Deciding Your Destination ~ pt 2

AUDIO VERSION HERE In part two, I want to look more into the concept of Avira speaking of crossing over a boundary. The word 'Hebrew' means 'one who has crossed over' and it originates from a man, Eber, who was the grandson of Shem. According to historical documents, he refused to participate in the building... Continue Reading →

Purim and the Oil of Joy

I had a wonderful time with the Holy Spirit this morning, 26th Feb, which is the first day of Purim. You can read about this feast in Esther chapter 9. I have quickly recorded the message which was dropped into my heart, so that you may listen during these special days. Please click on the... Continue Reading →

Deciding Your Destination

Audio VERSION HERE During the end of January and month of February, I have received a number of significant dreams and visions. However, it is difficult to know where to start when sharing them as the Lord tends to show a central piece of revelation and then add connecting pieces round it, almost like starting... Continue Reading →

Don’t Follow Me, Follow Christ!

This is a house-keeping post —or should I say a ‘house-moving‘ post. As I mentioned in my last blog post, I am busy moving my blog to a locally hosted server. That process is almost complete. However, with every move, change is inevitable and one of the downsides about migrating a free WordPress blog is... Continue Reading →

He Changes Times and Seasons

AUDIO VERSION HERE In my last post, I mentioned that Adar is the 12th month of the Hebrew calendar; that being the month when the final loose ends of the previous season are being tied up neatly and all last minute preparations of the big NEW season being put in place.  So now let's look... Continue Reading →

My Precious Jewel

AUDIO VERSION HERE I just want to start off by saying I am done with apologizing when I send through quite a few posts in short succession! Actually, the Lord rebuked me and asked me why I was apologizing because He had something to say to His remnant Bride... so, as you can imagine, that... Continue Reading →

The Light-Bearers

AUDIO VERSION HERE On the 8th February, I was just praying in the Spirit, waiting for the Lord to speak and I saw before me, a head of grain; hanging heavy and ripe. Then I zoomed in on one of the kernels on the head of grain and it burst open before my eyes and... Continue Reading →

Building a Place for His Presence

'the store of glory held back and appointed for the time of the end' Audio Version Here The Spirit is really stressing the subject of priorities at the moment. The day after releasing Priority Determines Portion, He instructed me to read the Book of Haggai. Right away in chapter 1, The Spirit addresses the people's... Continue Reading →

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