From Preparation to Positioning

AUDIO VERSION HERE Sometimes the Lord really makes me laugh. I had mentioned to you in my article 'Safe Transition' that I would send one more article and then withdraw to seek 'the King in the field' before Rosh Hashanah.  Two days ago, I was minding my own business, watering my garden, and the Lord... Continue Reading →

Spotlight on Sabotage

I don't know how your week has been since you last heard from me, but mine has been challenging, to say the least. As much as I set my heart to press in to the secret place of His presence, there seemed to be an equal and opposite force preventing me from doing so. Not... Continue Reading →

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Safe Transition

AUDIO VERSION HERE This post is, in essence, to make sure we are all standing at the right place on the map of His purposes, concerning understanding of the times. Tonight at 6pm on 20th August, the month of Elul begins. On this day in 1313BC, Moses hewed out the two stone tablets which would... Continue Reading →

Sound the Alarm on My Holy Hill

Fresh Oil Releases has always been about sharing what I have seen and heard in my walk with the Lord. Sometimes, it takes days, weeks, months to get full understanding of things He says and hindsight brings a flow of wisdom. Such has been the case in this past week. Sentences and phrases have been... Continue Reading →

Pre-Flight Checks and Balances

Audio version HERE In the first week of July, I had a dream in which I was invited to a friend's house for dinner. Their house was situated on top of a mountain and had many full-length windows. It was night time and they were expecting more guests. My friend was distressed because large cracks... Continue Reading →

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