Shavuot 5780

Precious saints, Just a very quick note to send links for a short Shavuot/Pentecost message on youtube:   Shavuot 5780 pt 1 Shavuot 5780 pt 2   many blessings in this season of impartation and outpouring, Christine

Preparation and Separation

I was awake from 12:30am to 1:30am in the night between 27th and 28th May; (afterwards, I realized that this was the exact time of the night, the 3rd watch of the night, when Ruth and Boaz were having their secret intimate conversation at the threshing floor).   The background understanding for the word that... Continue Reading →

Reaping as We’re Going Home

  Today, I was watching a tribute to Ravi Zacharias, a giant in the faith who passed away this past week. He spoke of Eric Liddell, the runner whose life story and passion for holiness is told in the movie Chariots of Fire. Eric was quoted as saying "When I run, I feel His pleasure".... Continue Reading →

The Dove Chronicles I ~ You Have Mail

If you prefer, you can listen to the podcast of this message HERE Hi, Beloved remnant of the Lord. For many weeks, the Spirit has been bringing the following scripture to mind:  Isa 60:8  Who are these that fly as a cloud, and as the doves to their windows? So I have been digging into... Continue Reading →

Fix Your eyes on My Face

You can listen to the podcast of this message HERE This morning I was just meditating, resting in His presence and I was reminded of a vision and word I had many seasons ago of the Lord inviting His Bride to dance with Him. The Lord showed me we have begun the endtime dance with... Continue Reading →

Eagle Logistics

The Lord has continued to add understanding using visions and dreams in the last few days. On 16th May, I dreamed that when someone tried to use the pump action of a hand sanitizer dispenser, it wouldn't work. When I opened it up and investigated, I discovered that there were worms blocking the spout of... Continue Reading →

Eagles in Training

After I had the dream of the fighter pilot call-up, I had a second dream in which I followed the two women who had been in conversation into an eagle sanctuary. There were many different fenced off protected portions, each with an Eagle or two inside. People were walking around viewing and studying the eagles.... Continue Reading →

Saints on Secret Assignment

Some days, I sleep soundly with hardly an interruption and other days, it is like Heaven has showed up for home movie night. Last night was just such a night! I feel what the Lord showed me is important, so would like to share it with you. In the first dream, I was listening to... Continue Reading →

Stealth Mode

  Precious saints, I was not planning to post this experience publicly but today, I realize the Lord was giving me a strong warning and I owe it to the Bridal Company to share it.   On the 18th April, I woke in the 3rd watch of night after a disturbing dream, in which I... Continue Reading →

A City Judged

This is just a short word, to relay what I have been shown. I was wakened just after midnight on May 6th and suspended before me, I saw a big red apple with a giant black bruise on it. Then I was looking down from a high vantage point at a city, full of skyscrapers... Continue Reading →

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