**Update:’The Night of Trial’


It was announced in today’s local newspaper that there are in fact no miracle babies and that the father in this story was given the ‘news’ of the so-called birth via cellphone from his girlfriend, who has since become very elusive. He himself has not seen these babies and cannot reach his girlfriend and so it seems that the world at large have been the victims of a hoax on a grand scale! Either that or we are dealing with a case of mental illness as a missing person’s report was filed but she apparently later appeared at a hospital asking to see her babies. The total facts about the story have yet to be ascertained but suffice to say there are no babies.

So I want to announce publicly that I heard incorrectly and read into the story – obviously it was not the Holy Spirit, but my own tendency to see patterns and types that produced this blog post. Please accept my humble apologies. This has been a huge lesson for me in making sure that what I am hearing is from the Lord!

I am removing the post to prevent anyone else thinking that this was in fact the Lord speaking.

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  1. Absolutely wonderful word from the Lord. I witness to and believe every part of it is a word in season. All Glory to Hashem. His Kingdom will reign forever and ever.

  2. Sister. I stopped reading about a 4th of the way in because I wanted to say I have been hearing and sensing these EXACT things. The Lord has been speaking a strong word about “judgment beginning in the house first” for nearly a year now and I wear the number 7 on a necklace around my neck nearly everyday. It was a gift to me because we are a family of “7” but even that was a sign. This is definitely going to be an hour of trial. But I think we will also see what we all LONG for… cry out for… travail for … the manifest sons to rise out of this. Ok. I’m going back to finish reading now! I soak up every word you produce. Thank you so much sister.

    1. as your message came in, I was just thinking about the word myrrh in hebrew. It is written mem resh nun
      mem – hidden secrets of God
      resh – mind, head
      nun – seed, sons

      So the Smyrna company are the sons of God who carry the secrets of the mind of Christ!! halleluyah!

      1. I did. I appreciate your candid and authentic response. I can relate to seeing the Lords hand in all and I can be quick to presume and not always wait too…but the first part of the word was something I have heard over and over. So I’m not sure if simply the connection to the false story is the issue or what. But I will leave that between you and the father. I do know that I have been warned by the Father that we must be far more alert than we once needed to be. I feel like the Lord is stretching us to grown in discernment because one day soon… it will be life and death. So… we take the hard lesson of not catching the deception and just move forward and continue in our training. Sending love. I appreciate all your words. Do not allow the enemy an other place in this than what he already has. May the Lord be glorified in your honesty and pure ness of heart and may your discernment be sharpened even more by this breach.

        1. Thank you. I am not prepared to keep a post up that contains obvious mixture and so will be sitting with the Lord to hear what parts are truth and still valid and what to discard. I had already been sensing about the night of trial which is definitely beginning now…..

  3. Thank you for your words in the last two posts. I was given a dream where my husband and I had revealed the opulence of this world ,we were dazzled and surprised then with others moved in an area with lots of water around us then all was turned ‘upside down’. We saw all the evil around us and tried to make our way through passages in the upside down place we were in but there was still evil people about. Two gay men called out to my husband ‘David come here’, my husband’s name isn’t David, he was horrified, but I know that was an affirmation of his heart for the Lord and that the enemy knows where he stands.
    Your mention of David and troubled waters has helped me get my head around this dream, I praise God for that He’s presence is within us.
    Blessings in the name of our Heavenly Father

  4. “A man hath joy by the answer of his mouth: and a word spoken in due season, how good is it!” Prov. 15:23

    Blessings in Christ 🙂

  5. Dear Sister, I thank you for the powerful Holy Word from Yahweh Jesus the Christ Almighty. I know what needs to be done in me with my walk with Christ Jesus and I ask for your prayers for wisdom and endurance with a Repentant spirit continually!! Let’s press on for the race set before us Yashua’s Saints!! Be blessed and safe Sis!! I love each and every one of you in Christ Jesus!! Amen ♥️

      1. It sounds like the mother has gone into hiding – the mother with 12 children in all – 12 stars.
        And they were delivered 5 natural 5 Caesarian!

        You couldn’t make this up!!

  6. Christine, please explain. What do you mean by saying: “reaffirm your bridal covenant”


    1. Hi Debbie,
      Jesus paid the bridal price with His own Blood and once we have accepted the price He paid for us, we are His. We are betrothed to Him and making ourselves ready for the final part of the bridal covenant which is the wedding supper oft he Lamb. So when I say ‘reaffirm your bridal covenant’, I mean say again tot he Bridegroom, “I thank you for paying the Bridal price for me. I accept it and decree that I am not my own. I have been bought with a price and I am the Betrothed of the Lamb of God, set apart and holy unto You. I am not available to anyone else, to listen to any other voice or follow any other.”

  7. Job in the Old Testament and Paul in the New Testament seem to represent humanity in this fallen world. We are to repent of our sins and walk in faith until we die (or are lifted up in due time). It appears we are being refined/purified so that the Light within us can shine ever brighter as the days get darker, so that we may become a beacon of Hope for the Holy Remnant around us.

    Thank you for always encouraging your faithful flock. Your edifying words satisfy my thirsty soul almost as much as The Word itself. You truly are a precious Woman of God.

  8. Most of my family thinks I am crazy. I have prayed for them that took the vax jab. The devil temps me almost daily to be their adversary but I don’t increase this wedge between us and in fact I refuse to take my prayers back and nullify them at any cost. I rebuke satan and stand firm on those prayers.

  9. Love your message, Christine. Just like the religious folks of Jesus’ time were the persecutors who conspired to murder our Lord, so I believe we’ll find history repeating itself. The Christians who received the jab will grow more and more spiritually blind, physically sickly, angry and jealous of the brethren who didn’t get vaxxed. While the darkness grows in them, the light of God will shine more and more in the faithful. But, as you said, we have to be careful to continue to walk in love and forgiveness.
    Love you all!

    1. I certainly understand your retraction, however I believe that the fact that it has been revealed as a hoax, is simply further confirmation of The Truth (your original post)…!

  10. This is so sad. Even if the story itself is not true, the message around it blessed me and was so accurate of what I was going through.

  11. Christine, when I was reading through what you were shown concerning the story of (10 ‘miracle’ babies) I could see the hand of the Lord in revealing those words, insights and depths of understandings which He gave to you….. IMHO, I believe the truth of His Word and His revelation to you was ‘truth’ and not just a vain imagination from your own mind. The ‘story’ which you read and shared mAy have been faked (or not however) the truth of what the Ruach haChodesh has revealed to you stands! What haSatan meant for evil, Yahuah turns into our good!!!

    Rom 8:28 – And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.

    He has instructed you with the teaching and given you the insight and understanding to be able to break it down into bite-size pieces for the rest of the Bride to partake of…. and He will use ALL THINGS TO WORK TOGETHER FOR OUR GOOD! PERIOD

  12. It happens and is painful. Praying that you do not be disheartened.
    I still have not learnt and make haste and then trip.
    This will enable you to have more time to wait on HIM and then release.
    Be Blessed

  13. Sweet Christine, thank you for apologising and being humble to acknowledge “the hoax” but as someone shared above, there were parts to be “taken out” of your post and they did bless others. I know you have learned from this. I too, have had to learn the same. Abba b
    less you abundantly.

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