Blood for Blood

Audio version of this message HERE This word was received on the 21st June, the day of the occult celebration of winter or summer solstice, depending on where you live – a rather auspicious day for God Almighty to speak judgement upon works of wickedness. It is no coincidence that the word God spoke to... Continue Reading →

The Barren has Borne Seven

The audio version of this message can be listened to HERE On 20th June 2020, I received a word from the Lord that surprised me and then caused me to praise Him for His amazing faithfulness and phenomenal ability to come up with ideas that could not have originated with anyone but Him - He... Continue Reading →

Sweet for Bitter

*This post has been updated 6th May 2021* Last week, I received 3 short dream fragments one after the other. In effect, they portray what is presently happening on the earth and what will continue to emerge into the light. I am going to share them one at a time, along with the understanding I... Continue Reading →

Stitching Garment to Garment

On Monday 8th June, I was praying and had a vision. I saw a room full of people dressed in smart clothing with wine glasses in their hands and snacks being served by waiters. The people had cloaks or mantles in a multitude of colors around their shoulders. It seemed like some sort of corporate... Continue Reading →

Provision and Protection

Today is Sat 6th June, 14th Sivan. This is a word I received from Father in the 3rd watch of night of 6th Sivan: "Not long now and a terrible plague will arise. It will decimate what is left of the world economy and people will become slaves to the system just to survive. Remember,... Continue Reading →

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