Eagles in Training

eagle training

After I had the dream of the fighter pilot call-up, I had a second dream in which I followed the two women who had been in conversation into an eagle sanctuary. There were many different fenced off protected portions, each with an Eagle or two inside. People were walking around viewing and studying the eagles. Then the woman who had related the pilot dream said excitedly, “There is the owner of the sanctuary” and she indicated an older man who was wearing a black teeshirt. He had silver hair and was walking away from us. On the back of his teeshirt was a logo in gold embroidery thread saying ‘Lieuwen Vil’ I stared at it for a moment and then realized it meant ‘The Lions’ village’ and that the spelling was intentional. The woman told me that this man’s name was Lieu and that it was whispered that he was involved in a secret training project with the eagles. I really wanted to find out more about this project, so I went to the Information desk which was situated at the exit of the sanctuary and asked for a brochure about this training project. The man behind the counter said, “Oh no, nothing has been written down about this project.” So I then made a private appointment with Lieu to find out more about the secret training he was doing with his eagles.


Then I woke up and was given the understanding that the fighter pilots who had been called up and the eagles were one and the same. The eagles were also the young lions being trained by the older Lion, Lieu, with the silver hair, which represented the wisdom he carried. As confirmation of what I had dreamt, that morning as I walked around my neighborhood, an eagle landed in a tree right in front of me and then took off again – a very rare sight where I live!!

Now, ‘lieu’ is pronounced exactly the same as the word for lion in Dutch and Afrikaans, but the fact that the spelling was intentional indicated this man’s name had a double meaning. Lieu’s etymology is:late 13c., usually as part of the phrase in lieu of “in the place, room, or stead of,” from Old French lieu, lou “place, position, situation, rank”. So this man whose name means ‘in place of’ represents Jesus, the Lion of Judah, who died in our place.

This mighty Lion is now running a secret training program of which there is no record because such training has never been done before in the history of the world and it is also not recorded in written form in order to keep the details secret. As I was meditating on this concept, I saw the Man Lieu go up to each eagle’s enclosure and speak to them and as He did, His words flowed into His cupped hands, until they became full. Then He would offer this double portion to the eagle to feast upon. He spoke different words to each eagle. This vision showed me that the training is via the spoken word, not the written Word, from the mouth of Him Who was the Word made flesh.


I realized ‘Vil’ is short for village and then the Spirit prompted me to search for the word for ‘village’ in Scripture and I discovered that this Hebrew word (Strongs H3715) also means ‘young lion’! So the young lions are a vil-lage. Lieuwen Vil directly translated using the Spirit’s coded understanding means ‘The Lion of Judah’s young lions’ and strangely enough for the natural mind to grasp, these lions are actually eagles. It is the gathering and safe dwelling place of the young lions. And it is also the place where a secret training program is being executed in a manner that is untraceable.

Two nights later, in the middle of a dream, I heard the Father’s voice saying, “You must only eat the food I give you.” Then the book of Job was highlighted. So I had a conversation with the Lord when I woke up to get clarification:

“Do You mean I mustn’t eat what others feed me, like Job’s friends, who tried to feed him their version of the truth, but later, You said none of what they had spoken of You was right? So I must eat no words except words from Your lips at this time?”

“Yes, daughter. I am putting you on a specific training diet for the assignment I have for YOU. It’s no good eating other people’s food That is what I am feeding them.”

“Do each of the eagles at Your sanctuary get specific diets?”

“Now you are getting the picture!””

“So, the dream and this conversation is part of my private interview with Lieu that I asked for?”

“Yes, daughter. I will feed each of My eagles from My own hands. There will be no need to search for scraps from other bowls. You will each get more than enough to chew on and digest each day.”

Notice that the following verse tells us the young lions( eagles in training) get their meat from God and not from man.

Psa 104:21  The young lions roar after their prey, and seek their meat from God. 

Like the fighter pilots who each get their call-up and assignment details in the night through visions, dreams and secret counsel, these young lions are being trained to hunt down and take the prey. Both lions and eagles are extremely fast when striking and laying hold of their prey. And each one is receiving a carefully tailored spiritual diet to give them the exact spiritual nutrition needed to successfully take out the enemy on their targeted assignments.

For those who are eagles being quietly and secretly trained, it is a time for intense focus on digesting what the Lion of Judah is speaking to you daily. Do not try and take in other nourishment even though there is a massive bombardment of both prophetic words and teaching articles being sent out at present. Eat only what He requires you to eat. Do not feel if you don’t open a link or read through a long prophetic word forwarded by someone else that you will be robbing yourself and not be fully equipped. The Spirit is well able to nourish and equip each of His eagles and have them in peak condition at the time of release to the target. There may be many ‘tourists’ browsing through the eagle sanctuary, admiring the different magnificent birds, but there is a fence which separates the birds from the general public. They are there to just browse around spiritual venues or surf the internet, looking for something interesting to read. The time for that is over. Each one is set-apart from the general public and even from one another to some extent AND they are set apart UNTO the specific training assignment indicated by Heaven. Time is short and every hour of every day counts in this training time.


I also sense that the message by Dutch Sheets on God’s war eagles is relevant at this time, if -and only IF – the Spirit releases you to watch it!!



Mic 5:7  Then the remnant of Jacob shall be in the midst of many peoples like dew from the Lord, like showers upon the grass which [come suddenly and] tarry not for man nor wait for the sons of men. Mic 5:8  And the remnant of Jacob shall be among the nations in the midst of many peoples like a lion among the beasts of the forest, like a young lion [suddenly appearing] among the flocks of sheep which, when it goes through, treads down and tears in pieces, and there is no deliverer. Mic 5:9  Your hand will be lifted up above your adversaries, and all your enemies shall be cut off.


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  1. This is an awesome word Christine, I too can testify to its veracity.
    Interestingly the past few days the Lord has had me notice the number 1034 a number of times, so yesterday I looked it up in strongs, in Hebrew it means the place of lionesses.
    In Greek it means edible.
    I was fascinated, intrigued and I might add, a little excited as I read your email, I could have continued reading, I wanted more, it was a feast I didn’t want to leave.
    Thank you so much for sharing!!

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