Divinely Triggered Separations

AUDIO VERSION This post has been an exceedingly difficult word to share as I know the release of it will trigger the beginning of its manifestation and have profound effects on  the lives of some members of the Bridal Company. I initially received this word on 22nd January 2021 and have been carrying it in... Continue Reading →

Moved and Marshalled

AUDIO VERSION The days since the Passover weekend have been challenging to say the least. But one thing has stuck with me — the image of the people of God arising and leaving Egypt, marshalled in their ranks. And, superimposed over that, the image of the remnant endtime army, marshalled and orderly in their ranks,... Continue Reading →

Last-Minute Instructions

AUDIO VERSION HERE Today is the ninth of April2021 and as I was just sitting before the Lord this morning, He indicated that He had something important to share with me and that I needed to record it. He said the following: "Daughter, this is an important message. You need to write it down and... Continue Reading →

Two Companies Released

AUDIO VERSION HERE I want to pick up where I left off in the messages from Passover, looking into the details given us about the death of Jesus on 14th Aviv. We know that at the exact time the lambs were slaughtered for Passover in Egypt, Jesus gave a triumphant cry, "It is Finished" and... Continue Reading →

Portions From Passover 5781

Here are links to the remainder of the messages shared on the Passover weekend of 5781 in Douglas, South Africa. Sat 27th am ~ Prophetic word Released and Established This message was released during the worship session on Saturday morning. Sat 27th pm ~ The Lamb Within This message discusses moving into the new dispensation... Continue Reading →

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