The Crown of the Scorpion

In the morning watch of the 22nd December, I was abruptly awakened and as I lifted my head off the pillow, I saw a vision—a simple one really; just an early morning horizon with the sky just starting to light up a little and two stars, one directly above the other, were positioned just above... Continue Reading →

Waiting in the Wings

Audio Version Here Yesterday, during my time with the Lord, I saw a brass door handle with a keyhole and on the handle was written 'Biden'. When the hand appeared and pulled the handle down, the door opened and I saw the back of a man in a dark suit as he stepped through the... Continue Reading →

Ready and Waiting

AUDIO VERSION HERE Hanukkah begins on the 25th Kislev (at 6pm on Dec 10th) and an important Biblical event happened on this day of Kislev. According to Jewish records, on 25th Kislev, in the ninth month of the first year of God's revised calendar, all the components for the tabernacle in the wilderness were completed... Continue Reading →

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