Wine From Wisdom’s Table

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This morning, as I prepared to break bread, the Spirit directed me to the passage in Proverbs 9 which describes the invitation released to sit and partake at Wisdom’s table. It is, I believe, the place where all of the remnant should be eating at this time. Wisdom is the correct application of revelational understanding for the specific times we walk in. The meal laid out on this table now is not the same menu that was served in 2018 or any other year we have traversed. Wisdom serves spiced wine and bread of the Word which she has kneaded and baked. It is served fresh, manna for the day. In preparation for this time, the Lord had instructed me to add spices to my bottle of communion wine. Then He told me to add a few drops of the Melchizedek anointing oil I normally use. I asked what the significance of it being applied internally instead of externally was and was told that it was the difference between being endued and imbued. The first describes an outer application, the second an infilling. This morning, I was instructed to add a little honey to the wine… a prophetic heavenly recipe indeed! Honey enlightens the eyes, or to put it plainly, imparts the revelation hidden within the written Word. As I took the last sip of wine in my communion cup, I heard, “The power of the Blood is in the wine of the Word.”

“Can you explain this to me, Lord?” I asked.

“It’s quite simple, when you break the human body, the blood flows out. When you break the body of the Word served under Wisdom’s watchful eye, the wine of the Word imbued with the power of the Blood is released. In this hour, My Melchizedek priests are sprinkling the altar of consecration with the wine of My Word, broken and blessed at Wisdom’s table; understanding of the times is imparted, so the people know what to do at this moment. It is bread and wine for the Day of the Lord, not the sweet cakes being dished up by the bakers of the Babylonian courts. Yes, honey from the Rock is within the wine of My Word, but only the Breaker can break open the way to access it.

You will pass through the open gates revealed in My Word, following the King of Glory as He rides to war with mammon and Dagon and the likes of their demonic huddle. They will yield now, as My princes come forth, rightly dividing My Word of Endtime Truth. Fall on their faces, they will, in the presence of My four faces. Ezekiel 1 is coming to town and I Am is not backing down. Fire-starters now unleashed, the Jordan River crowd who baptize the seeking in waters to open blind eyes and deaf ears, turning compass needles to true North and fine-tuning focus to behold the Lamb of God that takes away the sins of the world. It’s high time souls moved from musty climes of the religious order’s chaos. Seats must be filled at the banquet supper of the Lamb, but how will they come if they don’t even know? How will they sit if they can’t even see?

Wilderness warriors, fearless speakers, hailing and weeping, are being swept up now in the whirlwind of My reapers; separated from the shores of all they’ve known and synchronized with Heaven’s chimes, they rest upon the stormy winds of change, and wait for touchdown and planting at their battle stations. Trusted ones with burning hearts are all I need to start the raging worldwide furnace of My endtime judgements. That will drive the rats and snakes to open view; their schemes exposed, in cinders too, while in the heights My laughter rings. Who dares confront the King of Kings?

My seasoned saints, already locked within the sling of David’s Son, are lifted high above the battle plane, strapped in and set to fly, in sequenced file and rank. The utmost parts have been assigned; they’ve asked of Me with Kingdom minds. Now to inheritance they go; the bondslave ones whose names I know. They’re seeking not fortune or fame, but only glory for My Name. They’ve chosen well, they bless My heart. Forsaking all to claim a part of what was paid for by My Son; desires granted, every one!

I’ve portioned them the upper ground, the mountain heights is where they’re found. We’ve measured out and deeds are sealed; inheritance to be revealed, for jewels recorded in My book. They’ve chosen fear of Me, not man, and so for honored use I can apportion them their lot with kings, the right to view the secret things. Treasures of darkness, long been stored, granted to bondslaves of the Lord; the ones who’ve said, “Not my will, Yours’ are set before My open doors, with kingdom keys and rods to rule – this, My reward to bless My jewels. My kingdom come on earth as writ, the scrolls fulfilled now, every bit. The jots and tittles finally done, the manifest of battle won, through pathways walked by Spirit-led, who heal the sick and raise the dead, and east to west My Name proclaimed, by blind who see and dancing lame, and desert sands are now in bloom, as all the earth is making room, and knees are bowing left and right as Kingdom comes within their sight; rollout of My will full done – behold the glory of the Son!

3 thoughts on “Wine From Wisdom’s Table

  1. Oh! Amen, the Lords will must be ours.
    I pray we all retreat to our mount of olives, where we hear clearly His whispers of Divine wisdom.

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