Saints on Secret Assignment


Some days, I sleep soundly with hardly an interruption and other days, it is like Heaven has showed up for home movie night. Last night was just such a night! I feel what the Lord showed me is important, so would like to share it with you. In the first dream, I was listening to a woman telling a story to another woman about a man’s dream. He had dreamed that a whole lot of fighter pilots were called up for active service because they were going to war. He was shown the airport tarmac and it was covered with small fighter planes getting ready to take off. When he had woken up from the dream, he related how he had realized it was not just a normal dream that men would dream – about planes or cars or catching fish. He had the strong impression it was a spiritual dream and that God was showing him that He would be calling up fighter pilots in the Spirit to go to war in the heavenlies for Kingdom purposes.

As I was hearing all this in my dream, I also heard God say, “In the days to come, the only safe waves to transmit important information will be dream waves. Hundreds of people will dream the same dream at the same time and show up to man their fighter planes.” I was reminded by the Spirit of the events of Dunkirk in the Second World War, during which the allied troops were trapped on the beach at Dunkirk and a call was made by Churchill for civilian fishing boats to rescue them. Hundreds of small boats sailed across the English Channel and rescued the soldiers from certain death. I have also heard testimonies of whole villages of Muslims dreaming the same dream on the same night, in which Jesus appears to them and tells them to follow Him. So what the Lord shared with me has already happened in certain places, but I got the impression we were entering a time when there would be a large-scale mobilization of fighting troops, skilled in air warfare – or spiritual warfare.


Now, in the time we are entering, God will be sending out instructions to various segments of His troops, to present ourselves to go to war and wage specific spiritual warfare to rescue other saints trapped in the thick of battle. Because there is so much surveillance and control being instituted in all methods of communicating, whether by mobile or internet or email, the Spirit of God will be speaking to His servants in dreams of the night more and more. This is a method of impartation which cannot be stolen from you, if you are alert and diligent to steward what you receive. Sometimes, you will be working alongside other warrior saints in the heavenlies on the same assignment. At other times, He will dispatch single fighter jets to specific targets all over the world. The intention is to so pound the enemy strongholds with secret precision attacks, that they will not be able to anticipate where to regroup next.

Job 33:15  In a dream, in a vision of the night, when deep sleep falls upon men, in slumberings upon the bed; Job 33:16  Then he opens the ears of men, and seals their instruction,

 The fact that I was listening to the dream being passed on between the two women indicates that whatever God is going to be imparting in the way of spiritual counsel will be shared and passed on face to face and tucked into the heart, where it cannot be stolen or intercepted and tracked. This way, a message can travel far and wide in a short space of time. One person just has to tell one other person. And each pilot in their own ‘fighter plane’ is connected with Headquarters and the Commander in Chief, receiving direct instruction, even though they may be geographically very far apart. The battle is won in the Spirit.

As I was meditating on the contents of my dreams last night, the Lord reminded me of an incident that happened in late 2019. An intercessor friend and I had met at a geographical midpoint on a certain wine estate to share notes and pray together. As we strolled down the well-manicured paths, a large snake suddenly appeared on the pathway right in front of us. We froze and weren’t quite sure what to do. Just then, a man in bright orange overalls and wellington boots came by and we told him about the snake. He immediately leaped on it and crushed its head with his boot. We thanked him profusely and as he walked away, I noticed the logo on the back of his overalls said ‘Crown Logistics’! Immediately I knew the Lord was speaking to us concerning His care and protection in these days. He is dispatching His Crown Logistics team to deal with any planned enemy attack lying in our paths. The fighter pilots called up to go to war also represent part of the Crown Logistics troops in these end times. Praise God that He watches over us and guards us like the apple of His eye.


In the early morning watch, I surfaced briefly and wanted to sink back into sleep, but the Lord spoke quite sternly to me, saying, “Get up and record your dreams. From now on, your dreams will be in great detail and you will not remember them if you do not immediately record them.” He was so right. Even sitting up and immediately writing down what I could remember, I knew there were some points that were eluding my memory, yet when I had dreamed them, I had the strong impression that I needed to remember those small details. I now keep a notebook and pen next to my bed so I can scribble down the important details. Quite often, if I go back to sleep again, more detail is supplied in the next dream.

Two days ago, I had a dream in which an angel was instructing me, saying he had provided everything I needed for the day and he indicated two video files on a screen. The one on the left was black and white and just had a ‘play’ button, but the one on the right was in full color and had a button you could click on to download the full technicolor version. In the dream, I had a great desire to see the contents of the color video. The angel warned me it would only be available for download for 24 hours. The impression was that I could just watch my dreams playing out in the black and white version and go on with my life after waking, or I could choose the full impartation intended to completely equip me – which was only available for that day, opening the door for the Spirit to impart the full depth of revelation truth and counsel portioned me for the day. It reminded me of the daily manna that was provided by the Israelites in the wilderness. What they collected was to be digested that day. Any kept for the next day decayed and was worthless. I was so aware that what had been provided was vitally necessary to strengthen and equip me for the next step of my journey and that I was to be diligent in thoroughly chewing and digesting what was imparted, always praying for more understanding and clarity. I have personally found that if one does not record a dream or nighttime counsel immediately on waking, it tends to dissipate and important details are lost. Also, while in the act of writing down the contents of the dream, understanding and wisdom begins to flow. It is almost as if the Spirit waits to see if one is going to take what He has given seriously, and He rewards the serious seeker with the full technicolor download, which begins to flow even while writing it down.

Our Father is so faithful to equip us with everything we need to live victoriously and fulfill our Kingdom mandates in this season. Let us honor His faith in us as His bondslaves and set apart the time to get the full benefits of what He desires to impart to us in these pivotal days. I will be sharing the second dream I had on 13th May in another post.



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