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This post is, in essence, to make sure we are all standing at the right place on the map of His purposes, concerning understanding of the times. Tonight at 6pm on 20th August, the month of Elul begins. On this day in 1313BC, Moses hewed out the two stone tablets which would be engraved upon with the finger of God. Remember that Moses had broken the first set of tablets carved out by God when he witnessed the spiritual adultery of the people of God around the golden calf. The second time, Moses had to carve out those tablets with his own hands. Then, on the 1st Elul (21st August), he ascended the mountain to spend another 40 days before the face of God, descending again on Yom Kippur.

Why am I telling you all this? Remember that on the 7th August, the Spirit warned me of a 40 day period before tribulation would break out. I urged a time of prayer and fasting in preparation for this time marker, just before the start of the year 5781 in the Hebrew calendar. Well, in the last week, the Spirit has been continuously stressing the month of Elul to me. This is the month of repentance and return in the Jewish faith; a month when the shofar is blown every day calling people to turn from their waywardness and align to God’s righteous plumbline. As I said in a previous message, the shofar is blown every day except the last of these 30 days. The shofar is an awakening blast; to rouse the sleeping, focus the daydreaming and underline the lateness of the hour.

At the beginning of 5780, I shared that the Lord had referred to this year as the year of preparation; the morning watch year for the faithful remnant. It was also by definition, the evening watch year for the world at large. And what a year it has been! There has been a continual temptation to be transfixed by the approaching darkness, when we as the remnant should really be focusing on the approach of the dawn in our night of preparation for this time. As the morning watch year has progressed, more and more light has been given, so that at this juncture, you should be able to see the state of your surroundings quite clearly in a spiritual sense. The increase of revelation light has made obvious who is who in the zoo and there has been separation from some relationships which the Lord has brought to a close. Some were sent as tests to prove your quality of heart, and others were blatant assignments of the enemy disguised as fellow saints. Nevertheless, God is able to turn every assignment of evil for the good of those who are called according to His purposes. And once the true nature of the situation is revealed, you know that the season of its usefulness in your life is at an end. The fire is only needed to forge the sword. Once this process is complete, it is removed from the proximity of the flames permanently.

The morning watch is a transition period between the night and the day. It is a bridging period when darkness is retreating at the advance of the light of the approaching Son. In the same way, the evening watch in the world is a bridging period when the ability to walk by natural light and understanding is coming to an end and the time when men are at the end of their own wisdom is fast approaching. The evening watch signals a time of preparation for the battening down of the hatches before the stormy night season is fully unleashed. As believers, we prepare in the natural for this dark stormy night in the earth by walking in the light and understanding given by Him who is becoming ever brighter within us.

Some years ago, I wrote an article on The Transition Bridge, which the Spirit continually refers me back to (I would encourage you to read it, if you are new to this blog). In there, I share the revelation about the 3 stages of the transition bridge : DISORIENTATION, RECALIBRATION and REORIENTATION. Once one steps off that bridge into a new chapter, manifestation of what has been spoken begins to unfold. 5780 is a transition bridge year, of which we have one month left. We are effectively in the last portion of the REORIENTATION stage of this bridge season. Although I strongly recommend you read the whole article, here is an excerpt from The Transition Bridge regarding this spiritual concept:


i. the act of figuring out again where you are in relationship to your environment or changing direction. If you’re lost in the woods a compass and a map are good for re-orientation. Re-orientation is often related to location, figuring out where you are and pointing yourself in the right direction. For instance a football player who gets spun around on the field may need a quick orientation so that he doesn’t run the wrong way, but re-orientation is also about re-thinking and maybe changing the way you approach something like an idea or a project.

So spiritually, reorientation is about finding out where you are on Heaven’s map for you. Once God has recalibrated you and pointed you in the right direction, when you look at the map you can then see where you’re supposed to be walking. Only then, can you move to the next step and be fully prepared for what God wants to give you, your portion of the Promised Land. During reorientation you find out the boundaries and the topography of your portion, your inheritance in God. Look at that rose bush again: it’s been pulled out, it’s been moved and faced a different way, it’s been re-calibrated, it’s been pruned, it’s been shaped for the pot that it’s going to fit into and then it get’s placed in that pot and the manifestation happens. S,o reorientation is a sense of increasing light and increased understanding. A lot of the recalibrating happens on a subconscious level. You’re just aware that God is really working in your life and it’s uncomfortable and you feel no sense of productivity. You just feel like you’re stuck; God’s putting His finger on everything all the time in your life. He’s not letting you get away with anything-there is some understanding coming, but you’re just not moving.

Reorientation is the first process of moving in the right direction. It’s the last step on the transition bridge and often with that, God will present a map that He’s given you before in a previous season, but this time there’s a lot more detail on the map. Suddenly you’re starting to understand stuff that you didn’t see before. Suddenly puzzle pieces are fitting together. Suddenly you’re getting a much bigger picture of what God meant when He said such and such. It’s a sense of growing certainty about which way you’re facing.

The Spirit has been showing me that this month of Elul will also be a time of walking the transition bridge in minute detail, just to make utterly certain you have let go what needs to be left behind, are calibrated according to the personal word spoken over your life by the mouth of God and are turned and refocused on His specific plan for you. When one is continually bombarded externally by unfolding events on the world stage, it is almost like receiving punches from left and right hooks of the spirit of this age, even if you are only observing from your watch tower. One can feel quite punch-drunk and unable to gather your own thoughts or focus on progressing on your own path because of the rapidly falling dominoes before you. This is why Elul is a month of detaching yourself, disorienting yourself from being controlled by external events, returning to God’s blueprint for you and putting in place the steps you need to fulfil to walk out His divinely crafted map for you and those you love. Elul is known as the time when the king is in the field. In ancient times, the king would come out of his palace and walk in the fields, so that commoners could approach him and ask him questions.  

This transition bridge month before 5780 is a month of face to face encounter for your questioning, burdened heart. It is intended to be a time of sweet fellowship with the Lord as He adjusts your understanding, throws out old maps you have been dragging with you and clearly explains step by step to you what Heaven intends for you to do. Just as Moses carved out those two tablets with his own hands, so too, you need to carve out a double portion space in your life for the finger of God to write upon the tablets of your heart. Those tablets received God’s terms for the marriage covenant. They were safe boundaries on a map and if His people walked within them, the protection and provision built into His marriage covenant would be triggered. If they chose to wander off the map into uncharted territory, leaning on their own understanding or heading into idolatry again, that provision and protection would not be their portion. When Gomer stayed within the house with her husband Hosea, he provided for her and protected her. When she ran off to her old life of prostitution, Hosea could not protect her from the consequences. She ended up in the slave market, selling her soul for a crust of bread.

So, beloved remnant saints, carve out a sacred portion of each day of this final month before Rosh Hashanah. You have 30 days to receive the full download of the map for the next season. Please also read Final Checks Before Nightfall .

This word speaks into the recalibration of our compass needles to true North. As I write, I keep seeing a man preparing for a hike up a large mountain. He is packing and checking all his gear and making sure he has everything he needs for the journey. He knows that once he sets out on that appointed hike, what he carries in his backpack is what he has to make use of on the day. He cannot get to halfway and decide he just wants to go home for more protein bars. He must pack EVERYTHING he needs for the trip. This month of Elul is like that process of packing; checking the to-do list, checking the list of provisions, checking the climbing equipment.

Awakening our Ears

Psalm 32 tells us that the Lord will instruct us in the way we should go, that He will counsel us with His eye upon us. For this to be effective, we need to have inner ears that are alert and functioning properly. Isaiah tells us that God wakens him every morning to teach him. THIS is what you want to happen during the month of Elul. The Lord has MUCH to tell you and you must use EVERY opportunity to sit and hear His words intelligently.

Isa 50:4  [The Servant of God says] The Lord God has given me the tongue of a disciple and of one who is taught, that I should know how to speak a word in season to him who is weary. He wakens Me morning by morning, He wakens my ear to hear as a disciple [as one who is taught]. Isa 50:5  The Lord God has opened My ear, and I have not been rebellious or turned backward.

Do you see that God wakens his ear to hear. Pray for God to not only wake you up each morning for your session with Him, but to waken your EAR! It is no good sitting with God and your spiritual ear being dull of hearing. Ask Him to give you sharp hearing and quick understanding. Ask Him to give you a willing heart to run in the path of His commandments and instructions!

By the 7th month of pregnancy, the baby’s ears are fully functional. So this means that the hearing ear is formed during the progress of the 6th month. Elul is the 6th month in the calendar. Rosh Hashanah is the first day of the 7th month, Tishrei. So Elul is spiritually intended to be the month where crystal clear hearing is established in you. Desire this, go after it. Guard your gates and stop listening to other broadcasts. Set our spiritual ears apart and consecrate them to your own individual teaching sessions with the Spirit of Truth. 3 days ago, the Lord told me to stop reading other people’s prophecies in this season and to ‘stop clouding the spiritual atmosphere with the words of the misinformed.’ For me, this includes other people’s prognostications about what is unfolding. Not everyone is misinformed, but that mountain climber can’t spend his last preparation days reading articles by other people about how great that mountain experience was. He has to focus because HE is going to put his own feet on that mountain path very shortly. He has to stop watching video’s of other people planting flags on the mountain top and get his own body and his own provisions completely ready. With this in mind, I have one last article to release before the end of the morning watch year and then I will be withdrawing to do just what I have been sharing with you.

Heaven’s intention is for all the remnant saints to have fully and safely executed the transition bridge by the end of 5780. The enemy has been breathing threats of destruction against all who seek to live godly lives but if we will obey His instruction, He will bring us to safety. WE see this in the flight of David and his household from the death assignment of Absolom, his son. At the Jordan River, he received warning to cross over; to transition and not to fall asleep on the wrong side of the Jordan. He took heed:

2Sa 17:21  After they had departed, the boys came up out of the well and went and told King David, and said, Arise and pass quickly over the river Jordan; for thus and so has Ahithophel counseled against you. 2Sa 17:22  David arose and all the people with him and passed over the Jordan. By daybreak, not one was left who had not crossed.

Look at this saints! Arise and pass quickly over…. and David arose and passed over. Instant obedience to godly warning. And the Word tells us that BY DAYBREAK; by the end of the morning watch, every single one of them had safely transitioned!! They were in different territory by the time the sun rose. No-one was left behind. On one side of the river were the soldiers carrying out the instructions to find and slaughter them and on the other side were the whole household of David, safe and sound. That is talking about you. You are going to complete the transition bridge by the end of the morning watch year! By Rosh Hashanah 5781, you are going to be in a completely different spiritual state and location. You will have moved your coordinates and the enemy will not find you! The Spirit of Truth is going to counsel you with His eye upon you and lead you in the way you should go. That is a promise you can throw your full weight on!! Hallelujah! What a faithful God we serve.


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  1. Hi there, I have only recently subscribed to your blog. It is amazing how post after post Father is confirming or even showing to me how He has walked this path with me. From the transition, giving me the number 11 which means transition, even to the focusing and closing my eyes and ears to other voices, to the puzzle pieces. Confirmation upon confirmation! He gave me the word ACCELERATION at the beginning of the year. It’s like you are reading my journal…but we serve the same Father and therefore, we can know that the same Spirit is leading us. Your post is very encouraging. We even have the same writing style and I paint as well. What a blessing you are!! Thank you so much for your obedience.

    Al die pad van Moorreesburg
    Pietra de Bod

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