Piercing the Darkness

Audio Version HERE On 23rd Sept, during the Days of Awe, I was awakened in the 3rd watch of the night with a vision. I saw soldiers in battle armor running forward into a pitch black night with their swords in their right hands – and strangely, each held a lit lantern in their left... Continue Reading →

Word for 5781

Audio Version Here On 19th September in the morning watch, I woke very early and the Lord started the conversation with a statement: "5781 – The Year of the Horse" "Which horse, Father?"  I asked. "The black horse... The year of famine and want, the year of cleanness of teeth and sorrow. There will be... Continue Reading →

Checklist for the Days of Awe

The Lord works differently with each of us, but there is one thing we all have in common: the Holy Spirit brings to remembrance the things Jesus has said to us in the past. Quite often, when we revisit them, they speak as powerfully to us as the day we first heard Him utter the... Continue Reading →

A Consecrated Priesthood

I am just sending out a short note on the brink of Rosh Hashanah to share something special which follows up on the festival of firstfruits oil. I mentioned that it takes place on the 22nd Elul every year as the people presented their firstfruits virgin oil offerings to the Lord. The other event that... Continue Reading →

Sifted and Setting Apart ~ pt 2

Listen to Audio Here Today, 15th September 2020, the Abraham Accord is being signed in USA between UAE and Israel. Before I post part 2 of Sifted and Separated, I wish to share some very important information I received by email this morning which gives understanding of the times. Remember that on the 7th August,... Continue Reading →

Sifting and Setting Apart

Listen to Audio Version Here A number of times during the month of Elul, I have mentioned the subject of separation and differentiation – both of which are taking place among God's people at this time. God Himself says He will come and separate between sheep and sheep. Separation occurs at the threshing floor and... Continue Reading →

Sheltered Under His Wing

Listen to Audio HERE The year 5780 is almost done now and I am reminded often that the Lord called this the Year of Preparation, the Morning Watch Year for His remnant. I have been calling to remembrance what counsel for preparation has been poured out from heaven in this year, starting right from the... Continue Reading →

Food for the Journey

AUDIO VERSION HERE This is an assimilation of important things I have heard concerning the last bit of preparation time we currently traverse and these times we are moving into. I am just going to share them one after the other. Some are connected. Some stand alone:  "You have 3 days"On the 2nd August, the... Continue Reading →

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