of kingdom authority, almost like the enemy working through old guard in some way is resisting releasing their post to the new guard).


Then I saw another man trying to put a notice on a public notice board and just as he was at the joint print of pinning it up, he would be pulled back by demonic entities clutching onto the back of his shirt, to the point that he was completely unable to do what he intended to do. Outwardly, it looked like he was vacillating about the decision to put up the notice, but in reality, he was being demonically delayed.


The enemy knows judgement is coming to certain cities, regions and individuals due to lack of repentance and alignment to the standard of the Word of God – and he also knows that the remnant are about to take up their appointed positions for the next leg of kingdom purposes. This does not suit his demonic agenda as he knows the authority they carry as they emerge from the wilderness training time; that they are markedly different from the ones who have occupied these spiritual positions in the last season. So he has orchestrated a campaign of resistance, thereby hoping to slow down the changing of the guard. He does this in the hope that those appointed positions of authority and government in this new leg of the race will be prevented from doing so, and not only that, but he hopes the prepared remnant will also be affected by the impending judgements and completely stopped from releasing the sound of the new guard.


Not only has God sent out heavenly earth-moving machinery, but He has commanded warring angels to deal with every hindering assignment right from where you are to your appointed destination, as you work together with Heaven, fulfilling your part. You will not miss your appointment – so do not fear. Begin to praise him even now for the open highway to your appointment, for the fulfillment of His plans over you.


I also see a man with the starter’s gun. The action of his hand on the trigger will release the runner to run his appointed race, but it looks like his arm is paralyzed and he cannot do what he has been appointed to do. Then I see behind him, an acupuncture-type needle in the back of his shoulder, and standing there, grinning, is a demonic figure. This being is rejoicing that he is hindering the whole race because, without this particular sound, the runner is trained to wait. That demonic assignment or needle is paralyzing the nerve to the hand so the man is unable to pull the trigger, no matter how much he wants to or tries to.


Then I see an arrow entitled ‘praise for fulfillment’ fly out of nowhere and sink deep into the back of the grinning figure and he plunges to the ground. The needle quivers violently and then exits the man’s shoulder and also falls to the ground. The delay assignment is nullified. Strength returns to the man’s arm and he pulls the trigger. This man is the one with the authority, power and means to release the announcement that the race has begun, whoever and whatever that represents to you as a runner in the starting blocks.


Father has unveiled the enemy’s strategy to prevent the race from starting for as long as possible. If you will praise Him for the fulfillment of His word to you now, that sound will be released and take out the demonic resistance in the wings carrying out the hindering assignment, This scheme of inaction over your particular ‘man with the starter gun’ will be broken and he will once again be galvanized into action to set the dominoes falling, to open up the highway so that you can get to your appointment. As he gets strength back in his arm, he will be galvanized into action because he glances at the clock and understands the lateness of the hour.

I was also given a scripture from Luke:


Luk 1:45  And blessed (happy, to be envied) is she who believed that there would be a fulfillment of the things that were spoken to her from the Lord.


The Spirit also highlighted Mary’s song of praise when she addressed Elizabeth. If you read it, note that she declares everything as if it has already happened. She says that God HAS done this or that, not that He will do it. What the Lord said to me is that from the time of conception, when the sperm and the ovum fuse, there are few days of journeying before implantation into the wall of the womb. Then the embryo can begin to divide and grow into what the DNA it carries within intends to be. The duration between conception and implantation is crucial to fulfillment of the intention of the Seed Planter. If you will praise Him now, without any outward sign, in fact while there is only resistance all around you and no exit point is in sight, there will be that implanting. You will be planted in your appointed good soil and God’s blueprint will be manifested in full in the earth. ¬†Arise, remnant runner, and release a sound of high praise for fulfillment of Kingdom purposes and watch Heaven clear the whole pathway ahead. And make sure you are ready because you will be quickly released to your appointment!





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