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Precious saints, I was not planning to post this experience publicly but today, I realize the Lord was giving me a strong warning and I owe it to the Bridal Company to share it.


On the 18th April, I woke in the 3rd watch of night after a disturbing dream, in which I had received an invitation on my phone to participate in a Christian live-stream meeting online. A link was provided, which I clicked on. Then I saw a screen with many faces of those logged into the meeting via video, similar to what happened on YouTube when there were worldwide Passover and worship celebrations earlier this year. On the screen, some had their cameras off but their little black screen indicated they were present, logged on and watching and listening from their homes. Then I experienced a sudden sharp pain in my heart in the dream and woke immediately with all the symptoms of a heart attack and heard the word ‘kill@switch#’ (typed this way to prevent search engines picking it up!). I had to do warfare and pray in tongues for a while before the symptoms lifted. I was also given the understanding and knowledge that this is a deliberate plot to wipe out key Christians. All of our movements have been tracked during the covid 19 surveillance, when we have been driven online to seek fellowship and all our contact details are recorded for the future ‘operation kill@*switch’, using directed energy technology to strike and kill through the computer screens or our phones.

Psa 11:2  For see, the wicked are bending the bow; they make ready their arrow upon the string, that they [furtively] in darkness may shoot at the upright in heart.

I was very disturbed by what I experienced and knew it was a strong warning. So I immediately prayed for counsel as I cannot rely on my own understanding in this. We live in dangerous days but God is still on His throne.

“What must I do, Lord?”

“Do not click on every link sent to you, even by a trusted source. Check with Me. Bow low.”

“What if You give me a word to share?”

“Post and leave the scene, like the postman. Do not stop to admire the scenery where you are posting. Do not troll. Be about My business and do not scroll through any site. No time wasting. The enemy is hasty about removing certain saints from their seats of influence. Operation %kills*witch@ will be initiated in its appointed time. You will not be there if you are willing and obedient.”


Precious saints, please take this warning seriously. In ALL your ways acknowledge Him and only do what He says, nothing else. Just this morning, Jeff Byerly put out a prayer request for Celeste Solum, of Diamondisc channel, who has been struck down with some sort of sudden illness and is in hospital. Stephen Ben Nun of Israeli News Live was hit by a directed energy weapon while on a phone call to an informant, receiving some intel. His heart almost stopped. Obviously his phone has been tracked and someone is trying to get rid of him so he can no longer warn about the New World Order plans – exactly as my dream indicated. The kill@switch* was triggered for him. Both Celeste and Stephen have been spearheading the release of critical information to keep the endtime saints aware of the dark plans for the unrolling of the agenda for world domination, which includes the mark of the beast and the severe persecution of Christians worldwide.

Always ask the Holy Spirit to show you if you must click on a link that is sent to you on your phone or by email – even by a trusted Christian friend. Do not just gaily join online live-stream meetings or zoom meetings. Only be busy with what the Spirit of God specifically instructs YOU to do. NEVER lean on your own understanding. Try not to carry your phone with you all the time. Only use it when necessary and use loudspeaker mode rather than holding it to your head. If nothing else, you will expose yourself to less radiation by doing this. We have moved past the time of idle web-surfing and scrolling though sites to see things of interest. Implicit obedience will save your life from here on out.


I woke this morning, 10th May, after dreaming about the verses of psalm 121, specifically the Lord being your shade at your right hand (which is the side not carrying a shield). This word ‘shade’ means ‘defense’ and comes from a root word, meaning ‘to hover over or shadow’. How we need the Lord to keep us as the apple of His eye and defend us in these days. Pray without ceasing for the protection of Believers worldwide, that the Lord would send angels to warn them when plots have been released against them. Lift up especially those who are His vanguard, who go ahead as scouts to spy out the machinations of the enemy, in order to warn the remnant of specific plots and plans. I am reminded of the kings who came to worship Jesus and then were warned in a dream to go home by another route because Herod was in a murderous mood. Joseph also fled in the night with Mary and Jesus, after being warned in a dream. It saved their lives. John the Baptist and his mother were sent to the wilderness during this time by Zechariah, who was concerned for their safety. These are the days we have entered, Beloved. Cover your family and your brothers and sisters in Christ with your intercession, and take not one step into each day without first consulting the throne as to whether it is necessary or required for your spiritual advancement and progress in His endtime purposes for you.

I have had many emails querying what was meant by a phrase the Lord spoke to me in a recent encounter: ‘My doves will not be slaughtered before their time’. I believe the Spirit was referring to those in His Bridal Company who are appointed to be martyrs; giving their lives for the cause of the Kingdom. What He meant was that the attempts of the enemy to move forward the date of death recorded by Heaven for His martyrs would be thwarted. Our Father is watching over us, but we must be as little children entering the kingdom and make no move without checking it is in His purpose for the day. Here below is the passage in which the words about the dove were spoken. Notice what glorious things God has prepared to do among His own, even as the dark side rages:

“These will be days of glory and days of miracles. News media will come like bees to a honey pot and compete to carry stories of My hand moving. And yes, this exposure will bring more persecution, but I will shine brighter and brighter in you, and those who seek to harm you shall be blinded as in the days when Lot was thrust out of Sodom. When they seek to break in and lay hold of you, My angels will deal with them. These angels know their dispatch orders and they stand ready to go to their postings as protectors of My elite remnant. My doves shall not be slaughtered before their time. Only the rich shall hide in the caverns of the rocks, but you shall be rich in the presence and power of Heaven.”

May Operation %Kills*witch be a dismal failure because of the quick obedience of His bondservants!






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