Final Warning ~ pt 2

Audio Version HERE This is the second portion of what the Spirit shared with me for the 10th Cheshvan. This day when God gave the final warning to Noah was an auspicious date in Heaven's calendar for another reason. It was the day Gad was born! How very interesting that the warrior tribe was birthed... Continue Reading →

Final Warning

Audio Version HERE I have been pondering the types, and patterns in the Word and their relevance to the prophetic season we stand in. Because there is a lot to share, I am going to do it in two parts, both posted today as the date is significant, but be led by the Spirit in... Continue Reading →

Angels on Assignment

Please note that the message contained in this word holds true for the set-apart remnant, and not for those who talk the spiritual talk but do not walk the holy walk. AUDIO VERSION HERE "Daughter..." Yes, Lord... "Do NOT fear." It's hard not to fear, Lord. "Lift your eyes, look to the heavens." As I... Continue Reading →

He Smites and He Heals

Audio Version Here In my last message, I shared how the Lord used the breaking of my ankle as a prophetic parable. Having been told it would take 6 weeks or 42 days to heal, the Holy Spirit said He was going to begin teaching me what the 42 months or 3&1/2 years ahead were... Continue Reading →

Braced for the Journey Ahead

Audio Version HERE Today, precious saints, I would like to begin sharing with you some spiritual training I have been going through in the last four months. I am sure that you too have been going through intensive training and pressure. The Spirit is making sure we are ready for what comes. Navy seals go... Continue Reading →

Seeking the Treasures of Wisdom

Audio Version here This morning, I took some time to worship and just saturate myself in His presence, and while I was doing this, I began to be immersed in a vision. I found myself in a large cavern, which had a river flowing through it. As I gazed up at the high ceiling, I... Continue Reading →

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