Stocking Your Portable Pantry

After mentioning that it may be wise to print out words on this site that the Lord has used in particular to speak to you, I have received a few requests for pdfs of the blog posts to facilitate printing. Please use the link below to a folder containing most of the posts for 2020 and you can download the ones meaningful to you.

Fresh Oil Releases PDFs for Printing

To download, click on the file and tick the box to the left of the title you want. Repeat for other files and when done, click the ‘Download Button’ on far right.

6 thoughts on “Stocking Your Portable Pantry

  1. Sister, you can easily add a WordPress Plugin to easily convert each post into PDF files.

    Let me know if you need help with your site or publications..:)

  2. Sister, I feel led to share a thought with you as a reminder, even I know you know it deeply and dearly. I pray what shared only edifies and not discourages.

    The key difference I sense is the need on our part for the practice of our spiritual awareness and the willingness to have our spiritual mind (way of receiving and giving) be elevated or transformed thru genuine spiritual discipline. Grace of God has changed regarding certain ways of “how we speak for Him”. The old has to be parted before the new is infilled and saturated in our inner most being. This seems to be the messaging we the remnant are keenly aware. But what this really means and how to approach it?

    My suggestion is that its main stay will not be the “predictions” of the future, rather the quest for the deep veins of God’s ways and wisdom. For example:

    How does God the Father justify, sanctify, glorify a son of His through the living grace or orderly ministries of His Son?

    Another. The order of Melchizedek cannot be just a prophetic hope or outsider’s imaginations. It must be revealed, taught, established and put into effect through a priesthood sealed with the approval of the Father? How so, what this means for Christ’s Body on earth when it is established and issued forth from above?

    A simple observation. Worries of future or the world will inevitably cause fear. And fear, when not thoroughly dealt with, is a ready doorway for mixture and confusion. We know we need be keenly aware of speculative and intellectual processing of our soul of potency. We know we need to dedicate thoroughly our spirit, soul and mind to the pure source of wisdom. But how to do so? What does it look like?

    Why many of us seem to have lost our place of peace and the abiding flow? I think wrongfully posturing of our role and responsibility in our representation of God (due to spiritual pride or ignorance) is the place where many will stumble and be bruised, if not deceived and led astray. Time for the threshing and the shakings. Every seed and everything stone will be revealed of its work. It should be our joy and thanksgiving that God has done so. Any other reaction or negative feelings is a revelation that we are not fully prepared and fully committed as we should have. If so, what do we do?

    To the pure, everything is pure. My understanding of “what is Pure” here is not at all of being innocence; rather it is like gold that is tested and proved. In another word, our soul has to be thoroughly sanctified and our spirit being disciplined and established in greater measures in the person of the Son of God.

    Be aware of what we partake. Out of the abundance of our heart, WE speak.

  3. Yes, Immanuel, I agree, but at the same time, when God speaks, one must pay close attention. i find that with the flurry of everyday life, I sometimes forget something He has said to me in months previously and when He prompts me to look back, I am delighted to discover again the truth He has highlighted. David put himself in remembrance of what God had said and done and when the days ahead get hairy, it is something we must also do in order to keep anchored beyond the veil.

    1. “When God speaks, one must pay close attention.”

      Well said. I found myself often in a place of forgetfulness, especially concerning the things pertaining to His gentle and persistent discipline to my own soul of waywardness in light of His revealed truth. It certainly is an enduring struggle.

      Few are the memories of one’s “private” thoughts and dealings from the prophets of old and the apostles of the NT. I often wonder why. For example, why did Peter lay bare all his follies and blunders in the records of the Gospel, why did he lend Paul unreserved support and commitment as the Lord deepened and broadened His work in him and thru him.

      In a sense, I think the way how the prophetic will be graced in the coming days are going thru a fundamental shift because the ministry of the sent ones will be facing a “new” or rather “renewed” audience as we are shifting from the Church Age to the Kingdom Age.

      Because of that, the future holds a different attention in different light for us. Noah would have to be a father instead a preacher after the flood. Many of us will have to turn back to “the fundamentals” and rebuild our life in Him where faulty foundations are revealed. The flood did the job.

      How are we to build? It is the question.

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