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I must apologize as the Lord reminded me today that I hadn’t released a transcript of this message which was recorded before Passover. Perhaps though, it is good to refresh our memories about what the Spirit was emphasizing. After Passover, Joshua and the people of God marched round Jericho, releasing the sound of the shofars over the citadel. The shofar blast is the sound of sacrifice, the sound of the Blood which resounded over those high walls for 6 days, before being joined by a crescendo released from the mouths of the saints. Then the walls fell down!! This message is about the sound coming forth from our mouths and as the Spirit has warned that something worse than coronavirus is coming, it is beneficial to put ourselves in remembrance of the truths expressed below:

I was woken on the morning of the 21st March with a scripture from John chapter 11:4, ‘for this sickness is not unto death but to the glory of God’. I have been fighting a sore throat for a number of days actually, since I released 2 articles on ‘A Crown to Conquer’, so no surprise there that the attack came. And I’ve been doing all I know to do in the natural. And then when the Lord woke me with that scripture this morning, I understood that everything the enemy has intended for evil, God will turn for good for those who are called according to his purposes. We are called according to His purposes, beloved saints. Even if you get a few symptoms of a virus, I want to say over you this morning, this sickness is not unto death but to the glory of God -the glory of God is going to manifest in your life! In some way, He will get glory through the situation. But it is dependent upon the focus of your heart and the confession of your mouth.

There is a lot of fear rampaging about, as we all very much aware of; a lot of uncertainty – even among circles of believers. And many people who normally go to big organized meetings are finding the meetings cancelled and they are not getting the normal fellowship that they are used to. And now it’s crunch time. If you’re self quarantined or locked down in your home; no external structured Christian meetings, yes, you can have online meetings, but it’s not quite the same as sitting next to somebody in a row and worshiping with someone next to you – this is really crunch time, time for you to take a thermometer and measure the temperature of your relationship with Jesus. Are you burning hot; are you full of zeal for the Lord? Or do you find that much of your relationship with God is propped up by and dependent on external support systems?

I’m not saying that we shouldn’t need each other, but if we should find ourselves in a situation where we are not physically near any other believers, are you able to still keep the flame of your faith burning strong? What if the internet goes down? What if mobile phones don’t work and there are no encouraging messages going round? Would you be able to stand, beloved? Would you be able to stand in that day? Now is a good time to take your spiritual temperature… Take a the moment to measure the strength of your walk with the Lord, If there are no brothers and sisters in Christ physically near you, or you are unable to contact them, (I’m saying this now because we going into a season where we are not always aware what’s going to be happening when we wake up the next morning), could you still stand?. We might wake up one morning and there is no internet; we might wake up one morning and the mobile phones have been taken over and we only getting official messages on them – emergency messages from Government Authorities…

I’m calling you to stand strong in the Lord. Psalm 37 says ‘the children of men take refuge under Your wings, they feast on the abundance of Your house and they drink of the stream of Your pleasures. With You is the fountain of life and in Your light, we see light’ – are you positioned there, beloved? Now this morning, as I was breaking bread I had to repent for placing more faith in my natural remedies, my essential oils and my herbal remedies and goodness knows what; for putting more faith in those things than in the power of the Blood – it’s not that I don’t believe in the power of the Blood… Of course I do. But what I realized was that when my throat got sore, I was quickly applying all my natural remedies first. Decreeing the power of the blood and rebuking the enemy was not what came first, I am ashamed to say.

So as I broke bread this morning, the Lord said that this time that we’re in right now is the time for REFINING OF FOCUS – for any misalignment in our focus (as to where the source of our power, where the source of our life, where the source of our strength and our peace is) to be adjusted. There’s a need for refining of that focus. It is not wrong to use natural remedies – God made all these things. Pharmakea isn’t good for you, but the natural things that God made; the honey and herbs, are beneficial for you. But refine your focus, so that first, you go to the Lord and the power of the Blood and the power of His Name… and then as He directs you by His Spirit, you use the other things. It is about priority of focus; priority of belief in this time. And so this attack is being used for good, everything the enemy has intended for evil is being used for good in this time, beloved, with the shaking is going on. It’s waking people up; it’s causing people to turn from Martha’s into Mary’s. Instead of being worried about many things, God’s refining our focus to being concerned and worried about one thing – the hearing of His voice, in this time. When I am was breaking bread this morning, a song came forth and I want to share that with you:

All we need is the power of the Blood,

It’s our shelter and high tower in the flood;

All we need is the power of Your Name,

You are yesterday, today, always the same


Though the foe may ravage, kill and destroy

we are safe under Your wings and full of joy

And the glory of the Lord will now be seen

A holy rushing flood to set us free


All we need is Your presence night and day

You will lead us and guide us on our way

All we need is the whisper of Your words,

Not the death knell of rumors we have heard


Though the stars may fall and oceans shake and roar

You will do again the wonders done before

You will rise amidst Your people mightily

The power of Heaven displayed for all to see.


All we need is the water from Your throne,

It is this source that gives us life alone

And the Bread of God, it nourishes our souls

And it strengthens and makes completely whole


Though the darkness come and men’s hearts fail for fear

There is One to Whom we now draw near,

And His light is shining, helping us to see

And He comes to rule for all eternity


All we need is Your peace which rules within,

We’re not moved by the rise of man of sin,

For our names are written in Your Book of Life

We lift our eyes, redemption draweth nigh.


Last night, I was thinking about how coronavirus starts in the throat, before it moves into the lungs and wreaks havoc. The thought came to me that we need to arrest the path of this virus – and any other virus that attacks us, in our throats, where our voice box is. What is the confession of your mouth? And to whom are you looking for salvation? Are you looking to the coming vaccine or are you looking to the Lord of Hosts who put sickness and death under His feet and crushed it?

In Revelation 12, the dragon releases a flood to destroy the woman as she is fleeing to her end-time refuge – to try and wipe her out before she can reach her appointed shelter, where she is to dwell for 3&1/2 years. But the earth opens its mouth, swallows the flood and helps the woman. And I want to say to you, when you open your mouth, O earthen vessel, are you arresting the flood and helping the Bride of Christ? Are you stopping the words of death and releasing retaliating words of Life? Are you saying, “No. In the Name of the Lord of Hosts and the power of the Blood, we stop the march of this virus!” Are you opening your mouth and helping the woman or are you helping the dragon? All we need is the power of the Blood. That is our shelter and high tower. The enemy is rampaging because he has a short time, but we overcome him by the power of the Blood and the word of our testimony. So what is your testimony? Are you arresting the flood in your throat? Is your voice box releasing a resounding NO and decreeing the power of the Blood still reigns, the power of the Blood still works; the power of His Name is the same? Arrest the flood by opening your mouth and do not quicken the flood in its moving and its destructive decrees and transmittance of the spirit of fear. We have to open our mouths and decree there is shelter in the Name of Jesus, there is shelter in the power of the Blood.

Multitudes are in the valley of decision but there is deliverance found on mount Zion. There is power in the Blood of the Lamb and in His Name. Paul says we haven’t come to an earthly Jerusalem and an earthly Mount Zion, but unto a heavenly Mount Zion and multitudes of angels, and the church of the firstborn, whose names are written in heaven. This is where deliverance is found – amongst the church of the firstborn. The Word tells us that the firstborn received a double portion of inheritance and took over His father’s business. He was set in place – this is the adoption of the sons. And the Church of the Firstborn on the heavenly Mount Zion is going to begin to operate in these days. The God of glory is going to be seen amongst them.

In Zechariah, He says that He will be a wall of fire round about us and glory in the midst of us, but we first have to flee from the daughter of Babylon who we have been dwelling with. Do not look for salvation in the medicines and vaccines of men in the days ahead; that will give you the mark of the beast. But flee to the heavenly Mount Zion, where the Church of the Firstborn are even now gathering; where the Name of Jesus and the power of the Blood and the manifest presence of God will be delivering and setting free – and even raising the dead! Praise God for this time! Everything the enemy has intended for evil, God will turn for the good of them that love Him and are called according to His purposes

I was prompted to make a youtube video with empowering scriptures for you to meditate upon in the days ahead. You can access it here:





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