Pt 3 ~ The Synchronized Dance of the Issachar Company




As I mentioned in part 1 of this series, I received a vision while reading the words I shared with you: I saw the temple building, complete with outer court, Holy Place and Holy of Holies. There was a very visible trail of manna scattered like a path through the outer court and into the Holy Place. It was wide and abundant in the outer court and became narrower as it passed through the Holy Place. By the time it got to the altar of incense, there were only a few pieces of manna on the ground and it ended there. It reminded me of a trail deliberately laid to show people what way to go. It is almost as if the Father has directed that pieces of manna, revelation light portions from the Bread of Life, be scattered to show His people how to find the way to the ark of His presence. Furthermore, the Spirit showed me this trail of white is like the walk down the aisle for the Bride and is specifically manna provided to lead the Bridal company through the temple to the place of marriage, oneness and consummation; essentially dwelling in the Holy of Holies face to face.


So the altar of incense is the last station the Bride of Christ visits before full union. It is a place of full surrender, of forgetting your people and your father’s house, of separation from and separation unto. After this comes name change, station change, change of dwelling place and the receiving of full wedding covenant privileges, rights and responsibilities. Being a wife is very different from being a fiancée. In a holy covenant relationship, the Bride doesn’t see the bedchamber of the Groom before the ceremony. You may have walked with Him, talked with Him, danced with Him, but consummation is a different matter.


Consequently this threshold of the Holy of Holies is also a place of sifting. The altar of incense is full of crushed incense that is set alight. But there is also a portion of incense that is crushed extra-fine and set apart or appointed to be carried by the High Priest into the Holy of Holies on Yom Kippur – the feast which is also known by the name ‘Face to Face’.


Concerning the manna, I was reminded by the Holy Spirit of a prophetic experience I had on the 6th May 2020(when I also received the word concerning judgement on New York), where I was taken again in a vision to the room where the manna is formed in Heaven. I had visited it before and, this time, I noticed that the level of golden heavenly light in the atmosphere was significantly less and there was not much manna on the floor of the room. After commenting on this, the Father said the time of receiving daily manna by just picking it up from what had already been scattered daily along the path was coming to an end, and the time of experiencing the Promised Land of true union was at hand. Historically, once the people of God crossed over into the new dispensation and entered the Promised Land, the manna ceased falling the day after Passover:


Jos 5:10  And the Israelites encamped in Gilgal; and they kept the Passover on the fourteenth day of the month at evening in the plains of Jericho. Jos 5:11  And on that same day they ate the stored grain of the land: unleavened cakes and parched grain. Jos 5:12  And the manna ceased on the day after they ate of the produce of the land; and the Israelites had manna no more, but they ate of the fruit of the land of Canaan that year.


Notice that during this transition Passover, they received both manna in the morning, then unleavened bread made from ground stored grain AND they ate of the new grain that had passed through the fire – a 3-fold feast. All this grain was grown in the Promised Land. It was not carried with them from Egypt or obtained in the wilderness of preparation. At this Passover, they received nutrition from those already rooted and growing in the new dispensation. Not only that, but the phrase ‘stored grain’ is the Hebrew word Abur, meaning ‘passed, or stored’. In the Ark of the Covenant beyond the veil, there is stored manna; stored bread of Heaven. The threefold feast on this pivotal Passover includes an hors-d’oeuvre of that which has been stored up in a golden vessel company dwelling in the hidden place of His presence, with the purpose of unveiling at God’s appointed time.


The people born in the wilderness had never eaten unleavened bread as no crops had been grown in the 40 years of wilderness wanderings.  How delicious it must have tasted to them! This threefold feast contains nourishment and revelation never encountered by the eyes and ears of the current generation of saints. These termed ‘stored grain’ are seasoned saints, set apart and holy, who have been saturated in the presence of God continually, away from the eyes of the activity in the Holy Place. So we see that there are forerunner saints, those who have been sent ahead, who have successfully been tested by fire and found to be vessels of gold, carrying within revelation and understanding that is nutritious for the Bridal Company to consume. They do not carry the leaven of the Pharisees or the leaven of Herod. They are bearing the leaven of the Kingdom.


Abur comes from a root word ‘abar’ meaning ‘to transition, cross over, enter into a covenant, pass beyond, to emigrate, to impregnate’. There is heavenly seed in this stored grain of the Promised Land! As the Bridal Company enters into a marriage covenant and transitions to married life, consummation takes place and seed within the stored grain is released into spiritual wombs. The season of great fruitfulness lies ahead.


The phrase ‘parched in the fire’ refers to the practice of testing the newly ripened grain to see if it was in the aviv phase (you can read more about this in the series on the Firstfruits Barley, written in 2018/19). This Passover takes place at the time of the barley harvest in Canaan. If barley is aviv, the grains can pass through the fire without being consumed by the flames and vaporizing. The heat only serves to harden the outside and make the grain fit for consumption. This aviv grain represents saints who are already rooted and grounded in the Promised Land, but who are being tasted for the first time – new ministries, new prophets fresh from their season of preparation, who come to impart great and mighty things that the Bridal Company has not known. They are new faces, new writers, new speakers; the unknown ones – just like John the Baptist who showed up after about 28 years of obscurity at the Jordan. I am sure many people who came to the river had never heard of him and his family had been wiped out by Herod’s soldiers.


Son 3:6  Who is this that comes gliding out of the wilderness like stately pillars of smoke perfumed with myrrh, frankincense, and all the fragrant powders of the merchant?


The word ‘parched’ comes from a root word meaning ‘despised, lightly esteemed’. So we know that those new aviv vessels through whom the Lord ministers nourishment called ‘parched grain’ at this crossing point have walked in the sufferings of Jesus – a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief, one from whom men hid their faces and considered of no worth ( Isaiah 53:3).  They have been refined by trial and tested and found useful to the Master.


Notice also that the unleavened cakes and the parched grain were provided just before the end of the daily manna season. What the forerunners share at this juncture is nourishment that prepares for the new season ahead. Passive reception of daily spiritual nourishment would be ending. No more daily spiritual breakfast easily gathered on wakening. The fruit of Canaan was a different matter. Yes, they conquered giants and possessed the fields and cities of the pagans, but those crops still had to be harvested and passed through the preparation procedures necessary to make them table-ready. There was a lot of physical labour connected with accessing the fruit of the Promised Land. In a spiritual sense, this can be likened to eating meat instead of drinking milk. Meat must be cooked, cut up and chewed mouthful by mouthful to glean the nourishment it contains. Milk in contrast can just be swallowed straight from the cow!


In the same way, the revelation imparted in the Holy Place is depicted by the seven flames of the continually burning menorah and by the table of showbread, whose cakes were dished out every Sabbath to the serving priests. The olives have already been harvested and pressed to produce the pure oil. The flour has already been ground and the bread baked. The Holy Place is the place of readily accessible revelation truth, and some natural light permeates its interior through the doorway to the outer court. But the threshold marked by the hanging place of the veil announces a vast change. Here the trail of easily picked up manna ends. Beyond this threshold is the Speaking Place, the Holy of Holies, where there is no natural light. It is the place of Face to Face, the glory realm, and only a portion of all the crushed incense makes it beyond the threshold.

(To be continued)

6 thoughts on “Pt 3 ~ The Synchronized Dance of the Issachar Company

  1. Hi, blessings! and yes, the mention of “when I rec’d the judgement on NY re: 5.6.20. Having family and dear ones there had forwarded it to them for their own understanding. What was noted the most was the insistence of the months May & June…that this would occur then. Although some things did occur – it was not anything like the words within yours that came to pass.
    Those whom I’d forwarded that too have questioned me…and therefore I lay those questions at your feet Christine. As it was you who owned speaking on His behalf about NY.
    Can you – would you please openly express why such a dramatic word was spoken, given a specific time frame and then did not come to pass.
    This is in no way an attack on the mouthpiece..but accountability is needed. That word put fear in peoples hearts….people that LOVE Him…..and are praying earnestly for His will…..and His corrections/judgements/justices.
    And His mercy.
    Something was not right.
    Either it was presumptuous to give a date of occurrence or ???? I’m not sure here..but knowing your care and concern for His people ask for this platform to discuss it openly.
    Maybe I am the only one wondering……………pardon me for that if it is so. it was a very HEAVY word.May & June have come & gone. NY did not burn relentlessly.

    thank you for allowing me to pose this here……..
    much love and prayers,

    1. Hi Jojo,
      Yes, it is a hard word and was not easy to deliver. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to respond to this on the public platform. I have answered these questions privately for those who asked questions by email and so it is good to discuss it here, for any further queries to be answered. It is so important to read a word from the Lord carefully and not jump to conclusions. Sometimes He speaks cryptically and we misinterpret what He means and sometimes we read between the lines and extrapolate meaning that is not intended. Here is a LINK to the word Rats and Riots PLease note that a DATE was not issued, only a commencement of SEASON, which is an entirely different thing.When a judgement is issued, there is a time of rolling out of the full execution of that judgement. The Lord only said it would start in June but did not indicate the time of the fullness of its manifestation nor the date of the completion of its execution. Here is the phrase you are referring to as date-setting, spoken by the Lord and released on the 5th June:

      “Has it not begun? Do you not see the sewers spewing forth the foot-soldiers of Lawlessness?…”

      I did see that a Chinese missile was deflected from striking NY a few days after my word was released on the 5th June, and part of its fragments went into the,ocean and a piece landed in West Africa (which is how they identified it as Chinese)’ I presume US military quietly did this. There have also been reports recently of marches being organized from outside NY to enter the city and cause chaos.

      News reports of recent days have also stated that 500 000 people have fled the center of New York city to go and live in the suburbs away from the chaos at the city center. AS the Lord said: “I will take one from a city and two from a family and I will draw them unto Myself and I will send angels to hasten their flight out of sin-city even as the gavel of judgement is falling…”

      There have been US flag burnings outside Trump tower and elsewhere. Several fires have also been reported in New York in the recent weeks.This is the beginning but please do not assume it is the end of the word of judgement issued by the Lord.

      He also said: “it will consume itself from within for it is a leprous house and there is no healing for its infected walls.” Consuming of itself will be an unfolding process, just as gangrene in a body takes time to eat at a limb before entering the bloodstream and poisoning the whole system completely and shutting it down. Death does not always unfold in the space of an hour, a day, a week, or even a month. Much of this ‘consuming’ is already occurring through the decisions of the person who has delegated authority to rule there; the mayor of New York, the removal of police authority and the vast increase in violence and lawlessness.; another report here.

      Again, let me quote from the word on New York: “Though I have raised up righteous prophets in their midst (He is referring to DAVID WILKERSON here)who cried warning after warning, and though I have brought prophets from across the sea at great personal cost to themselves (Here, this is a reference to Dimitru Duduman’s 1984 vision, I believe), to cry out on street corners and call this city to repentance, they have not heeded My voice…”

      David Wilkerson prophesied many years ago that the Lord showed him New York burning with a thousand fires. I believe the SEASON of that vision’s fulfillment has now begun to be fulfilled.

      Remember that when a fire is made, first all the dry wood and kindling is piled together. Then a spark is ignited which causes the tinder to begin smouldering and finally burning. Only after a time, do all the dry logs catch alight and one witnesses the full blaze and fury of the fire which has been planned and prepared. I believe we are watching the first ignition of the tinder in these days. This seemingly slow unfolding of the execution of a judgement is actually God’s mercy in giving time for His remnant to be removed from the city to places of safety, with the help of His angels. For those who have already been shown by the Spirit that they will be moved from this city, the smouldering tinder is an indication that their leaving will very shortly unfold and they should not lapse into passivity or fear at this time but actively seek the Lord as to His precision timing for them. The Books of Proverbs says that a righteous man sees evil and hides himself. The foolish continue on and are punished with suffering.

      According to Dimitru Duduman’s vision, the final burning and decimation of New York will be by a nuclear attack, and several other cities earmarked for judgement will be struck on the same day. Of course, by the word ‘day’ here, we do not know if the Lord is speaking of a 24 hr day or a day of judgement, meaning a season of judgement.

      However, as intercessors and watchmen on the walls, our part is to pray for the Lord in His mercy to move out all those not appointed for judgement before it strikes, like His angels did with Lot.We need to ask the Lord to wake up the sleeping and give understanding of the times to His people who live there in New York and other cities appointed judgement. Ask that He would warn them in dreams as He did with Joseph and Mary, to flee to safety from a death assignment; to come out from her and be separate so they do not share in her plagues and judgements.

      Hope this long screed helps!

      1. Just a postscript as I am going over Dimitru’s word from 1984 again, here is a quote:

        “How will America burn? It is so powerful.”

        He said, “The Russian spies have discovered where the most powerful nuclear missiles are in America. It will start with the world calling for ‘peace, peace. Then there will be an internal revolution in America, started by the Communists. The government will be busy with internal problems. Then, from the oceans, Russia, Cuba, Nicaragua, Central America, Mexico, and two other countries (which I cannot remember) will attack! The Russians will bombard the nuclear missile silos in America. America will burn….I said, “How will you save the Church if America will burn?”

        He said, “Tell them as I tell you. As he saved the three young men through the oven of fire, and Daniel from the mouth of the lion, that is how I will save them. Tell them to stop sinning and repent….”

  2. HI Christine,

    this is very very good of you to reply and walk,talk and push this back and forth…………..showing your Heart is True to His Spirit…….
    thank you for taking the time and the painstaking efforts to express deeper and wider. I am not afraid to hear of things coming or strong words…but when it comes forth sounding like He is disgusted, which to me – thats how it came out ( but then…..I am a very soft empathetic person – His gift)…it troubles my Spirit. yet God must be who He IS , not to please me nor anyone else…..and we should love Him regardless……….unto death † and that death is HIS TO CHOOSE.

    thank you so much,
    my love

  3. Christine, it was the word ” A city Judged”.the fireballs.and the speculations in there about the space matter we’d been entering…and that it was specific ” NY would be struck from without” outside – and that it was to begin definitely this year/ May/June…. that’s what I am referring too. We’ve gotten off track here a bit but appreciate the blessing of you answering…….


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