In the Shadow of His Wings


Greetings to you on this glorious Firstfruits Sunday! May the same power that raised Christ from the dead quicken your mortal body and work mightily through you in the days ahead. Today the Lord has asked me to share a personal worship song with you. I have been wrestling with Him for days about sending it far and wide. I am much more comfortable sharing prophetic word and insight into scripture than broadcasting my intimate worship time, but He just didn’t relent. Eventually, He showed me a picture of a mother holding a child in her arms and singing over him to soothe and comfort as the night fell. And with this image, came a scripture:

Psa 131:1  A Song of Ascents. Of David. LORD, MY heart is not haughty, nor my eyes lofty; neither do I exercise myself in matters too great or in things too wonderful for me. Psa 131:2  Surely I have calmed and quieted my soul; like a weaned child with his mother, like a weaned child is my soul within me [ceased from fretting]. Psa 131:3  O Israel, hope in the Lord from this time forth and forever.


Some years ago, the Lord asked me, “Will you feed My lambs during the flood of the dragon?” I replied that it would be an honor to do so, and today as I send this out, I realize that a song can feed a lamb just as easily as a prophetic word can. I shared this song with a special friend on the day I recorded it (the 12th Aviv, the day the unknown woman poured spikenard over the head of Jesus before His crucifixion – Mark 14:3) and, as she listened, she had a vision:

‘I closed my eyes and I saw the claw of a red dragon. As u kept singing I saw Jesus appear before u and he was huge. With His right hand he pushed back the dragon and held it away from u and with Left hand He picked you up as u were singing to Him you fit in the palm of His hand and as he lifted u and the instrument u were playing the ground beneath u became a violin and I watched as he brought you into His Chest and pressed u into His heart. U kept singing and even as the song was ending His hand held back the red dragon.’

So, my prayer is that these words may comfort and bring His peace and shelter when you face dark days ahead. I have included the chords for those who are musical. You can download the song here:

In the Shadow of His Wings


E                                                  E7

In the shadow of Your wings I will take shelter

              A                       F#m                         B7      

In the warmth of Your embrace, I find sweet rest

                E                       E7                A                         F#m

And I’m drinking of the fountain that meets my deepest need

                B7                  F#m                     B7

In the shadow of Your wings, I know Your peace


                   E                                                      E7

Though the earth should change and the oceans roar

         A                        Am

My heart will know no fear

          F#m                 B7                          E                           

I am standing on the Rock that can’t be swayed


I am Yours and You are mine

                              F#m                    Am

My name is written in Your Book of Life

A                F#m            B7

You are my haven in the storm


                    E                                           E7

Though the stars may fall and the nations rage

       A                         Am

I’m listening to Your voice

                F#m               B7                   E

And I’m feasting at the table You’ve prepared

                 E7          C#m                       F#m                    Am  

I run this race to win the prize, fuelled by Your endless grace

                A                    F#m                  B7

And the depth of love I see within Your eyes




                    E                       E7

Because he loves me says the Lord of Hosts

A                 F#m

I will rescue him

A                 Am                   F#m                  B7

I will cover, I will shelter those who know my Name

           E                         E7            A                    F#m

With long life I will satisfy, all their needs I will supply

       Am         F#m       B7

And show them My salvation                              

                                                          PSALMS 36, 46 & 91            5th April 2020



Psa 91:4 [Then] He will cover you with His pinions, and under His wings shall you trust and find refuge

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