Finding Heaven’s Frequency

This message is a transcript of the podcast Finding Heaven's Frequency. However, I have expanded and added to what I shared in the podcast, as more revelation flowed while preparing the written message. I'd like to share with you what the Lord ministered to me early yesterday morning, March 29th. He woke me up very... Continue Reading →

From Coaching to Performance

I'd like to share a vision that the Lord gave me on a recent visit to the beach. First of all, that morning, I suddenly had a thought drop into my head of how a coach trains an athlete or a number of athletes before a big event, but when the day of the event... Continue Reading →

Spiritual Lockdown

It's Thursday, 3/26/2020, I live in South Africa and our country is going into a national lock down at midnight tonight, for 3 weeks, 21 days, which ends on the 16th April, which just so happens to be the day after the 7 days of unleavened bread. The 21st Nisan/Aviv is when the Red Sea... Continue Reading →

The Word of Your Testimony Conquers

This morning I was awoken with a scripture, followed by a prophetic song which I immediately recorded and sensed I should share. There was an accompanying word that came with it. I will be sending out a transcript of the message as soon as I can but I would urge you to listen to the... Continue Reading →

A Crown to Conquer ~ pt 2

I'd like to share another dream with you. On the 1st of March, I dreamt that I was running the last lap of a race under a   very large, low full moon, but it was very misty. Because it was so dark, I somehow knew it was  astronomical twilight. There were many, many people running... Continue Reading →

A Crown to Conquer…

  You will remember that at the end of February I released an interpretation of tongues and in that word the Lord said, "When the days of trouble strip away the mundane and everything changes, you will realize that I Am is strong in you. Be about my business and I will take care of... Continue Reading →

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