Preparation for Famine


I have noticed a distinct change in the tone of the dreams and visions I have been given in the last 6 weeks. There have been many more warning dreams and instructions for preparation to endure what is ahead. God is so caring and kind to His children and He always sends instruction ahead of time detailing what is coming and how we can best get ready to face it. On that note, I would like to share a dream I had on 28th April 2020. I am still praying concerning all elements contained therein, but just feel I need to share it so that you can also pray about what, if anything, you need to do. I will share the understanding I have so far after relating it to you:

In the first scene, I have been spending the night in a workshop of a mechanic business. There are shapes of cars up on blocks and others just waiting to be attended to. It is still quite dark, although it is definitely the morning watch as the sky is light and the horizon is dark against it. I am waiting for the sunrise and watching the heavens and as I do, black silhouettes of workers in overalls arriving to begin their daily work are seen against the sky. They greet me as they walk into the work space and as they do so, behind them I see the very fleeting sunrise, which manifests as just a bright blood-red sky (which according to local folklore, means there is a big storm coming). It is a warning sign that a challenging day is ahead.

The next scene takes place during the day. It seems we are in an unsafe time, there is an empty playground in front of me without a blade of grass in sight – just bare sandy ground everywhere. Everything looks shut down, a bit derelict and I am tucked in a corner by a government school building. I am seated on a bench and trying not to be seen, while I have a conversation with a friend online, using my laptop. The connection keeps dropping and there is a lot of interference. We are comparing notes, and I am trying to decipher the hieroglyphics on a beautifully painted vase in a photograph and add to them as we talk. The whole atmosphere of the environment gives the impression that it is unsafe to be out. I am nervous and watchful, although there was nobody around. There is some sort of tarpaulin stuffed in the gap between the bench and the wall of the school building, looking like it belongs to someone who will be coming back to retrieve it with the idea of using it for sleeping cover on the streets at night (because they are homeless). Some dodgy gangster-like people walk past, but for some reason they leave me alone. I see two roaming starving cats pass by, one shortly after the other,. They look like they have not eaten for a month – one is just a head on a raw skeletal body. Then the Lord speaks to me, “People in cities must start to raise animals for food. If they can’t have a lamb, they must get chickens.” Three times He repeats this exact statement.


Shortly after this, the friend I was talking to online comes to speak to me. We go into one of the cubicles of the school toilets to talk privately and safely. I tell her face to face about the Lord saying people must raise animals for food in cities, and repeat it in her hearing three times just as the Lord did. Then the dream ends.


Understanding thus far ~ the dream begins in the morning watch, specifically the middle portion, called Nautical Twilight (I know this because of the silhouettes against the light sky). There is a strong warning in the red sky sunrise, indicating a bad storm is coming. This could be both natural, financial, political and spiritual. The Lord had previously told me that 2020 is the morning watch year, a time of preparing for what is coming; a time to get properly positioned to endure and do kingdom business.


People are arriving in the middle of this morning watch year to fix vehicles that need attention. Vehicles could represent ways of going forward, safe transport for the day we are entering. The fact that they need work speaks of not being fully functional and prepared for a journey that must be made. This dream seems to take place during a time of drought. There is no grass in sight and neither is society functioning normally because the children are not at school and there is no traffic on the roads. If the scene of daytime in the dream is like this, it is indicating that the years after the morning watch year are going to be far from normal; that weather patterns are going to change and vegetation is going to die as a result. There are also some form of restrictions on movement.


The Father’s statement of advice seems to be warning of an imminent famine, a severe shortage of meat and other proteinsources, like eggs. It still seems to be lockdown and animals are starving, as evidenced by the passing stray cats. It is a time of great economic hardship as people are sleeping on the streets. My friend and I are struggling to have fellowship online because of the level of interference in communication methods available. The photograph I was studying during the online conversation was from another time and had a number of smiling people standing close together in a city with skyscrapers. It was like looking at a snapshot of another life, another era before the one we had entered. It is also a reference to referring to old revelation, prophetic snapshots and pieces of the puzzle which still had relevance in the present time. Perhaps the vase represents a particular vessel or saint used to impart prophetic understanding in an earlier chapter.


Perhaps also, extensive surveillance caused the feeling of being watched and being unsafe. I had the feeling in the dream that it was a rare thing for us to meet face to face, but that in an unsafe time, it was the only way to pass on vital information without being tracked. On waking, I suddenly remembered a plan I had once seen for a portable A-frame chicken house that could be moved around one’s lawn. The fact that God spoke about people in cities needing to get their own sources of protein alludes to the fact that people living in the countryside would not be challenged in this manner; that this warning was that there would not be meat and eggs available for sale in retail outlets in cities. The repeating of the instruction three times emphasizes the importance and urgency of the message.


I know in America, signs of looming severe meat shortages are already making news, but where I live in South Africa, this is not presently the case. I checked our local municipal bylaws and it is actually not expressly forbidden to have a lamb within city limits, but I have never heard of anyone doing this. It certainly puts another spin on having ‘a lamb for a house’!

It is considered more normal for people in the suburbs to have a few chickens, although cockerels are illegal (no doubt due to the noise pollution). Now, obviously, if one lives in an apartment, this is in no way possible, but please take this to prayer, as famine is definitely looming on the not too distant horizon. Ask the Lord if there is anything you need to do in this regard and then obey speedily. I have kept chickens in the past and was not too excited about this instruction, as I know that they entail quite a bit of work. However, I have never truly encountered famine and so would rather be obedient, because I know the Lord would not warn so emphatically unless it was very necessary.


In His service,



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  1. People can do home canning of beans, meats, chicken and fish with a pressure canner. A church could buy in bulk and members work together canning foods and sharing. Rice can be cooked, dehydrated then dry canned. A freeze dried unit is expensive but the food takes up less storage space. More in a jar the conventional canning. There is a book, Meals in A Jar by Julie Languille add water, cook. Not all need to be cooked. A vacuum sealer, dehydrator are other needed tools. Do some research online.

  2. There are those who will rob and kill people if they know they have food. Food, in this case, I believe would include livestock. Over the period of several years of famine, it might be very difficult to maintain such a plan of feeding and caring for animals, as well as privacy from discovery from starving bands of thieves. However, while meat is still available and relatively inexpensive, it’s not beyond the ability of most to buy and process meat, vegetables and complete meals via pressure canning, as well as storing staples such as flour, rice, grains, and beans, etc.
    Much love in Christ,

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