Pre-Flight Checks & Balances pt 2

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In the last part of the vision about the Bridal plane. I saw a little boy, who had been one of the ZZZ passengers; get up from his seat very shyly. He looked about 7 years old and he walked quietly down the aisle of the plane and took a seat at the old, battered upright piano. He was so small that the stewardess had to get the swivel seat from the fancy concert piano and make it taller so he could be the right height to reach the keys. The whole plane was quiet and everyone was still shocked as they thought of who had been removed and who had taken their places. It was like the fear of the Lord filled the plane and everyone was hoping that they wouldn’t be next to be evicted.

 The boy played one note with his forefinger and the atmosphere in the plane began to hum and vibrate. I could see minute golden particles vibrating in the air. He played another note with the same index finger. Deliberately. Focused. And the atmosphere became more and more full of motion and anther portion of golden light became visible. It was almost like a swarm of bees was somewhere in the plane. And then there was a third note. And people are waiting to see what tune he would break into, to see if they knew it. But the boy seemed oblivious to their presence. In the humming atmosphere, the golden particles moved to form a giant treble clef, suspended in the air, exactly in the area where the boy was gazing upwards.

Then the stave appeared and a note formed on it. And he played it. And then another note positioned itself on the stave. And the played that one too. He did not guess what the next note was going to be, but waited for it to appear. And then he played it. After quite a few notes, golden oil began to flow out of the stave.

And then I was shown the rows of passengers, and I could suddenly see them in their true state. Some were bruised and battered and wrapped in bandages; others had limbs in plaster. All looked weary, as if they had been through a huge battle and had been under much attack. The playing of the notes continued. And I saw the oil began to flow through the plane and over the passengers and they began to weep as the oil saturated them. Then the Lord showed me the boy’s finger on the piano keys and He said, “My remnant is weary and battle worn. And this is the reason for the delay in takeoff of this plane. I have removed the pointing finger from their midst and now they will experience the ministering flow of the healing finger of God. All the attacks, all the pointing fingers, all the accusations and judgments leveled against them behind their backs by the accuser of the brethren, using arrogant vessels only too willing to be a mouth piece of destruction, all the flaming arrows with their poisonous tips shot from hidden places – every wound; physical, emotional and spiritual from this season of battering, I will now heal.”

And I saw the stewards and stewardesses were handing out refreshments and even helping to remove splints and plaster casts and bandages. The boy stopped playing but the atmosphere remained heavy with Heaven’s presence. I heard the words, “Undergirding, strengthening, enabling” and watched as crutches, bandages and poultices which had been used to draw out infection all being carried to the back of the plane and put into bins.

Then the Lord showed me a poultice and I saw it consisted of chopped herbs mixed with oil which was being used to draw out the hidden source of infection in the body, to bring it to the surface so it could be extracted and the body could heal. And I was given knowledge that this was connected to a scripture in Isaiah, which speaks in the King James version of the dew of ‘herbs’, but in other translations it speaks of dew of ‘sparkling light’. And I had the understanding that this whole process which has taken place in the plane – with the extraction of the people from their seats, and their demotion and ultimate removal had been the operation of a Divine poultice.

And the Lord is saying that for each of those on this plane, there is going to be provision of herb-light; the dew of sparkling light. Revelation light and understanding is going to be given in every area where death and destruction has been at work. God is going to unveil and bring to the surface the hidden sources of infection that have been working to bring hindrance to their progress. He is going to expose the sources of that which has been working against their free flow in Kingdom purposes. Once the hidden source of death is brought to the surface – like those passengers who booked for themselves AAA seats, every agent of destruction will be removed from the midst of the Bridal Company. Just as when a poultice is placed on a place of infection overnight, and then in the morning is lifted off and all the pus and infection agent is seen to be on the poultice instead of being hidden inside the limb, so too will the Lord reveal and remove the sources of infection and death from among His Bridal Company. Parts of your life where death has been at work will now live and there will be a short, intense season of personal healing and restoration experienced by the Bridal Company, as the oil from the healing finger of God ministers to you.


Psa 105:37  He brought [Israel] forth also with silver and gold, and there was not one feeble person among their tribes.

Isa 26:19  Your dead shall live [O Lord]; the bodies of our dead shall rise. You who dwell in the dust, awake and sing for joy! For Your dew is a dew of sparkling light [heavenly, supernatural dew]; and the earth shall cast forth the dead [to life again; for on the land of the shades of the dead You will let Your dew fall].

Psa 84:6  Passing through the Valley of Weeping, they make it a place of springs;

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  1. Thanks for what you shared. I’m really scratching my head about all you wrote “in Light of” what I have been learning recently. See below.

    FYI, below word study and “bees”.

    Gesenius’ Hebrew-Chaldee Lexicon [?]
    H1696 DABAR Brown-Driver-Briggs
    [דָּבַר]1142 verb speak, arrange in order, Aramaic דַּבָּרָא guidance; Syriac , Aramaic דַּבְרָא, Hebrew דֹּבֶר; Syriac , Aramaic מַדְבְּרָא, Hebrew מִדְבָּר pasture, wilderness; Arabic , Syriac , Aramaic דַּבַּרְתָא, Hebrew דְּבוֺרָה ***swarm of bees***, may be in this line, as led by their queen. This word is also the root for H1697 DABAR meaning “a word”. The LXX uses LOGOS in place of this many times.

    Also, maybe you’re familiar with Chuck Missler’s teaching on the 6 Literal Days of Creation in Genesis 1. The one I’m reviewing was done, I think, in the 1990’s? The sessions are available on You Tube. I just watched the sessions from the Intro through Day 2. I’m specifically bringing this to your attention because Missler gets into,(really gets into!!) The Nature of LIGHT. Not the Sun or Moon, BUT LIGHT. I cannot begin to explain what he teaches, but part of the information has to do with “waves, particles, digital vs analog, AND Pianos as an example! His teachings may “shed new Light” on what you just shared?! He was friends with Barry Sutterfield, an Aussie, who did amazing research concerning the Red Shift.

    Love In Jesus,

    Doug MacCallum

  2. Hi,

    I liked the comment “”I have removed the pointing finger from their midst and now they will experience the ministering flow of the healing finger of God”” which suggests to me the accuser of the brethren has been cast out and now will come the mighty flow of God’s presence and power to and for His people.
    And I believe it is happening now.

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