The Synchronized Dance of the Issachar Company

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The sons of Issachar had understanding of the times, so that they knew what the people ought to do. What does this crucial company look like? Well, they are watchmen on the wall. If you think of the inside works of a watch or clock, all the clock parts are moving together, same clockwise, some anticlockwise, but the Issachar timepiece are all working together to move with the timing of Heaven and display the true time on Heaven’s timepiece. Some are releasing words of impending judgements and others are being used to release words of empowerment and preparation of the remnant ecclesia, but ALL are part of releasing the understanding of the times so the people of God know what to do. Each releases a sound through their motion in a fixed position – like the stars which are silent, but their voice goes out in all the earth during the night season (Psalm 19). So too, these ones who have understanding of the times move seamlessly upon their appointed axis of rotation, their orbits mapped out by the Ancient of Days, fixed and set in place in order to release wisdom; the bread and wine of Wisdom’s table for a time such as this.

I am reminded of a word and vision received a long while back where dancers who danced with the Bridegroom on a dance floor, when seen from above, looked like a giant kaleidoscope of colored stones flowing in a choreographed dance which was determined by the flow of the oil-drenched waters in which they were immersed.

Some of these working Heavenly clock parts are large and their names known and some are very small and relatively unknown in Church circles, but the same Spirit is moving each one seamlessly and precisely, causing their individual sounds to synchronize perfectly in the fullness of times that we have entered. We all see in part, just as the individual gears of the clock all have a small vital part to play, but when all move together and release their sound or their message at the right moment, the fullness of understanding of the times is released and the people of God have clarity as to what to do. In fact, the movement of one gear causes the gears touching it to begin to move. In the same way, often when one hears a prophetic word, it triggers the release of a corresponding or supplementary piece of revelation. In this season, God is causing one lightning bolt of revelation to trigger similar bolts or downloads of revelation light in the hearers, so that a fullness of understanding is imparted across the earth.

With this in mind, I would like to share some visions and prophetic words that were brought across my path this week. All of them both confirm and clarify things I have shared in recent weeks. And as I explain further on, the Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation continued to add light upon my being exposed to them.

Just as some clock parts move clockwise and others anticlockwise, so too, some of these words speak of judgement and persecution, but at the same time there is outpouring of glory and exploits through other words. The two occur simultaneously.

Please take the time to watch or read the words I have shared and you will find God increasing and adding to that light as you absorb it. No doubt there will also be confirmation of things the Spirit has shown you. Many of you may have already watched the first two videos as they have been going viral among the saints because they release understanding of timing. These two videos contain revelation of timing of what is going to unfold in the earth. The second three words bring revelation of what is happening in heavenly places and in the spiritual realm at the same time as earthly chaos:

1) 3 dreams about what breaks out in the months of 2020 (Pastor Dana, Kentucky):

 2) Coming persecution (Pastor Dana)
Remember, in my word called Plug in Before Proceeding (Dove Chronicles III), the Lord said ‘Play the man’ and ‘Be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might’. Pastor Dana heard repeatedly, “Brace yourself”. One normally hears this before sudden impact of something that has the potential to shake you. Soldiers who are about to engage with the enemy on the battlefield brace themselves and tap into their resources of courage and strength before they plunge headlong into the fray. Remember also my vision in the word called ‘The Legion of Hard Hitters’ about the company of soldiers putting on their battle armor and being supplied with constantly replenishing oil for their internal lamps. This is the same principle as my word called ‘Maintaining Pace to the End of the Race‘. If you are new to my blog, please read these articles and be encouraged that God will be with you every step of the way, empowering you to stand your ground and bring glory to God.

 3) Vision and encounter 21/6/2020 (seen by a sister in the Lord who wishes to remain anonymous)

Harp gathering :

While in worship with harp and song, I see the following:

As the sound of worship fills the atmosphere, I see the 24 elders lying prostate before the Throne of God in a circle. As they worship Him, the sound of harp and song release incense formed in a circular movement in the Throne Room. The Father takes His right index finger, stirring this atmosphere of sound and incense. Small fires start going out from this stirring all the way to the corners of the earth.

 I then see the earth in orbit. I sense a dark creature of evil and darkness roaring as a lion, releasing sounds of intimidation, fear, confusion, chaos and disorientation across the globe, trying to spin the earth out of its orbit, putting pressure on it in an  anticlockwise direction. I see people looking dazed and confused, I see myself disoriented and harassed by the sounds coming from this evil force. I repent and cry out….”Yeshua, forgive me…Yeshua, let the Bride hear Your sweet, sweet Voice!”

I’m still repenting when I see the Lion of Judah appearing in the heavenlies. His Face is pure gold and beautiful light and He roars with a mighty sound…..shaking everything all around. 

I see how the voice of the enemy wanted to shake the earth, its orbit, its times and seasons and change its course (Daniel 7:25), but then as the small incense fires of praise and worship arise all across the globe, the Lion of Judah roars and sets everything back in order in time, place and space. He lifts His right paw and slaps that evil lion of darkness right out of its position.

 I see Yeshua walking among the Lampstand of Time, its 7 branches holding 7 hourglasses…the sands of time. 

He says:

“It’s not time yet. First the harvest must come!

I am calling My bride into My timing, into My heart, into her position in Me, into MY TIMES AND SEASONS. Look at the Beautiful Gate, My timely gate. Position yourselves, get ready.

Prepare, prepare, prepare.

The harvest is ripe and the workers are few.”


From this vision, we know that the one attempting to change the time and bring the earth under his full power is the one described in Daniel 7 as operating through one of the horns of the fourth beast:

 Dan 7:25  And he shall speak words against the Most High, and he shall wear out the saints of the Most High. And he intends to change times and law. And they shall be given into his hand until a time and times and one half time. Dan 7:26  But the judgment shall sit, and they shall take away his rulership, to cut off and to destroy until the end. 

Note that this vision was seen on the solstice, during participation in an international harp worship event, releasing a holy sound to counteract the dark sound being released by the occult realm. Remember too that the Lucifarians had called for worldwide marches on that very day to bring forth the New World Order to be conducted on that day. They were intent on hastening the underworld’s attempts at takeover before the appointed time. However, as her vision clearly showed, the Lord as Lion of Judah stepped in and dealt that foul spirit who is the counterfeit lion a blow for trying to change the time and bring the earth under his grip. I fully believe it was the sound of worship released by golden vessels in countless places which counteracted that heinous plan. This is why the Lion of Judah’s face was depicted as gold.

I do not know what happened in other areas, but I did get a report that the march to the western wall in Jerusalem by these fiends was cancelled – evidence of the cuff of the Lion of Judah’s paw.

I did also ponder on the mention of attempting to slow the earth’s rotation by pressure in an anticlockwise direction. If one does the same with a clock, one causes the displayed time to be earlier than the actual time. Effectively, this depicts the enemy trying to stave off the time of his judgement and casting into the lake of fire. The Word tells us he knows he has a short time to do his thing. This would not sit well with him, so attempting to stretch the time period is quite in line with his rebellious character. Dan 7:26 says his attempts will not succeed and the judgement shall sit and proceed as Heaven has ordained.

His efforts would also have the added effect of making those in the church who have no understanding of the times think it is earlier than it really is and that there is no rush to prepare because there is plenty of time to get ready.

4) a portion of word for 2020 by Veronica West:

‘Latter Rains shall be Greater than the Former Rains..!

‘Now as my eyes looked at this great Army rising up in the earth, I heard these words, “The latter rains shall be greater than the former rains.  Behold!  My Latter Rain Army now rises in the nations of the earth!”

Then I saw again the Spinning Wheel and the Key appear over the rising Army, and the Wheel was set blaze by Fire and was spinning round and round with great speed.

Then I heard the sound of turning and I looked at the Key which had begun to turn, and I heard these words, “My Latter Rain Army shall carry the Governmental Key of The House of David upon their shoulders, and like the Spinning Wheel of Fire, they shall move and advance with great acceleration and momentum in the earth.

“For these are the days of My Glory and My Heavenly Government being established in the nations of the earth!”

The Smoke/ Glory will fill The Temple; Judgement and Justice comes to The House of God; Two Doors…!

As I stayed listening and my eyes looked again at the Spinning Wheel of Fire, suddenly I saw smoke rise up in the midst of the great Army and I heard these words, “And the temple was filled with smoke from the Glory of God!”

Then again I heard the sound of turning that could be heard in the realm of The Spirit and I looked at the Key and the Key of David was being turned.

Suddenly I saw two doors appear before me in the dream.  The first door I saw had the words “House of God” written above it and I heard The Spirit of Revelation say, “For the time is come.  Judgement must begin in The House of God.”

Then I watched as the first door was opened, and again I heard The Spirit speak, saying “For the time is come — Judgement must begin in The House of God.”

Then my eyes were drawn to the second door which had also appeared before me and I saw the words, “Most Holy Place” written upon it.

But as I looked at the door, I saw two flaming swords which formed a cross (x) standing over the entrance of the door that led to the “Most Holy Place”, and the door remained shut.

Then I heard The Spirit of Revelation say, “Watch and pray!  First must come My Justice and Judgement — then the Door that leads to the Most Holy Place shall be opened!”


When I read this number 5 portion of the prophetic word for 2020, about the door to the Holy Place being shut, I saw a vision which I will share in part 2 of this post.

mechanical clock parts

As I end of this part, take another good look at the picture of the inner workings of the clock and notice the myriad of small pieces that work together to accurately display the time. We all see in part and we need each other to get a wider understanding. Praise God for saints who have set themselves apart and traversed the required wilderness of preparation in order to bring light to His people. In the hour of trial that is coming on the whole earth, there will be those who are wise and shine like stars, leading many to righteousness. Those who know their God intimately will be strong and do exploits, even while multitudes are in the valley of decision. As I have shared before, the Hebrew word for ‘decision’ also means ‘tribulation’. The severe shaking appointed will induce a waking in some to the lateness of the hour and as the Church prays and is led by the Spirit, the great endtime harvest will be reaped. As the word from my anonymous sister emphasized, the time on the clock says ‘Harvest time’. Just as shaking is part of winnowing the wheat, so too shaking will be a part of bringing in the harvest. Position yourselves and be ready, even as you go about your daily routine.

(To be continued)



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