Personal Pollination

AUDIO VERSION HERE On the New Year for Trees, 28th Jan, Father began to speak more to me of the blossoming of the almond tree. "Come Daughter." I see an angel holding a glass preserving jar, which contains a silvery white, sparkling, wispy substance. He has an artist's paintbrush in his other hand and he... Continue Reading →

The Remnant, Rising and Shining

AUDIO VERSION HERE The New Year for Trees, Tu B'Shevat, falls on 15th Shevat, the 28th January in 2021. Apart from involving the weighing of fruit, this day also celebrates the awakening and blossoming of the almond trees in Israel. The Hebrew word for almond is shaqed, which comes from a root word shaqad, meaning... Continue Reading →

The Wolf is at the Door

AUDIO VERSION HERE After I wrote the messages about the harrow with the iron teeth and the connection to the wolf, a reader contacted me and informed me that the full moon on January 28th was known as the Wolf Moon. He also pointed out that another event takes place in the Hebrew calendar on... Continue Reading →

All the World’s a Stage

AUDIO VERSION HERE This morning, 17th January 2021, The Lord showed me two visions. As difficult as it is, considering what they contain, I am going to simply share both of them and then I am going to share the deeper understanding the Holy Spirit shared about them: Vision 1 I am shown the scene... Continue Reading →

Truth Has Fallen in the Streets

For two days, a phrase has been echoing in my conscious mind: TRUTH HAS FALLEN IN THE STREETS. There seem to be no better words to describe the chapter we have entered. There is so much misinformation being promulgated; so many lies being spread, that it is extremely difficult to find out the truth of... Continue Reading →

The Remnant Empowered & Enlightened

I have decided to release the audio version of this message first as I sense an urgency to get all the revelation I been given to date to the remnant. Conservative and Christian sites are not going to be available much longer on the internet. The purge has begun. I will release the transcript afterwards... Continue Reading →

Postscript to ‘Harrowing Time pt 1’

AUDIO VERSION HERE The Holy Spirit has a very interesting way of unfolding revelation. Often, He starts at the end and then leads one on a treasure trail of separate revelation pieces to the beginning of the matter—much like a trail of bread crumbs leading one out of a dark forest. Having written part one... Continue Reading →

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