Safely Ashore

Recently, the Spirit of the Lord began to share with me a prophetic message for the bondslaves of the Lamb from the pattern of the account of Paul's sea journey in Acts 27. Firstly, I want to go through it with you and then discuss the prophetic parallels. Paul had been imprisoned for a season... Continue Reading →

Wine From Wisdom’s Table

This morning, as I prepared to break bread, the Spirit directed me to the passage in Proverbs 9 which describes the invitation released to sit and partake at Wisdom's table. It is, I believe, the place where all of the remnant should be eating at this time. Wisdom is the correct application of revelational understanding... Continue Reading →

Father Speaks…

"Sit now. There is much to discuss. Be not busy about many things right now. Sit at My feet. Still your heart and mind. I have downloads for you, Spirit words brimming with life and power; Spirit words full of nourishment for this very hour. Words unheard within the halls of Christian city; sights unseen... Continue Reading →

He Tells His Secrets to His Friends

I sense this message is for a holy remnant of prepared and seasoned saints, not for the church at large. You will know who you are if this word witnesses with your spirit. If it doesn't, it just means you will be serving Kingdom purposes in other departments of His Kingdom blueprint. We are all... Continue Reading →

In the Shadow of His Wings

Greetings to you on this glorious Firstfruits Sunday! May the same power that raised Christ from the dead quicken your mortal body and work mightily through you in the days ahead. Today the Lord has asked me to share a personal worship song with you. I have been wrestling with Him for days about sending... Continue Reading →

Prepare, Prioritize, Purify

I am going to share two encounters I had with the Lord which pertain to the times ahead. I do not know the exact timing of the unfolding but I know God is faithfully warning His remnant ahead of time. On the 4th April (which was 10th Aviv/Nisan), I half-surfaced from sleep at about 3am,... Continue Reading →

The Circuit Courts are Open

Greetings in the powerful Name of Jesus. I am not going to apologize for posting a number of messages in these days leading up to Passover. I have to be obedient to release the words He gives me to speak, at the moment He instructs to send them out. I answer to Him and you... Continue Reading →

Preparing for a Pivotal Passover

This message is a transcript of the podcast 'Preparing for a Pivotal Passover' Every year, when Passover comes, I go back to the gospels study the events that happened on the days before Jesus was crucified and then I also look at the Old Testament and see what happened on similar dates. Today, April 4,... Continue Reading →

Food for the Journey

At the beginning of this year, the Lord said to me that life as we know it is about to change, that it is the end of status quo - and how right that statement is! We are all finding ourselves in unfamiliar territory and every day, we must dig deep and access His peace... Continue Reading →

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