Encourage One Another…

After sharing the last few posts, I felt such a need to refresh and strengthen myself in the Word and to encourage myself in the Lord. The days we are in are those that will be enough to make grown men cry and so we have to tap into the only source of sure strength... Continue Reading →

Pt 3a of ‘Divine Image Destroyed

This post is for the Body; those who call themselves by the Name of the Lord. I found it very distressing sharing this message as it holds eternal consequences. People don't want to listen but God, full of tender mercy, is still warning. I am very aware that the time of warning is coming to... Continue Reading →

Joining the Dots, Death in the Pot

Almost a year ago, I wrote a post called 'Sweet for Bitter' and when reviewing it today to answer a reader's question, the Holy Spirit connected that revelation to the current topic of the witch's brew being jabbed into arms worldwide. This is such a lesson to me to reread revelation received in earlier months,... Continue Reading →

Divine Image Destroyed

AUDIO VERSION HERE The Holy Spirit has been speaking much to me about the forceful drive being perpetuated worldwide to introduce a purported medicine via needle into every human on the planet. I have received a number of dreams bringing revelation and understanding and I feel led to share these things in a series of... Continue Reading →

Divinely Triggered Separations

AUDIO VERSION This post has been an exceedingly difficult word to share as I know the release of it will trigger the beginning of its manifestation and have profound effects on  the lives of some members of the Bridal Company. I initially received this word on 22nd January 2021 and have been carrying it in... Continue Reading →

Moved and Marshalled

AUDIO VERSION The days since the Passover weekend have been challenging to say the least. But one thing has stuck with me — the image of the people of God arising and leaving Egypt, marshalled in their ranks. And, superimposed over that, the image of the remnant endtime army, marshalled and orderly in their ranks,... Continue Reading →

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